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282836282836B0028W4DWOA3HPCRD9RX351SSpudman1241312934400Some Hyperbole HereYes, these are tasty goldfish crackers. But not explosive. Not flavor Blasted. Not Extreme by any means. They are more flavorful than regular bland Goldfish crackers, and might even be called finger licking good. The flavor by any other standards though is mild and one step above bland.

When I opened the bag my dogs got real interested and I worried about giving them something too spicy in the evening. One dog ate a couple readily while the other wanted no part of these pizza goldfish. Luckily I still had a few regular cheese goldfish around to give her.

It's funny that the first ingredient listed is "Smiles." The last listed is paprika and its mark is detectable.

I enjoy these crackers, but they're nothing I'd ever crave or overindulge in. That's a good thing.
282837282837B0001XHF2WA3WJ5SOPF4VMCCurtiss J. Biehn "Curt Biehn"1141236729600Cranberry ChutneyVery tasty. My wife, Jeanie, loves the tartness. She also adores anything cranberry. We visited the Ocean Spray facility in Massachusetts and have been "hooked" on cranberries ever since. This is great stuff!
282838282838B001L6FPTIAL70HV3S0XXPHSapphire_Romance0051305936000Yummy and close enough to home :-PFor anyone who has lived in Italy I would recommend this. Even if you haven't I would STILL recommend it. Of course, there is nothing like going to an actual salumeria and buying your own freshly cut salame but well... we can't have it all now can we?

Now if amazon could find someone who sells "Salamini Beretta" ....
If anyone knows a placeI can fine them PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know :-) Grazie tante!!
282839282839B004S07FU6A1QJDXNIESYERRJoseph W. LeBoida3351326326400Damaged GoodsOur Amazon order: We recently ordered 24 cans, received 11 cans badly damaged. Not pleased, using them ASAP. reluctant to order in future.

Sincerely, Joseph LeBoida
282840282840B004S07FU6A36WGHR8TO5DKTGoldwave "shopper"1131344470400Runny and blaaI was not impressed with this product.

First, the contents are more like a thick soup than chili. It's very runny and has relatively little "content" within the liquidy sauce. I guess that would be okay if you intended to use this as chili sauce - but that's a different type of product in my mind, and shouldn't be marketed as chili of this type, which should be more stew-like.

I found the overall experience of consuming this unpleasant, not only because I was left with the sensation that I was consuming a filler liquid of a canned product, but it had an unpleasant quality to it on top of being too runny. I can only describe it as being almost mucous like; whatever thickener they used in the liquid results in a very un-chili like effect.

The few beans, "meat?" chunks etc. - very, very few - were almost flavorless.

Honestly, I can only imagine this product serving a purpose for something like topping a baked potato; but I would say that it would ruin anything you used it on.

In essence - this is one of those products that I categorize as utter "rip-offs" by the manufacturer. You can confirm this by the product photo it used on the packaging - intentional deception is obvious.

Finding good canned chili has become very difficult; but I have to say that many others I've tried are better than this one.
282811282811B000SDO6POAGQB7D61U9RWCoffee addict0141323734400Don't settle for StarbucksNot as good as Lavazza Tierra, but good nonetheless. Superautomatic machines need beans to match, and Lavazza and Illy do the trick. Starbucks beans in a superautomatic taste terrible.
282812282812B000SDO6POA2BT968XSRPP0KCJBouhlal "Cjb"0141282176000Lavazza Espresso BeansWithout a doubt worth the trouble.
This is good coffee, and the price isn't too bad either.
282813282813B000SDO6POA1BTSGC68GVX7XD. Ho "nomadic_spirit"3721263945600Not very strong for espresso roast...This is a medium espresso roast and does not have very much flavor which surprised me coming from LaVazza. It reminded me of a cheap Arabica coffee. I would not buy this espresso roast again.
282814282814B000SDO6POA2LDEQ7GX8Y0OBob Stone0251265760000Best espresso beans I've found at any price--and cheap, too.The Lavazza Top Class Espresso is the best espresso beans I've found at any price--and cheap, too.
282815282815B000SDO6POA3I4PCBRENJNG2L. Cain21641243468800filled the need perfectly:)My son worked as a barista at our local $tarbucks for two years.
He is 25 this next month and still lives at home....though attending he has a temporary reprieve from being shoved out of the nest.
He works 'occasionally' and does not contribute what we feel is an adequate amount towards living here...
so I have taken advantage of his 'professional' training as a barista as part of the trade off of his still living here.
I was looking for COFFEE SYRUP, made from coffee to use in coffee based beverages and in other cooking. In the past, I have made my own home-made flavored liquers so knew we could come up with our own COFFEE flavored syrup (just without the alcohol which can be added at any time).
A rich and bold espresso is ideal for the flavoring, and this whole bean LAVAZZA Top Class ESPRESSO fit the bill perfectly!
My son coarsely grinds the beans and brews at a high coffee to water ratio, strains and adds to simple syrup of sugar and water that we cook various lengths of time depending on how thick (and caramelized) we want the syrup.
SUCCESS and, though it may be hard to believe that a simple syrup made at home can taste 'fresh' compared to commercially bottled, THIS really does!
We made ours thick enough, that, it is like a thick (more boiled down) maple syrup and was heavenly when added to a frappe AND then, drizzled over the whipped cream we placed on top of the frappe.
So, I highly recommended the LAVAZZA Espresso 'espressly' for this purpose. Also good ground for my Biallita stovetop Moka coffee brewer and other methods of brewing.
282816282816B000SDO6POA1R9OHJ4GKZEBHLarry11411266105600Very disappointedThis was my first experience with the Lavazza Brand. It will be my last experience with Lavazza also. I expect espresso beans to be dark, shiny, and flavorful and this Gran Gusto bean was none of the above. I thought I was getting a bargain, but found that you get what you pay for.
282817282817B001T7MHWWA3V54VTCAT3SCSElizabeth Howard0051241740800GOING ORGANIC AND SWEET!!I bought these cookies as Easter gifts for two different family members and both RAVED about the clor, shape and flavor of these organiz cookies. They're sure to please everyone!
282818282818B001AY9RIQA3PF1SLBRMTIPGalloda1151326931200Real Green Tea!I first had this tea at our favorite Japanese restaurant. The waitress gave me some samples (thanks, Chelsea!) and I went all over town looking for it. Amazon had it all along. I use this to make iced tea. Three bags to one bag of mint herbal tea. Let it steep for five minutes. It is a light refreshing drink all year round, but especially in the summer. My workouts always seem much better when I've hydrated with green tea. More calories burned, better intensity. If you're looking for authentic green tea, the kind that brews green, this is it. Enjoy!
282819282819B001AY9RIQA4BJDD2VP0R71diabia41151322092800Fantastic green tea!Wonderful wonderful wonderful. I was first introduced to this brand from my Aunt (who is from Taipei), and it's become the staple green tea in our house. A great alternative to the more expensive brands she's introduced us to! Very light and fresh.
282820282820B001AY9RIQA1ROEJKLT4QD93Buffalo Alice0041331424000Good taste and valueSince acquiring a taste for green tea from my Japanese college roommate, I have had a cup almost every day for nearly 40 yrs. I have now purchased this product from Amazon twice. I find it has good color and taste, and the 4 x 64 count box is a very good value. One could argue that individually wrapping the tea bags is excessive packaging, but they do maintain freshness better.
282821282821B001AY9RIQAS11ZRQRWUDUFGeoff0031299628800Hit or miss with this one in the long runUpdated:

I had left a great review for this product back in 2011. The first batch I bought brewed very green and had the tasty/potent "vegetal" or "grassy" smell and taste.
Months later, after getting my second shipment of the 64ct packs, I found the tea never had quite the taste of the first batch. It was more bitter and not quite as green but just "okay".
After that shipment I tried some loose tea directly from Takaokaya, which turned out to be good overall.

Now after my recent purchase of the 64ct packs for the third time, I have hit rock bottom with the product. The tea that I just purchased is not even the slightest bit green, but completely yellow. The tea hasn't the slightest hint of the vegetal/grassy taste, and just tastes bland. It actually tastes worse than the cheap stuff you buy at local stores.

But anyways I believe there could be other factors that played into it, as maybe the tea had been sitting in some warehouse for months getting overheated and dried out due to high temperature, but who really knows.

Initially, I found excellent value in this tea, but I would never purchase it from again. If you purchase their tea you might be better off buying it directly from the Takaokaya website.
282822282822B001AY9RIQA2D6W2BQEAYS2WHonest Feedback0051284595200The best green tea!If you like the steamed, non fermented, not roasted type, then this is great! I prefer the slight fresh taste of the tea because it's not fermented nor roasted. The color is very freshly green. I drink this every morning.
282823282823B000X9CX26A1L1Q5L04NKJY9Luvs2Cook7751242000000My dogs love the Greenies, and I like Amazon's price...I am an enabler. My two dogs have an insatiable addiction to Greenies. Every night around 8:45 p.m., they start whining, barking, and circling me... and they don't stop until they each get a Greenie for the day. If you're a consistent buyer of Greenies like me, you know that it can get very expensive-- at the local chain pet store I can expect to pay $17.99 per bag of Greenies (12 oz., 43 teenie pieces).

Which leads me to review Amazon's performance in delivering these doggie treats at a reasonable price; currently it's $15.99 per bag and if you buy 3 bag you get one for free. In addition to this, there's free shipping which saves me time and a needless trip down to the pet store. If you buy 4 bags, you're getting it for about $12 per bag, which is a fantastic deal.

In terms of the snacks themselves, the senior version of these Teenie Greenies are great-- they taste just as great as the original (based on my dogs' ability to consume it in under 3 minutes) but they have a softer consistency. One of my dogs is nearly 18 years old, while the other is 9 years old... so dental care and not stressing out their teeth is really important to me.

As long as Amazon maintains this deal, I'll continue to purchase the item directly from them.
282824282824B000X9CX26A2QJ72O7IFRWQ2C. B. Turner "carol307"3351226793600Favorite treatWe have been giving our 12 year old Yorkie the greenies for several years. My husband found the senior version a few months ago and now our little old dog is hooked on these. They are just soft enough for him to chew and really enjoy, and hard enough that it still takes awhile.
282825282825B000X9CX26A12GWHCJ257NSNS. Bertsch1151317513600Soft enough for my sweet senior!It was a sad day when my elderly Maltese quit chomping regular greenies. . . He loved the taste, but he enjoys softer food, toys & treats now that he's older. Senior Greenies saved the day! He loves the taste. I cut them into tiny slices so one treat lasts longer. Keeping an older dog's teeth clean can be a challenge, especially if they aren't able to eat really crunchy food or gnaw on rawhides or bones. Senior Greenies can help!
282826282826B000X9CX26A3H7NPNDMGLOU4Kerri Elders1151245283200ToothsaverMy elderly Pomeranian LOVES these Senior Greenies (even more than regular greenies) and absolutely never lets us forget this 4 o'clock daily treat (I never have been able to fully understand how dogs tell time, but we all know they are VERY good at it--and surprisingly accurate).

These are a little bit softer than regular greenies & they contain both chondroitin (sp?) and glucosamine for joint support.

Highly recommended!
282827282827B000X9CX26AP4V2EJUBT3A7Delane Kelly1151232236800Greenies SeniorMy dog always liked greenies. Since she is now 13 years old this product is ideal for her. They are softer than the the regular greenies
282828282828B000X9CX26A1GILC579PRWXNK. Meister0051333843200Better BreathI think these are working and making our dog's breath tolerable. Because there is a risk to our dog in having her teeth cleaned, she'll get one of these a day as a treat. She loves them!
282829282829B000X9CX26A1QWFE7AUT5LPHMFDA0051282867200Our dog loves them!Our dog loves the taste of these treats.

Pros - Taste...apparently. They appear to be healthy.
Cons - They are easily chewed through; thus, your dog will likely finish them quickly.
282830282830B000X9CX26A34UFWGXHNNRCNArla M. Delka "Home Makin G-ma"0051264032000Great value !And the dog loves em, what could be better? Plus they clean his teeth great. We can't find them for Large Dogs in the store, so was happy to find them on Amazon.
282831282831B00522VN98AEGN09Z0R7JH0George E. Reid "George Reid"3351312070400How can you justify this price?I love Tassimo and this is my favorite coffee,but I cant believe this seller. anywhere else including Anazon sells the 18 packs for around $5.98 per pack which i consider a good price.
But $20.50 per pack and then shipping thats just plain ridicules,Grate coffee but stay away from this seller.
282832282832B00028MI5KA2HP2J0EYTK0DTDeborah A. Jackson "sasha"2251335225600Smooth TasteYou must try this product....Organic Sesame Oil.... I have had various brands of sesame oil over the years, but this one beats them all by far. The taste is so smooth, not bitter. I will continue to purchase this oil in the future.
282833282833B0055B7DFYALHFCDD4U5Z9Xjay0011333324800nasty tasteno taste at least not a cookie taste
it was not worth it buy real cookies
waste of money. save your money
282834282834B0055B7DFYA1J3IFDB8Y7MOZMrs.Anywho0111339977600DryDry taste like cardboard to me. I wont be buying these again. Not very good. I'm still in search for the perfect sugar free cookies.
282835282835B0028W4DWOA2BBLE6F7K81ETLewis Coben1151296000000WONDERFUL!!!A super delicious snack that I have grown to love. While at my computer I can devour an entire bag of 6 oz. Pepperidge Farm good are A-1 with me. Hope they'll develop new flavors soon.

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