Amazon Fine Food Reviews

259351259351B000H7LVKYA3U0DX8MFOB1XXpkano860051323043200Really enjoy these dried cherriesI like craisins and other dried fruits that are chewy (like raisins, but raisins are kind of boring and common). These cherries are fantastic. I've received a couple orders so far and shipping and packaging are perfect. They come in a single 4 pound bag, so I split them into smaller bags or one big zip lock bag. I sometimes give them out as gifts (a sandwich baggy full) and people are really happy to receive them and have many different things they use them for, from baking (biscotti) to just eating them as a snack. I like them as snacks and as toppings on cereal.

I probably would not purchase these at normal price (only because I am on a tight budget). I am accustomed to getting them at a discount and a subscribe & save discount (total ~ $20 + free shipping).
259352259352B000H7LVKYA1VYELR95UEB8Judy Whittington0051322956800Excellent cherriesCherries are fresh and delicious. One reviewer thought they were too sweet so I was a little concerned they would taste too sugary, but to my taste they do not. Bulk price & the subscribe and save feature make the cost reasonable for such quality dried fruit.
Fast ship, too.
259353259353B000H7LVKYA1E27VS39DLNHVGarden Girl0051322870400IncredibleI ordered these dried cherries through the Subscribe and Save feature selecting to receive this 4 lb. box every four months. These cherries are amazing!!! No chemicals added, they are moist and just sweet enough. The price is great plus there is free shipping through Subscribe and Save. I have to ration myself. I have changed the order to come every month.
259355259355B000H7LVKYA2UXX5DM5PHUAPmsbuysalot0051322179200These Cherries are Wonderful!These cherries come very fresh, sweet, a bit tart, and very tasty. I put a bag in the fridge for everyday snacking, packaged up a bunch of bags to keep for snacks in my locker at work, and put the last bag in the freezer for later. So far have only tried for snacking, but I'm sure they'd be good in baked goods as well, in fact will probably try that this Christmas.
259356259356B000H7LVKYA3NVGSDKL53VUCNormburn0051322179200A repeat purchase for meI love these, and the really special part is that I am originally from Traverse City and my father had a cherry orchard. I used to purchase them when I would visit, so I am thrilled that I can find the same product online. Cherries are great for snacks, salads, etc.
259357259357B000H7LVKYA367ESDNRD5LCYP. C. Vrontakis0051322179200Dried cherriesVery good quality.Will receive a box every six months. Use with cereal.
A little better than Costco's dried cherries!Would recommend.
259358259358B000H7LVKYA3P27PI9STEKY6bochu "bochu"0031321747200Too candy-like for meThey are pretty good if you want something sweet like candy. I personally think they are too sweet. They taste like a sweeter version of raisins. Like gummy candies you can buy from the store.

They are decent quality for what they are, but they're not my thing.
259359259359B000H7LVKYA3P03N6B34BJT1Karen S. Morris0041321574400Good QualityI found these cherries to be of very good quality. They are juicy, tart with the right amount of sweetness. However, there are just so MANY of them that I wish someone else in this house enjoyed dried cherries, too :-) Keep in mind: These dried cherries arrive in one big bag in the shipping box. They are not subdivided into multiple, smaller packages which I would have preferred. Nevertheless, they are a good quality snack. Due to the tartness, I can only eat a few of these at the time. So I think they would be even better used for baking or for including in a trail mix.
259360259360B000H7LVKYA3AN7SL733EDJMB. Hopwood0051321574400Delicious Cherries!A friend of mine always brings me back a couple boxes of these cherries when they visit family in Michigan. These are the best dried cherries I've ever had. Sweet and tart.
259361259361B000H7LVKYA27LCANTGRS9HDMacan0051321228800Yum! Yum!These cherries are great mixed with dried blueberries, almonds, and walnuts and kept in the refrigerator for a quick snack. Be aware however, the sugar content is quite high. Very chewy and tasty.
259362259362B000H7LVKYA1WSLGJJB2600Eczechchick ***silentnightranch0051320969600a dangerous decisionThese cherries are SO Good! me, these are a real treasure in my pantry.....they are delicious and fairly priced ( although I see the price jumps around) and store easily in my cool, cool storage. It is really thrilling for me to have these to bake in scones with sliced almonds and mix with popcorn and nuts with chocolate coating for snacking and what a special component for my trail mix. Cherries don't grow where I live and I have missed them more than any other fruit since moving here.
259363259363B000H7LVKYA18VF9WJ2GAEM9K. T. Milliken "KTM"0051320969600Delicious!I was very surprised at the taste of the first cherry. Very moist, chewy, and tart! Wonderful to eat by themselves, or mix them with your oatmeal and walnuts. I noticed they just raised the price of these on Amazon. But still worth it. Very good for you as well! Invest in your health and go for it.
259364259364B000H7LVKYAGBEU2HNV30JWPeter F. Thall0051320883200Excellent Dried CherriesThis is the second 4-pound box of these dried cherries that I have bought through Amazon. They are really excellent, a perfect blend of tart and sweet, either on cereal or as a snack. Since 4 pounds is a lot,
what I do when I open the box is separate them into four portions using quart size plastic storage bags. That way, you can just work on one bag at a time, and they stay fresh. Four pounds lasts a very long time, so for the price
it is really a great value.
259365259365B000H7LVKYA1HC2LMXCMLS9WE. Terranova0051320796800Great cherries!I actually bought my first box of cherries in person when visiting Michigan, but am so pleased to find them online. These are BY FAR the best tasting dried cherries I've ever had. It's so much truer to what a good, farm picked cherry would taste like. In our area, the next best price is one of the bulk box stores--but these just blow the competitors away (even the dried cherries found at the health/organic food stores). I'd even pay a little more for the significantly better quality--but now I won't have to! :)
259366259366B000H7LVKYA2QPXZD6F7OAG0DanB0051320624000DeliciousThese cherries are fresh and delicious. Shipping was fast and well packaged. It's important to store these cherries properly to preserve the flavor. I re-bagged the cherries in smaller zip lock bags, and stored them in my fridge.
259367259367B000H7LVKYA33AQPJYH7UUXRDesert Gypsy "A Brooklyn Girl Out West"0051320537600sweet/tart perfection!These cheeries have a great balance between sweet and tart. I did a little checking and the little bit of sugar added really doesn't seem to be much worse than some "no sugar added" brands that use concentrated apple juice as a sweetener. Nice large plump cherries, even so large that I need to chop them up a bit for my oatmeal or to add to cherry chocolate chip cookies. A high quality product that I would definitely buy again.
259368259368B000H7LVKYA2H7VFEIFZV744Ronald A. Miller "MillerTymeLLC"0051320019200Add to many foods for added favorWe buy the these cherries and add them to many dishes that we make for family and friends. I have been adding them to oatmeal and other hot/cold cereals. I asked my wife to make banana bread and add them also to and it was a hit. I think most people that tried the bread loved the favors the cherries added to it.
If you like these try the chocolate covered ones also, in dark and milk chocolate, OMG!!!

Open and enjoy.
259369259369B000H7LVKYACXCTINXWJ0GCAmy Austin0051319846400You can't eat just one box...They're just right, and they're hard to stop eating.

If someone loves the fake sugary sweet taste, they might not love these. They are a little tart.

For the quality, the price per ounce is usually good. I just wish the price would go below $20 more often.

Great gift for a family to share.
259370259370B000H7LVKYA3UH5JBT6SCE1ULaura Brenneman0051319760000nice flavorGood and good for you. I got them to add to my daily oatmeal, but have found myself snacking on them a lot more often than that. A nice flavor. If you like cherries, raisins, or dried fruit, you'll enjoy these.

These are also a great addition to trail mix.
259371259371B000H7LVKYA2ORZ3QVBGOCONpipparina0041319587200tasty!These are very good, and a bargain depending on whether they are on sale. Came packed well, I don't taste the oil that other reviewers mentioned.
A great snack or addition to salads.
259372259372B000H7LVKYA3EVQC1H6XTKWSAlex12112451179273600Amazon reviews don't lieI bought these cherries because they were
1) 2.5 times cheaper than local store's cherries sold in small quantities
2) Perfect reviews

Everyone who has tried these cherries loved them. They're perfect.

I have seen the price double for these cherries and then drop down again. My target price is in the lower $20s, and with the subscribe and save option you can get them below $20.
259373259373B000H7LVKYAU5ZBTGG1H8OTBee Shoemaker444651166918400Delicious Dried Fruit Tart Cherries~Love them~So Good.These are very, very good. I love these for a snack and they take care of a sweet craving too. Not too awful sugary sweet, just sweet and tart enough! I tried a handful in my oatmeal with some vanilla creamer this mornining for a treat and it was so good with those sweet, tart cherries. They are great to snack on and add to muffins and in baking. A great buy in bulk, compared to what I find in our local supermarkets which are very pricey! These are nice sized and fresh too! They would be great in trail mix. My husband likes them as a snack in his lunch too! Thumbs up!!!
259374259374B000H7LVKYAMZCZBK1EF1PVMichael D434651188345600Outstanding CherriesWho would know that dried cherries can vary so much in quality? These cherries are exquisite. They are sweet yet tart, soft yet firm, and have fantastic cherry taste. I bought the 4lb box. You can pour them into a large jar and keep them in your kitchen. Note that these are much better than another brand of dried cherries sold here. All the positive reviews are perfectly deserved.
259375259375B000H7LVKYA28F3B4E1PIH0M91011252631207353600Good but...If you're looking for sweet, candy-like dried cherries you'll like these. If you want tart, dried cherries look elsewhere.
259376259376B000H7LVKYA37O8KL96ZDXGWQiuqiu161621312156800AWARE! The qualiy/taste is not consistent. Shipped from different farms.We really loved the first batch. The dried cherries tasted organic and fresh. So we ordered second box and found it was shipped from a different farm because the inner package was different. Their product was loaded with SUGAR and tasted artificial and cheap. We are very reluctant to purchase any more from this company because of the inconsistency of the product!
259377259377B000H7LVKYA1VJS5J9RWVQ5KPuff n Fluff* ®™ "Puff*"141451302134400It's a Cherry Jubilee !Being a person with almost no patience, I had to open the Amazon package that arrived today within seconds of it's delivery. Inside was the box of cherries, that box was opened too as was the package of dried cherries inside. Plucked a cherry from the package just to have a quick taste before running off to work for the day. The taste stopped me dead in my tracks !! Really, it did. I just had to grab a sandwich bag and fill it with cherries to take with me.
These cherries are absolutely delicious, fresh, soft and chewy, sweet but not too sweet, a little firm and not at all hard and they are full flavored.
No kidding, I ate a herd of them today.

Can't wait to have a day off to try cooking with them... imagine the possibilities: Cherry Scones, biscuits, NY Cheesecake with dried cherries stirred in the recipe, on cereal in the morning, Oh! what about cherry pancakes or waffles? Maybe add a few crushed walnuts or pecans. In a salad with cherry vinaigrette dressing maybe add a few pine nuts and a few grates of cheddar cheese. Trail mix with dried cherries? Cherry cobbler, cherry oatmeal cookies, chicken in cherry sauce. Yep, I'm going to be doing some cooking.
259378259378B000H7LVKYA1EAH433QK3L3EAlbert I. Reiner131351173657600do itI tried a two lb pack and then ordered this for a reorder, Tart cherries great for oatmeal, and sauses as well as snacks
259379259379B000H7LVKYAWSOIVK3PJWBIRobert J. Kiep9911342483200Quality has fallen dramaticallyThe quality of the cherries from this company used to be very high, but they appear to be using cherries from another location now. The cherries used to be plump and sweet. Now they are dried out and almost tasteless. Think twice about this purchase if you have purchased cherries from this company in the past. They are not the same cherries that you know and love...
259380259380B000H7LVKYA4SF4QCRMJSHFcookiechef99513046400001st box=perfect, 2nd box=rancid oilMy first order of cherries was perfection. So moist and flavorful. Just delightful. I hurried and ordered a second shipment. I was so disappointed! The cherries are coated with a thin film of oil to keep them moist. Well, this time the oil was rancid. Yuck! So bad tasting. I really was surprised, since the first order had been perfect.

I contacted Amazon and they are sending a replacement right out, no charge. So, we will see how this next box will be.

I so hope it will be ok, since I really do love the cherries and plan to keep them on subscription to come at regular intervals.

Did anyone else have this happen to them?

I'm so sad about the box of wasted cherries.
UPDATE: Happy to report that Amazon quickly sent a replacement box and it was perfect. So, I am happy with the cherries and will continue to order with confidence that they will replace any defective product. Thanks Amazon!

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