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263221263221B0007KHGVYA6GMEO3VRY51Smicrojoe8851122422400Willy Wonka strikes againI was crazy about these as a kid! They are tubes simply filled with a flavored powdered candy that has tons of sugar in it. I first tried their wax paper tubes that were about 8 inches long when I was about 7 or 8 years old. Goes to figure that my 8 year old is nuts about these. We used to take our change to the local conveniance store. They came in grape, cherry, and orange, lime and other fruit flavors. Those were very good. But these are the big 21 inch thick plasitc tubes that hold the equivelant of 20 of the paper ones. This offer gets you a case of 50 of the big plastic tubes, in grape, maui punch, cherry, and orange flavors. Lots of fun from the Wonka factory.
263222263222B0007KHGVYAEM9PLHCG6IZZteachergirl1151343433600Just as advertisedJust what I wanted. I hadn't been able to find them in stores. My students will love getting these as special birthday treats.
263223263223B0007KHGVYA18JBNCQGJFHNCJeanette Elizabeth1151313193600Very pleased. Arrived quickly and was exactly what I expected.For anyone interested in this product, I'll tell you what I use it for--ice cream. I love to pour pixy stick candy on top of vanilla ice cream! I'm so happy this candy is still being made.
263224263224B0007KHGVYA5O8Z7AYPY2RDHelen Lopiccolo0051350518400candy reviewThese were just what I wanted and the quantity was good for the price. packageing was not that great, some were leaking. Otherwise they were fresh and everyone loved them.
263225263225B0007KHGVYAP38RZ8TVYIEAMadrigal110051334016000Great Sell!Students LOVE pixy stix and they love the giant ones even more. This is a great sell for a fundraiser. I only bought 50 stix for my last event and they sold out in the first 20 min. I plan to buy many more in the future.
263226263226B0007KHGVYA34ZRT8F2K3L8TMzspaz0151306972800Haloween hitThese were thehi HIT of Halloween. Kids all screamed they got "Giant Pixi Stix" after receiving them. They were also a nostalgic hit at the office the next day.
263227263227B0007KHGVYA1JN0XW2EH4JQYJ. Corsi1341135296000need a sugar rush?Wow i remember these suckers back in the day. I didn't have enough energy that I had to add these to my body to even be more wilder? of course! Nothing is better than to supercharge your day with these... its like being given super powers.... well for like 20 minutes then you massively crash into a unenergetic state that makes you sleepy. Though these are still good just have them in moderation unless you can afford to be lazt and do nothing for most of the day.
263228263228B003ZIKCT8A2JUJSWYSU69GTkansasgirl0011347753600Totally different brand was sent to me, from concentrate. not as advertised."Totally different brand was sent to me.. and it says from concentrate. even though it says not concentrate on the site. disappointed. "Not-from-concentrate juices have that right-from-the-grove, fresh-squeezed taste. " -Yeah right.."
263229263229B004TJD6L8A3HIWY94V4JOV4kellygypsy2341310601600quite good!I was really surprised by the good taste of this mix. The only downside is that it is grainy- at least, it is for me, but I simply dump a packet in water and stir it in. Perhaps using a blender and adding ice would lessen the graininess of it, but I bought it in the individual packets for the on-the-go convenience. I make green juice or green smoothies nearly daily, so I'm quite used to a much "greener" taste than this provides- this is actually quite sweet and I consider it a treat! I'm going to reorder this and keep it on hand.
263230263230B004TJD6L8A39WRI8GI6DVTUMary R Howell0011350345600Amazing Grass Orange DreamsickleI enjoy Amazing Grass products so I purchased this. The flavor left a rather unpleasant aftertase. So far this is the only product with this brand that I have not liked at all.
263231263231B004TJD6L8A3EE4I4PK0M82PMichael1241321833600A good night-time drinkI mix one packet with 8oz of organic milk. Tastes like a sweetened green drink, good but not great. There is a tiny bit of graininess to it; but miner and didn't distract from a pleasant and refreshing drink. I have not used long enough to comment on any possible health benefits.
263232263232B0005YX1NEA251M54BVYB82Mcynkat4441311206400what I wantedI could not find this in the grocery stores.
This is glass. The pastic cap fits well.
Shake well before each use.
263233263233B0005YX1NEA2GML7TFZD3L0Jodi Nicholson4451188432000Too yummyThere's really nothing like making your own salad dressing.
Of course most of this one comes out of a packet but I use my own red wine vinegar and sunflower oil.
With very little work, it's delicious - all the flavors are good.
Highly recommend this product - note the 'very little work' and 'delicious'
Works for me :)
263234263234B0005YX1NEA3HCTEQXHUKESDKaryna3351312675200Love itWanted this because my mom had one when I was growing up and always used it. I finally found it, and i love how easy it is to make the dressings.
263235263235B0005YX1NEA28OZMGLBVPQIED. Cooper2251323734400Create Your Own Favorite DressingHad a bit of a time finding this product locally, but was finally successful. It was a bit less expensive than ordering online, but the frustration of trying to find it... I would have been better off to order it online. I LOVE the taste of the product which helps me to eat more raw vegetables and salads. I hate hate hate making salads at home (though I will eat them at restaurants), but the taste of the Good Seasons dressing is a motivator. Raw carrots, cucumber slices, sliced Heirloom or grape tomatoes, lightly steamed broccoli - I'll eat them as long as I have my Good Seasons dressing to dip them into. I also use it as a marinade for chicken and turkey breasts to keep them moist and give them much needed flavor.
263236263236B0005YX1NEA252P74Z28I84TJ. Hoffer "Tech Rep"2251315526400Great product, hard to find at my grocery storeVery happy to find this Cruet combo here on Amazon. Shopping Star vendor sells at store prices and almost next day delivery.
Most grocery stores do not stock this Cruet dressing set anymore for some reason. Best Italian tasting dressing you can make or modify to your own taste. Will be stocking up on this item!
263237263237B0005YX1NEAH28H047GLF1LPositively_happy2251308787200Shaking it upI have looked in every single store for one of these cruets and couldn't find one. I am so happy I was able to purchase one online. The order was shipped without delay and now I am enjoying my favorite dressing on my salads, just in time for summer.
263238263238B0005YX1NEA1HVDE6HBA5ZLMRetired&lovingit "Avid reader"1151325548800It was as expected and the mixes were not expired.This product (carafe with lid) used to be in the stores, next to the Good Seasons salad mixes and for some reason all of my local stores were no longer carrying the carafe?!?

It was good to be able to find on line, though I just needed a new lid. I tried to find a new lid, but couldn't without the carafe.

I am now using the product and it works just fine.
263239263239B0005YX1NEA3J0G2Q5LOL9AUKelly J. Rogers1151297209600Just Like I Remember!I have recently been looking for this Cruet in our local grocery stores to no avail. My Mom had one when I was a kid and I decided that I wanted one. I forgot how much I loved Good Seasons Italian Dressing until my friend served it during a party. It truly is the best tasting dressing! I absolutely LOVE IT!
263240263240B0005YX1NEA3UU54SWHU8NX2TexasFae "Fae"1151192320000Good SeasonsThe product was as described and exactly what I wanted. The delivery was quick. Good service.
263241263241B0005YX1NEA3AT32U9GRURTYT. Dean "Overlord"2341314921600Good Product, but...You really can find these for 2 bucks a piece in the grocery store if you look hard enough or just ask a store employee. I found them a couple of days after ordering these at my local super market for $2.50 each. Bought 4 of them - I use them for BBQ sauce.
263242263242B0005YX1NEA3T46CZ3186ALOStacy S. Kittle0051333584000Good Seasons bottleI couldn't find this Good Seasons bottle at the supermarket but found it here. The bottle was delivered promptly and was exactly what I was looking for.
263243263243B0005YX1NEAGOXYGA9PE17YArmyof20051330214400Just like the old days.Received Cruet and dressing mix. I loved this dressing as a child and wanted to find the cruet that came with it. Could not find it in any stores was glad to see it online. I am now enjoying my dressing on my salads..
263244263244B0048IMO5YA16NYC8XV241D0P. Miu0041335657600New flavor of rice mix ~ Coconut Raisin RiceThis rice is what I like ~ whole grain brown rice with a hint of coconut, and the best part is there is no artificial ingredients in it ! That makes it one hell of a healthy meal.

I saw the recipe on the back of the box for coconut shrimp rice. Although I did not follow exactly the recipe, I added sauteed shrimps with mushrooms & peas plus a splash of lime juice. Then I experimented by splashing lime juice over the cooked rice and it taste fabulous !

However, I wanted to point out the cooking time seems to take more than 25 mins than what it said on the took me 35 mins to cook the rice and I added exactly 2.5 cups of water as per instructions. After all, I am very happy I bought the rice and will continue to do so and bring something different to my dinner table.
263245263245B000K8WVYAA2ZE23JR2H2PJ7E. S. Kent "maximumboo"4441313798400This is what I've been looking for!It seems like all I ever drink is water and I know I STILL don't drink enough. It's just so boring after awhile. I've been trying to find a water I would be able to drink more of every day without missing Gatorade.
I tried vitamin water but it's made with so much sugar and the zero version has stevia in it which has the WORST aftertaste IMO. I looked into a few different drinks and then I found this. No sugar. Nothing artificial, just water and flavor--actually a bit more than a hint.
I've tried many of the flavors and, I'm sure some people would disagree with me but these are my thoughts on them:

This flavor (pomegranate/tangerine)-- really nice. Refreshing. I drank it during a hard work out and it tasted clean. I actually finished it halfway through the work out (a first for me) and wanted more. ordering a case right now.

Blackberry -- really nice. A teeny bit sweet but Not overly so.

Hibiscus/honeydew -- CLOYINGLY sweet. I actually double checked the label to make sure there really was no sugar in it.

Watermelon -- not as sweet as honeydew but still a little too sweet for everyday drinking for me.

Cucumber -- if it's really cold, it can be somewhat refreshing in a spa kind of way. But mostly I had to pretend it didn't taste like water filtered through grass.

Strawberry/kiwi and grapefruit-- blech. Not my favorite flavors in anything so I'm not a good judge.

Pom/tangerine and blackberry were best IMO and now I'm trying lime too.
Really like this product. Hopefully there won't be some upcoming exposé about how the "natural flavors" cause cancer or something (as seems to happen with many things I like) lol

UPDATE: tried the lime...UGH!!! Tastes like there's something wrong with it. Almost chemical flavor but not. Weird. I hated it and I wasn't the only one.
263246263246B000K8WVYAA10R92ZPAC3IH3M. Dawson4451222387200The best Hint FlavorAs I have said in other reviews, I normally hate flavored water. Hint is just the right amount of flavor to give water a delicious edge.
It has the added benefit of satisfying a craving for something sweet without going to soda or candy.

The water is a much healthier alternative to other forms of flavor indulgence.

I highly recommend the Pomegranate-Tangerine flavor. I think it is their best flavor.
263247263247B000K8WVYAA3EETR5W2959MEMollyRawrs3351295913600Freakin tasty and perfectI have been looking for a water like this since the last company that made this type of water went under. (can't remember the name its been so long) I absolutely abhor artificial sweetener, but water gets so old sometimes, you just want a little flavor! Well this is it folks, if you're like me and can't stand sucralose etc this should stand out for you. Still water but with a lovely 'Hint' of flavor. I tried the blackberry and it was tasty too, but the pomegranate-tangerine is AWESOME! I'm going to drink this until I can't stand it anymore.
263248263248B000K8WVYAA3RYMO6S22FMM5Vanessa Strange "porph princess"2251230681600Possibly the best of the hint flavors!Let's see now. As of this point, I've tried the pear, the raspberry lime, the tropical punch, and now this one, My least favorite now is the pear, I'm on automatic reorder with the tropical punch. And I think I am going to do the same with this one, It's terrific too, But the raspberry lime is no slouch either! As everyone knows, we're all being harped upon to drink more water, Something most people are remiss in doing, I drink a fair amount, more than most, I bet, However, this line of hinted waters makes it a whole lot easier. It stymies me HOW they do it, With no chemicals, no added weird and noxious things, Best maybe they keep the secret to themselves, Try it, you'll like it,
263249263249B000K8WVYAA374770BBRXP4Tty0051345075200It's what it saysThis gets 5 stars for being what it says. It's a hint of flavor - and that's all, a hint. It's refreshing, tastes good and clean, and best of all 0 calories. I stopped ordering it because I was looking for more than a hint of flavor - okay I know. Would I buy it instead of plain bottled water at the same price point? Absolutely yes. But I don't buy bottled water. As silly as this sounds, if you're only looking for a hint of refreshing clean flavor then this is for you.
263250263250B000K8WVYAA24G0GGY32T37Zheather angel0051344384000great tast with out the sugar or any fake stuffI love this product ! its the best with out any cal!Just wish it was sold closer to home. Love the cucumber too

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