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263011263011B006N3HYYSA5C0ZLGY1M2HUPaul D. "frontman"1251199491200Great coffee for you KeurigI have had a K-cup machine at work for a year or two; and one at home for over a month; I am an addict for strong coffee/ we have a club at work (not k-cup related) and we get PEETS' coffee/ its really bold and rich.

I have had most every extra-bold roast for the K-cup machine. In my opinion, the Black tiger is a great tangy bold coffee with enough earthiness too but nicely powerful and flavorful. A great combination. A double dose of this in the travel mug and its heaven. If you are like me and like dark coffee that actually still has flavor... You will really love this one.
263012263012B006N3HYYSARGRJ5KNTNHRHMMM0131296864000Coffee ExplodesI don't know if it is the high altitude(Colorado-6200ft) but many of the KCups exploded in the box. Blew the tops right off of the KCups.
263013263013B006N3HYYSAGJ37JFXAOIAFgh0st6650151296777600Black Tiger FTW!!I will be honest. I bought this coffee because of the name. I automatically thought of the movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy when they are talking about "sex panther" and I figured what the hell and ordered it out of curiosity.

Was I surprised!

At the first sip I thought this coffee was brewed with pure awesomeness!!

Dark, smooth and tastes amazing.

If you like the dark strong coffees (ie: Jet Fuel) then you will defiantly like Black Tiger.
263014263014B006N3HYYSA3E516QGB04ME2Nakita Smith "Nakita"0141278720000Get's you up and movinNice bold coffee with great taste,,,will definitely get you movin in the morning,,one of my favorites...
263015263015B006N3HYYSA17FOGBK4I5KI9Judy0151278374400Nothing Better Ever!!!Better than Starbucks, better than Dunkin!!! We now prefer to make our own Tiger and Go then stop at any of the coffee shops on the road! Amazing!! Hope Black Tiger never goes away!!
263016263016B006N3HYYSARS5I0SET8738Lori Jern0151212883200Awesome!I consider myself to be a coffee connoisseur and I think this coffee is awesome! I have compared it to other K-cups and this is by far the best I've had.
263017263017B006N3HYYSAG9O1F1UD6XQIKSK0151212796800LOVE - LOVE - LOVE THIS COFFEE!!!!This has a nice flavorful taste without being bitter. I'm on the automatic delivery and have been thrilled with this coffee!!!
263018263018B006N3HYYSA1TR4TVJZFNH0ORobert W. Lake "Beatnik in the Information Age"0151212624000Wow Good Coffee!!!I was surprised at how great this coffee tasted and for .40 a cup it is also very economical considering they sell for .55 elsewhere. I would implore any one that has a K-Cup to get these. For all of us I want a fresh cup now, this is out ticket.
263019263019B006N3HYYSA2WHVNO9LNSWSGDebra A. Slawson0151212019200BOLD NOT BITTERThis is excellent. I lke bold taste AND NO BITTERNESS TO IT AT ALL!
263020263020B006N3HYYSA2SH7OWE8QJYNCKaleidocherry0151211068800Roar!Writing this on behalf of my husband who uses the Keurig machine. He loves the Black Tiger! It's one of the few K-cup coffees he feels is strong enough. Make it on the small size brew and it's dynamic.
263021263021B006N3HYYSA14DCT6DHDFBKOJ. Pulliam "jjcaps"0151210723200Excellent!!!!!!Love this coffee, buy it all the time, You can't go wrong with this one!!!!
263022263022B006N3HYYSA15SQV7AZSPRWKN. Vachirakorntong "Nikki V. "Avid reader...0151210204800Great flavor, good productI was really surprised, I initially tried this product because my usual coffee was out of stock. The flavor is deep and full without being bitter, which can happen with some of the darker roasts. This has quickly become our family's favorite coffee choice and I haven't gone back to my previous preference. A very good morning wake up call. I wouldn't recommend for anyone who prefers lighter roasts.
263023263023B006N3HYYSA2SGOIASETW3UBApril Steele3611234137600BitterI ordered this coffee for my Keurig brewer and I was very disappointed with the flavor. It was very bitter and acrid. I like strong coffee--but this was just unpleasant to drink. I ordered 2 cases and we managed to finish off one of them... I'm giving the second one away as I can't bear to drink another sip of it. It tastes like burned rubber. Blech! I can not recommend this product.
263024263024B006N3HYYSA1GIHNU25X68PCScott0251286064000Great CoffeeI'm a fan of this brand and this one of my favorites of theirs. It is strong, earthy but not bitter or acidic for the strength.

The 5 star rating is vs other kcups, not coffee in general (although its a great whole bean buy too).
263025263025B006N3HYYSAOXC0JQQZGGB6Kenneth Shevlin0231224028800COFFEE TASTEA little less than I expected. It tends to have a muddy taste - not what I expected since they said it was the favorite of the company.
263026263026B006N3HYYSA2Y1C320S3S1HYDiscriminating "Discriminating"1411232150400What's wrong with this coffee?Since I got my Keurig about 6 months ago I've been trying different coffees to see which I like best.

So far, this is the worst. It's thin and tasteless.

Like another reviewer, I usually make the 10 ounce mug. But with this item the results were dreadful.

Now I make a 6oz cup and it's STILL bad.

I don't understand why others seem to like this coffee. Did I get a bad batch? I don't know.

For comparison, I like Cafejo Adrenaline Explosion for my Senseo. So far I haven't found it for the Keurig.
263027263027B006N3HYYSA26B18U7CNN8IWJ. Newby1511237420800HORRIBLE!!!!!!!This is the absolute worst coffee I've ever tasted! I love strong coffee and this was awful. One reviewer said it tasted like burnt rubber...YES..that's it! I'd also say it tastes like rotten sour garbage. (Not that I've ever tasted that!) But the way old garbage smells in a dump or that's been sitting in a garbage can outside in the hot sun for several days...that's what this tastes like. Don't waste your money on this!
263028263028B006N3HYYSA1SDKIU8VPW1K8D. Barnard0521309219200Great coffee, way too expensive here.This is one of my favorite k-cup coffees. Bold and assertive but smooth and without bitterness. Unfortunately it's out of stock at where a 24 count box sells for $13.90(for members)and includes free shipping. I considered ordering a box here until discovering the unreasonable price plus shipping of this item from this seller. Buyer beware!
263029263029B006N3HYYSA3RFWQMLYSAKI0Michael Burkett "reader rider"0841298592000great tasting bold coffee. make sure you're getting a good deal!thought i was getting a great deal - wrong. one box for 22.55. other sellers 2 for 26.64. VERY misleading! Returning and WARNING YOU. by the way - this coffee is one of the best K-cups
263030263030B006N3HYYSA18RIOMAB7DJQSteve in Japan "Islander"02011281916800not exactly green, is it?I have only seen one Keurig brewer here in Japan. Don't those little plastic packages generate an awful lot of non-degradable waste? Do we really need more, especially for the sake of saving a few seconds making morning coffee???
263031263031B006N3HYYSA1NR4YDGFK4GC6Marsha Sorce "Sha"121241224806400A favoriteBought this for my husband, it's his new favorite. He likes a really dark 11 oz. cup of coffee so I always get Extra Bold varieties for him. Some of his other favorites are Green Mountain's Dark Magic, Timothy's Midnight Magic & Rainforest Espresso.
263032263032B006N3HYYSAW3KMQJKS8C56Steven L. Lund "Trolllund"131451171929600Nice strong cup 'o joeMy wife loves STRONG coffee. this is the only K-cup that did the trick for her. Makes a good bold cup of coffee.
263033263033B006N3HYYSA1CQAE6ROHXU6VK. Munro8851180310400This is it!If you like your coffee strong this is the K-Cup for you! I've tried the 'bold' coffees from various manufacturers here on Amazon and this is the one that wins hands down. It's strong, it has a kick but the flavor is still smooth and subtle.
263034263034B006N3HYYSA153ZN281OATI6Lisa6651225756800My husband's new favorite coffee.We ordered jet fuel and amazon sent us Black Tiger dark roast instead and it is now my husband's favorite coffee!!
263035263035B006N3HYYSA1O0NM1GIK0AP9Kyle Waters "Maven"8951225843200Coffee People pods are the bestBlack Tiger is my favorite coffee pod. First, it is delicious coffee. Second coffee people pods are the only pods I have seen where you get some crema, or the creamy looking froth that high pressure brewing can get. This is the sign of a well brewed cup and something that drip cannot duplicate. I used to mix up my pods but after trying the Black Tiger I have 4-5 boxes and unused pods that will never be used. The other Coffee People pods also get some crema.
263036263036B006N3HYYSA1BDEOCPK428G4Jered Reynolds4441225670400If you like dark coffee, this coffee is very darkI like dark coffee and this is just about as dark as you can get. I love it. It is full flavored and smells great as well.
263037263037B006N3HYYSA1F49CPHPKRT7Hmotherandchild "Registered Nurse and Professi...4411197244800Didn't like itDidn't like it... I like strong coffee... but this tastes smokey. Just didn't like it.... Don't mind the Green Mountain Bold Magic... but this... just can't choke it down. Sorry.
263038263038B006N3HYYSA2C0FZITH6D411Blake Belleman4451314403200Just what I was looking for.To begin, disregard the low ratings for this item given by other reviewers. 1: they are not reflective of the coffee as a product, and 2: the issue was obviously a market-wide increase in price as I cannot find any site or retailer that sells them for the prices they claim.

As far as the coffee, I am very pleased with it. I can be very picky with my coffee and took a gamble by ordering this specifically instead of a variety pack, luckily I was not disappointed. It tastes distinctly of coffee without being harsh, even when there is plenty of cream and sugar. A common problem I have with stronger coffees is an acidic aftertaste that persists unless I eat something or try to wash it down, but I have not had any issues with this and I am nearly through my first pack.

I can't speak for other blends from Coffee People, but I honestly can't see myself wanting to. Black Tiger is absolutely delicious and just what I like in the morning or when I come home from work. Very satisfied.
263039263039B006N3HYYSA1BO2VV20MJDB3J. L. Correa "Koji Kabuto"6741239667200Great Cup of Coffee!This is definetly a keeper in my pantry. I tried the Donut Shop and the Black Tiger and by far everyone prefers Black Tiger. Donut Shop tastes, well like a cup of coffee from a Dinner, or McDonalds. But Black Tiger has a strong taste without any of the bitter undertones.
263040263040B006N3HYYSA2D4C6EYGS7QI8Erin Rudert6751184284800Best K-Cup I have tried...The Coffee People Bold Black Tiger Dark Roast is by far the best K-Cup I have tried. I have had my Keurig brewer for about a year now and I have bounced around from brand to brand sampling the different coffees to find one that really speaks to me. The Black Tiger may be that coffee. I like a strong cup of coffee, but I don't want it to be bitter or taste burned. The Black Tiger has no bitterness or over-roasted taste to it. It is very smooth and full bodied. I have also tried the Timothy's Rainforest Espresso and this coffee is far superior in texture, body, flavor, and strength. I keep 3-4 different types of K-Cups near my brewer and ever since I bought the Black Tiger it is the only coffee I have drank!

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