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263806263806B002ES7NMEA2BEAAU6N7K8GDSilne306651300752000GreatIt's sad when someone who buys this thinks that it smells bad and tastes horrible. 90% of the time it's because they didn't follow the directions and washed the lime off of the noodles before using them and par-boiled them to improved the texture.
It's a shame too since these noodles (made of konjac) are almost 0 calories.
These noodles are fantastic! It's so great to have found this a year ago.
I've used it to make spaghetti, sukiyaki, pesto, alfredo, it's a good ramen substitute and substituted it for yakisoba dishes as well.
I like these so much more than the Tofu Shirataki noodles that I actually find more often.
JFC texture is more like pasta than the other.
I'm planning to try the brown shirataki as well.

Great Product
Priced Well
Amazingly Low Calorie
Completely Versatile

263807263807B002ES7NMEA36YY6UTUGYDQFJaydenzmommi5521290816000I didn't like themI bought like 6 of these off (which is cheaper btw). 1st when I opened the package, they had a fishy smell to them, which totally skeeved me out! But when boiling them the smell did go away. So then ate them, I HATED the texture, couldnt get passed it and wound up throwing them out. I tried the next day with different seasonings but still thought it was gross. I think it was the fishy smell in my head and the texture combined why I don't like them. If your going to try them I would not buy from amazon, I would go to because it's cheaper & not to order 6 bags like I did in case you don't like them.
263808263808B0029K5EH8ATWQCCLD6COBSLorraine Ferringo "raindear"5551294531200My family's favoriteMy family is very fond of biscuits and gravy. I have used several different brands of country sausage gravy, and while we like all of them, this is our favorite. It's thicker than some others, and less salty than some others we have tried. When this gravy is available, it is the one I buy over any of its competition.
263809263809B0029K5EH8A2R81JP3JX2LPRSquirrelgirl2241317772800Pretty good for cannedI was confused by the previous two reviews (1 five star and 1 one star), so I bought a can at the grocery store to try. First, let's be clear that this is not homemade sausage gravy and shouldn't be compared to it. With that said, I heated this up, added a little black pepper and a little bit of milk (too thick for me). Poured over biscuits and fed to my two picky kids. Neither of them raved about it, but both said it was good and that we should add a couple of cans to the pantry. I agree. Since I have never tried another brand of canned gravy, I can't say how this compares, but it is certainly worth having around if you want a hot breakfast and don't have time to make from scratch.
263810263810B0029K5EH8AXKJX1SXXXQWOWayne S.0011345593600This gravy tastes horrible.First, I bought this gravy at my local grocer, so I could try it before committing to buying it in volume from Amazon.

Everyone in my family thought it tasted horrible. There is an overpowering seasoning, that I can't quite place my finger on that left a bitter aftertaste in our mouths. The one thing that comes to mind is "black licorice".

My dog wouldn't even try it, he sniffed it once and turned away repulsed by it.

I actually had bought two cans of the gravy and my neighbor said they would like to have the second can to try and I agreed. The neighbor came over the next day with a grimace on their face, saying that they had just tasted the gravy and it was unbearable.

I would suggest buying a can of this first to sample it, I don't know how it has such high reviews as this is by far one of the worst products I have ever eaten.
263811263811B0029K5EH8A37KB2N2KHTSV1nunya0051330560000libbys canned gravyTried it, really like it. Lets be clear, it is canned not homemeade, so it is not going to be top shelf so to speak, but for those of us who dont cook, it is perfect with a reasonably good taste, and I really like the fact it was so thick, not watered down. Needed nothing straight from the can. Someone else said it had a metalic flavor????? Really? They must have like a superman tongue or something. I HIGHLY recommend this, we have ran out at one local store, checking some other suppliers.
263812263812B0029K5EH8A2LOLQRQAHXD0UBilly Suratt "Mid-South Photojournalist"2411293494400Not fit for human consumptionI never thought country sausage gravy was something you could completely screw up, but I was wrong.

I tried eating a can of this with some biscuits and it was practically inedible. The gravy has an acrid, somewhat metallic taste which no amount of extra seasoning seems to be able to mask.

I've got an iron stomach and have practically never met a gravy I didn't like, but I couldn't even bring myself to eat the whole can. And I HATE wasting food.

RUN AWAY. Seriously.

The only redeeming factor for this product is it doesn't really contain anything nutritionally atrocious such as hydrogenated oils, something which can't be said for most similar packaged white gravies.
263813263813B004RUGYFOA25F1MJM7NG19CJ. DeFelice2251317772800A Great Treat!A few times a year, I get in the mood for Duck Trap's smoked trout. I can't quite warm up to smoked salmon, but I love the texture and taste of this trout. If you want to try something other than salmon, and you like flaky-style smoked fish, give this stuff a try!
263791263791B0032YD166AFT76U9IPWJMAmanda3421314403200Cute jar, DONT EATSo the packaging was not correct for "food" items, the gummy bears were all stuck together onto one side, all gross. And they were cooked almost hott and gross. Im going to have to go buy new gummy bears to put into the jar. Not worth the money. Get a normal jar for gummy bears.
263814263814B001D3PY1SA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"1141243296000Good Tasting Sugarless Gum - RecommendedWrigley's 5 Lush Gum (Tropical) is good tasting and provides a refreashing flavor burst for the first few minutes that you chew it. I do find that the favor fades a little faster than some other brands, but not so much that it is disappointing.

This has become my gum of choice for long car trips. Recommended!
263792263792B0017I1QB6ACN8PD4TG50FKGlenda3351246838400Best Jarred Salsa Ever!!We absolutely love this salsa and will buy no other. We use it to make guacamole by simply mixing with avocados. It makes better guacamole than we can get in any restaurant around. It is also simply great salsa for dipping with tortilla chips. The fire roasted flavor is delicious. We order it from Amazon because it is almost a dollar a jar cheaper than our grocery store.
263793263793B0017I1QB6A37YG5MYEF96EJCreedeco "Tom"1151328140800Best of its kind...With the possible exception of their Fire Roasted Chipotle Salsa (I can't really taste a significant difference), this is the best salsa out there, in my opinion. There are plenty that are less-costly and that alone may guide one's choice in another direction... but if cost is no object, this is the real deal.
263815263815B002XGL48QAZ4T61QUJHA9EPatrick K. Miller "Keeper of Nothing"2241273708800Nice tasting corn.I decided to try this corn with no other reviews written for it... so here is my opinion. First off, the 12 pack of corn is on the higher price side of cans of corn. When I can go to my local grocer and pick up a can of normal corn for $.79 or so, this is very expensive comparatively. It is organic and I feel it's worth a premium, but maybe not ~3x the amount.
As far as taste and quality... very, very good. I haven't found any garbage pieces or stems in the cans yet and the corn seems to be of high quality. The taste is excellent and is as good and maybe a little better than Green Giant or the like.
All in all this is an excellent product, it is organic and it's convenient. So, if the price doesn't scare you away, try it.
263816263816B002XGL48QA7EK88GF8N40FNicole S. Urdang0051314316800Excellent product at a fair priceThis organic canned corn is as good as any other I have ever tried and the price is much lower. I took a risk to try it and am glad I did.
263794263794B0017I1QB6A2J6YNS7OUPPYXMike CheapNGood1151228003200Family favorite for 10 yearsIt took 3 years of exhaustive taste testing :-) for the wife and I to find a salsa we both loved. The flavors, textures, heat and spices of this salsa were unmatched by any other. 10 years and well over a hundred jars of Red, Green and Chipotle later, nothing has changed. Viva Arriba!
263795263795B0017I1QB6A38QVKCQUDUINCCraig A. "Craig"1151226016000Best Salsa ever!!!!I tried this salsa on a whim while shopping at Wegman's. I absolutely fell in love with it!! It has a homemade taste; it's smoky, meaty (not watery) and the heat is not overpowering.
Alas, I have not seen it on the shelves because the store told me people complained about it. I can't believe it! But I suppose everyone has their own taste. Maybe those people like processed, watery, bland salsas.
263817263817B001YJ7QZ8A2KBFB6A2D7PNOTotally Honest Reviewer "barb"1141272585600MY dogs Love Bonies!Bonies are a great dental treat for dogs. They last a little bit longer than greenies. My dogs seem to really like the crunch and taste. The small ones are perfect for my 16 lb terrier. The smaller minis come two to the pack and are just right for my Pom. The fact that they help clean teeth is a plus.
263796263796B0017I1QB6A2EMFZ74YANT70msed0051325030400THE BOMBWe love these salsas. They are roasted salsas with bits of burnt pieces that set this flavor off! The medium red is perfect for dipping with the right amount of heat. We will definetely buy again.
263818263818B000P055HIAVFA1JB08RG8GWile E. Coyote "^. .^"0021299196800Cantastic...not!Chef Boyardee must have cheated his way through culinary school, 'cuz this stuff rots! There were very few meatballs...the sauce was way to acidic...and the pasta was quite mushy. Check out Campbell's spaghettios with meatballs if you need a fix.
263819263819B000P055HIA19W9BXE8K17ECDonna0031284249600Pretty good for canned!I was pleased with the product though it tastes much better than it looks. It's way better than Chef Boyardee's similar pastas such as raviolli and macaroni and beef and if you like the mini-shells pasta as I do is definitely a winner.

It's canned so, of course, it can't compare to home-cooked but is pretty good and makes an excellent quick lunch. I occassionally even eat it for supper when I don't feel like cooking or ordering out. I tend to eat more for supper than other meals so will have two with a roll and a glass of milk but it is an enjoyable meal.
263797263797B0017I1QB6AZSG9B41ANU3QM. Mcdermott0051304726400Best fire roasted salsa periodThis salsa puts to shame all other crummy tomato sauce roasted tomatoes is the key....excuse the negative reviews....they are used to eating the terrible supermarket bought salsa...
Try it ....u wont be dissapointed
263820263820B000P055HIA1MAB962ZLTD7FMaricelis Colon Rodriguez "Maricelis Colon Ro...0141200096000yummi,yummi great flavorAll my family love these ones because they are super good,great tasting,great price and is Chef-boy-ar-dee,really yummi.
263798263798B0017I1QB6A30ALQ76JQ4EVCyakbug "yakbug"0051295222400Favorite Salsa in the WorldI was introduced to Arriba via my local supermarket...but very soon I realized that it was never in stock because all the people who worked at the supermarket would buy it up upon arrival! But that's all good because I can get it cheaper in bulk when I order it on line. I never run out and I don't need to be lied to anymore by the supermarket employees. I don't blame them - this salsa rocks!!
263799263799B0017I1QB6A2VYHKP93PS8XDrobert atkins005122281920016 years and still unbeatableI've been eating Arriba salsa since 1992 and haven't found a comparable fire-roasted salsa on the market that beats it's flavor, freshness, bite, and sweet burn. I always try competing brands, whether local or at specialty grocers, but still come back to Arriba for it's perfect blend. Your results may differ, but make mine Arriba every time.
263800263800B0017I1QB6A3C5V6DF77UNSQM. Osborne "Ryan and Ashley's Mom"0051220227200Best Salsa ever!I am very picky about salsa but I love this one! Be careful though, it is addicting. I would, however, recommend buying this at the store instead of online though as mine ordered here arrived damaged. Look for this salsa at your local grocery stores and buy it. You won't be disappointed and you won't go back to those other nasty watery salsas!
263801263801B0017I1QB6A4JQCUZ9GOLYRcn1134 "Cynthia"0321244851200Watered Down Salsa - Not Worth Buying At AllI just got this 3-jar set today and tried the salsa. I was excited because I had been reading reviews from other Amazon buyers that said the salsa was excellent! Normally, Amazon's reviewers are quite accurate in their recommendations but this time they were just flat out wrong. The salsa is very watery - right away as you tip the jar back and forth, the salsa runs around very quickly and I was suspicious that it would not have enough chunky goodness that makes a salsa tasty. I was absolutely right. The salsa has a thin watered down flavor. There is a muted spiciness that is not worth spending money for. The fire-roasted detail was worthless - it just meant that you would see black flakes from the grilled vegetables swimming around in the watered down salsa. You can get a better salsa at any supermarket - just tip the jar around to make sure that its contents move slowly and look for salsa that markets itself as having won awards at salsa fairs or by chefs. Even boring Pace makes a better salsa than Arriba!
263802263802B005013GEGATMDVKBZYNKNDmoderatelymoderate1151323993600sliced almondsThese are quite good tasting & the price is reasonable, as well. Two pounds should last me a long, long time.
263803263803B005013GEGA1S1Y44MYI883Hmeng0051346630400my new snackid grab a small cup and would chew on this.. so good! and i think it is a good exercise for the jaws too.. compared to having a whole almond,this one,makes you chew them kids love this too! id get couple more!
263804263804B00113NXJ0A2HSOFMYMWQVWSG. Tavana1151207958400Tasty TeaBeing a tea lover, I found that the Cranberry Hibiscus Herbal Tea, truly is a 5 star tea. The aroma alone is wonderful, and the deep rose color of the tea, makes of promise of the wonderful taste to come. At a luncheon, my tea cup got passed around, and the oohs and aaahs after the sip test...well, most wanted to order the Cranberry Hibiscus tea right after that. It is hard to find a herbal tea which doesn't fade after the first cup, the White Lion Brand gave me two wonderful cups of tea, and the second was just as flavorful as the first. I definitely will order more of this flavor, as it is a delight!
263805263805B002ES7NMEA2QO3VPN591MNIL. Bernstein "Knitting is Gluten Free"121251282003200Wow -- Carb Free, Calorie Free, Gluten Free NoodlesI love these noodles. They are carb free, calorie free and GLUTEN FREE!

Note: I find it helps to rinse and dry the noodles before using them.

The flavor is . . . well . . . no flavor. The noodles absorb the flavors added to them. If you rinse the noodles then dry them in paper towel before using, they will absorb the flavors even more.

My favorite way to use the noodles is with pesto sauce, especially if I'm eating low-carb. They are VERY filling and an excellent way to stay full while losing weight. Love it!

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