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260641260641B0000CEPEDAUJUKQXA4P2U5tootsieboy0051285804800tootsieboyFirst off this is NOT a toy, its a chew treat but what a great item.They are really hard and doggie loved it. He kept it as his new best buddy for 2 days. Saving the other 2 till he does something great. Fair price for that much enjoyment.
260642260642B0000CEPEDA3870H1OXH2Y26Igor "Iggs"1211325721600Very disappointing if you have previously used the plastic Nylabones.My puppy is teething so I had previously purchased the original Nylabone made out of flavored plastic. The dog loved it, not super excited about the regular bone but she did put a lot of work into destroying it. When she finally finished the original plastic bone I decided to go back to the store and grab some more. I was looking around and came across these, "natural," flavored bones and thought.... "SWEET!!! Same great bone but easier to digest!" How wrong I was. First off this is NOTHING like the plastic teething bones. They crumble easily... and by easily I mean my 3.5 month old Wheaten Terrier destroyed these in less than 30min, and she's only about 15 pounds right now. They are recommended for dogs 6 months + with pretty much a full set of permanent teeth because they can shred the bone more easily and to a finer debris. For my dog this was BS... she destroyed these into tiny little flakes that can be easily digested AND managed to get them all over her underbelly and tangled in her fur. The mess wasn't an issue.. the durability was. This is basically an expensive treat, I much rather give her bullysticks over this as a treat (and they last longer). If your dog is teething, this is def NOT the Nylabone version you want. Stick to the original plastic flavored bones or frozen towels. Both work great.
260643260643B006VKZCGKA3SMM1QNIOPIWGGuy Caballero "henryg1025"2251331164800Good more bonkI discovered I had a Gluten allergy and had to switch from my former product (which I loved). Gu's Roctane works even better. It mixes easily and goes down well. The carbs it provides have made 50 - 70 mile rides go by without the bonk and have lessened lactic build up. More important, it has let this nearly 60 year old keep up with his 45 year old riding buddies. They are wondering what got into me, but I won't tell them. I use it with a Roctane gel pack every hour.

Good stuff. I highly recommend it. It's hard to find, but BikeSomewhere's service was fantastic. The product arrived earlier than promised. Great service, great price. I'll just continue ordering from them and not worry about shopping locally for the product.
260644260644B006VKZCGKAL67QN681W7DMJose Jimenez Alfaro "ROSCAZO"0051347062400INCREIBLElo mejor que he usado hasta el dia de hoy,y he probado mas de 10 marcas diferentes,lo recomiendo,funciona perfectamente,hidrata increiblemente,lo use para 100 millas de ciclismo de montaña....
260645260645B006VKZCGKA7SWHKT45K5H1Methodical0051345939200Great energy booster for those long cycling ridesI stumbled across this product at my local bike shop prior to doing a 40 mile ride (my 1st 40 miler). I am diabetic and always concerned that I'd be on a long ride and my glucose levels would tank leaving me in a very bad situation - if you are diabetic then you know what I mean (similar to bonking as the term is used in cycling) but probably a bit more serious. Because of the diabetes, I would not take my medicine before my rides (I typically ride very early mornings) because of my concern of low levels, but with this product, I no longer have those concerns. I wanted something light (don't like heavy meals when riding, don't like milky type drinks or overly sweet tasting drinks when riding either) that would keep me going once I got out on the road and this was just the ticket. I use it as a supplement to my one pack of oatmeal meal before a ride along with a honey stinger organic waffle and banana; it keeps the energy levels up and includes ingredients to keep your electrolytes in order, too - not too bad, huh. During those long rides is a time when I as a diabetic welcome loads of carbs and bit of caffeine don't hurt either. It mixes well and the taste is very very light, too; I like the tropical fruit flavor. At first I thought it was something wrong because the taste was so light, but later read that that's how it is. I carry 2 water bottles on all my rides and this energy drink will definitely be one of the two drinks that go with me on my rides. Before buying a jug, you can try one of the single packs to see if you like it and which flavor you like best; they actually taste pretty good. I would not recommend this to those that are couch potatoes though, especially diabetic couch potatoes.
260646260646B006VKZCGKA3A62I7AYXA7QQC. Etienne0041342656000Revised from Disappointed to not badUpdated Review:

I was forced to use this on a recent 75 mile ride and I must say I was too hasty in my earlier review. This worked very well. I still won't get another can, but it is good to know that it works as advertised.

Previous Review:

I love GU gel so I thought I would give this a try on bike rides lasting longer than 2 hours. This don't taste as great and is not as effective as Perpetuem from Hammer. There is no protein component in this mix. The ratio in Perpetuem has worked well for me, this Roctane drink failed miserably. I will finish the canister during my workouts at the gym.
260647260647B000RHVGNGA30HHGQ1P5OXTZStephanie Adams6641259366400Pretty, nutty taste, interesting(?) texture.We're big quinoa fans, so I decided to give Kaniwa a try. It's very similar, but a much smaller grain. We cooked it basically the same way. The appearance on the plate was very pretty - reminded me of caviar. I really enjoyed the lightly nutty flavor. The texture, because of the small grains, is a bit grainy or sandy. I didn't mind it, but some people don't like unusually-textured foods. It's possible that the texture would be less distinct, had we cooked it longer - quinoa, I know, has a very different texture if you cook it al dente or let it go till the grains puff out. Worth a try if you're a quinoa lover!
260648260648B003O5RW68A3UY1Z0QGQO5PJbbz4411309478400Tea made in March 2009 delivered in July 2011Compared to the Twinings gunpowder green tin my coworker has, this tea is not green in color (it's almost black) and has no scent. Since it's over 2 years old and it's only wrapped in paper and stored in a cardboard box this is not surprising. It still tastes like green tea when brewed but I consider it a waste of money.
260649260649B003O5RW68A1STZF70HI9YNTHans Weygoldt "Hawaiigold"2211310601600Old and tastelessThis tea was produced in March 2009 and sold to me July 2011. It was totally tasteless. The worst gunpowder I purchased through amazon ever.
260650260650B003O5RW68A2B7Q47880Z1TDE. Ngo1141310083200Good, but Not Quite as ExpectedThe tea wasn't light green as it was shown in the picture, but rather a dark green-brown. That might be attributed to the flash of the camera, but I'm not certain. The tea itself definitely has a bit of a smoky flavor as desired by a gunpowder green tea, and is mostly in a pellet form, so I give it a 4/5 stars. Definitely worth the price.
260651260651B003O5RW68AEOCJS3ETJ2M2Melissa Corbo0051350345600Love this teaAs described. Tastes great. I make a large pot of it and keep it in the fridge for the week and it works out perfectly.
260652260652B00122E740A2YWVHM1U6G7OLJan Adam0051324771200Green Tea with TasteThis green tea has more taste then any other green tea that I have ever tasted. I had this for the first time in the Cheesecake Factory restaurant. Try it if you like green tea!
260653260653B00122E740A1IQ90O11ZOZQTTea Fan0051312934400good teaI just adore this tea. Can only purchase it online. The best green tea with lemon I have ever had - nice, delicate taste!
260654260654B00122E740AJYIMTCW7R1K1lola's mom0041307232000yummy!I had this tea at a restaurant and later called the restaurant to find out what the brand was. I found it on Amazon and am very pleased!
260655260655B00122E740A1HJRYPGN7SUE0K. Foust "Devildog"0051301443200Pickwick TeaGlad I can purchase this via Internet since I cannot find it in stores anywhere. Fell in love with this tea when our cafe sold it then they switched brands and I was sad. This tea is subtle for those who don't like tea but still has a great flavor.
260656260656B00122E740A3FF9A5L4VR6BRZenon Fortuna0051289260800Great green tee with natural ingredientsThe Pickwick "Green Tea, Naturally Flavored" with Lemon, has a great taste.
It is delicate, so can be enjoyed through the day, early morning and late night.
I like it very much and buy it regularly.
260657260657B005CSVRAWA3LR0ZOA667OIHSusie Godfrey0051336003200Awesome TinThis tin is perfect in every way!! Great size, cute spring pattern, and best of was empty. I make springerle cookies and they must be stored in tins. I was on the search for tins and found this one...what an awesome find!!!!
260658260658B0043OYYWEA1MSVM7EHF49P6Jennifer Crum3351328400000Cats love thisPetsmart stopped selling any of the 9 Lives Tuna so thankfully i found it online, in a case and with free shipping! My cats love the yellow, blue and red tuna and trying to run all over town to find them being sold individually for too much $ was frustruating. Amazon makes life easier while Petsmart does their best to jack up their prices and stop selling items i have been buying for years. Great shipping, pricing and service!
260659260659B0043OYYWEANTTRALEZ2AKDIsabel3351317168000Excellent "fishy" foodMy cats have been eating both tuna with egg and tuna with cheese for at least six years and they love it. My cats are checked out at the vet annually and they have always been very healthy. Some cats will not eat canned food if they are not introduced to it as kittens, and one of my cats is a rescue from a shelter and he only drinks sauce or juice from cans with "chunks" of something. This 9 Lives food is flaked or shredded tuna, very tiny pieces, so he eats this without problems and loves it. I have been buying this cat food for years and will continue buying it.
260660260660B0043OYYWEA1Z4LX3Q1YMF84Cindy A. Osterhout "Cindy O"0051343260800Good Enough Most of the TimeI have four cats which live in my home and I also feed one feral cat who lives outside. Though the feral has been eating at my house for 10 years, he still runs away whenever I come out the door. BUT, he does return once the food is left for him.

My inside kitties are pretty spoiled and eat mostly Pro Plan and Fancy Feast, but for my feral guy (whom I had Trapped, Neutered, and Returned to me) Nine Lives and Friskies are his daily fare.
He really, really likes this Flaked Tuna with Cheese bits in sauce. He is also an aficianado of other of their varieties, but this one with the cheese is one of his favorites.

I, like most cat people, have a regimen for feeding of the felines. At 5:00 PM, my inside kitties get their wet food. They have dry food available all day, but as the days winds down, it is time for the wet stuff. I give them six, three ounce cans of various varieties of Pro Plan and Fancy Feast with the feeding station being set up in the master bath.

Clever creatures that they are, they soon learned that I then headed to the kitchen where I prepared dinner for Feral Kitty. They found that if they whined and begged, I would give them an additional can of food just to shut them up, so that I could get Feral Kitty's dinner to him. He gets two 5.5 ounce cans plus dry food.

One day I decided to quit putting the expensive stuff out in the kitchen for my inside guys. It was getting out of hand expense wise. So, I plopped down Flaked Tuna and Cheese, went and fed Feral Kitty and then was on my way. The next day I noticed that the little inside guys had eaten ALL the 9 Lives I had given them. It was a big AHA for me. They are not so picky as I thought. They took like this Tuna with cheese. For a long time, I bouught them Albacore tuna when it went on sale at the grocery store for 10 for $10. They got tired of it. But, the would eat the 9 lives. I was astounded. So, I have kept my Feral Kitty quite happy with his favorite Tuna with cheese. Plus, I am now saving a bit by giving the more inexpensive 9 lives to the inside kitters. Everyone likes it!!

So, Flaked Tuna with cheese comes highly recommended by Trinity, Gabriella, Wisdom, Mercy, and FERAL KITTY....and me. Hope your less choosy, or tired of the rich stuff, cats will enjoy this alone with mine!
260661260661B0043OYYWEA39VF2QMR5SVSSTinker0041342483200My cats voted for this catfood.I have not had a chance to check the BPA content of these cans, or check out the additives with Health Ranger Mike Adams' published web list, but at least my cats will eat this product. They like the texture, smell and taste better than most of the other brands I have tried. Finicky as they are, I do try to vary the types, but this one seems to be lasting a little. The only other one that did was the Natural Value Tuna with albacore or crab, also handled by Amazon.
260662260662B0043OYYWEA1769L8U7H3V3FSkip A0051334620800My finicky cat's favoriteMy 19 year old cat eats both hard food and canned food and 9-Lives Select Tuna with Cheese Bits is the one canned food brand that she never tires of. First she licks the juices out and then returns to finish the solids. Unfortunately, both Petco and Petsmart stopped carrying these Del Monte 4-pack brands and I was unable to find this in the major nearby grocery stores as they must have given up their shelf space to higher profit-margin labels. I was happy to see this product available on and order 3 cases about every 2 months. With the reasonable selling price and speedy delivery my cat is happy too.
260663260663B0059XW89EA13G1TKIKHGV3FM. Heiss0031338768000Good taste, slimy textureI tried this on a lark the last time I made pulled pork. There's no point putting all that sugar into the meat, right?

This sauce had good flavor, spicy and mustard-y, but the texture of the sauce practically made us gag. It turned the meat so slimy -- very hard to eat.
260664260664B001M1YZD4ARN2IB9AI4231kre8ivechick1151332892800Knorr Salat Kronung - Paprika-KrauterThis stuff is amazing! I don't understand why they haven't started to make similar products here in the US! Even if they did, it probably wouldn't be as good! The Paprika-krauter flavor is by far the best flavor, I have tried many. Would recommend to everyone. I also love it because it is a nice lite alternative and isn't as bad for you as other dressings (ranch, ceaser, blue cheese).
260665260665B001M1YZD4A32DRVGQT53YTKannycat "annycat"0051341273600Makes Salads delicious!I`m German and have known and loved this stuff for many years. I have my family bring me boatloads of it when they come to visit. No dressing from a bottle compares and you can use the oil of your choice, making it a high quality dressing.
It`s so easy- just add 3 Tbsp of oil and 3 Tbsp of water, stir and toss with your favorite salad!! This flavor is probably my favorite, but I love most of them. Try it and see for yourself! I `m also surprised it is not marketed in the US.
260666260666B001M1YZD4A2LASORRVJQI66C. Peters "Working 12-5"0051341273600Great Dressing but directions are in GermanVery tasty... glad I purchased it. But it took me awhile to find an online translation.

Se einfach gehts 3 El Waser und 3 El keimol mit Knorr Salat Kronung verruhen. Nur Nact ihren lieblingssalat dazugeben. Fertig! Fur dieses leckere dressing behotigen sie keinen essig.

Online Translation:
Simply mix 3 tablespoons water, 3 tablespoons oil and "Knorr Salatkrönung" and simply add to your favorite salad. You don't need vinegar for this dressing.
It's as simple as this: 3 tbsp. water and 3 tbsp. oil, e.g. Mazola canola oil, mix with Knorr Salatkroenung [that's a pre-made mix of spices for salad dressings]. Just add your favorite lettuce! For this delicious dressing, you don't need any vinegar.
260667260667B004I8CSUKA2VC77DPQ3SCJVlinus g. belanger0051322784000misleadProduct is wonderful. Been using agave nectar for about 3 years. It is better than refined sugar. Only received 6 of 12 ordered. Promised refund but have not recieved it yet.
260668260668B004MN7NISA1QVZFSAS826XIkelly1151334188800Great taste, why so expensive, Amazon?I LOVE this oatmeal- and this is my favorite flavor. But I don't understand why it's so expensive. It is hard to find at some grocery stores in my area. But the ones who sell it do so for less than $2/box... not $7!
260669260669B004MN7NISABUVYEIHTI3U4R. Fain1151325289600Simply DeliciousI heard about this Oatmeal at Weight Watchers. I went to Safeway and bought a box and it was awesome, went back and it was gone, I went to Target Luckys no one has it anymore. I am so bummed. The pouch lets you measure the water you need and the taste is delicious, microwave in 2 minutes. The flavor of the plum is great. If you see it grab it!
260670260670B004MN7NISA1V2VODBKCYG8XV. C. Wald0051337817600Missed it, it's been off the grocery shelves for months!I love this pleasantly-flavored oatmeal that's not too sweet, especially when prepared together with a packet of plain (unflavored), great texture too - this whole line is superior to Quaker Oats instant oatmeal. Cinnamon Plum Spice disappeared from my grocer's shelves months ago, and has been out of stock on Amazon as well. Glad to see it's still available!
However, the price is unbelievable - if I am reading this right, these are $5.93 for a box of 5 *little* packets of oatmeal (1 packet is half a breakfast serving for a grown-up!) I buy other flavors of this brand in my grocery store on sale for as little as $1.50 a box of 5 packets. That would be 30¢ versus $1.87 per packet? Are you kidding me??

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