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283111283111B001ACMCNUAC8DG91HN5PIPJenphilly0051336608000Chebe great for gluten sensitivity due to MSI was recently diagnosed with MS and have been playing with diet and supplements to see what helps to manage symptoms (fatigue, spasms, peripheral neuropathy). We realized quickly that gluten was a major trigger. I happened across chebe and am hooked! Actually my entire family is. Chebe made with sharp cheese into dinner rolls is a favorite with everyone (make them with a good hard parm to go along with spaghetti - use quinoa pasta!). Save money and use this mix for pizza crust too. Add into the mix some oregano, basil and parsley and skip the cheese. Roll out on a large baking stone, bake for 15 mins, then add your favorite toppings and bake for another 10 minutes or so. I have the monthly subscription now that the whole family is eating my GF rolls and even pizza! Only warning, don't make up extra rolls for reheating, they won't reheat well... pizza is decent reheated, but the rolls get kinda chewy when reheated.

If you have any gluten issues, you should definitely keep these in your pantry!!
283112283112B001ACMCNUA1C60SMGGZWT2XCaryn Talty "healthy-family"0051335312000Can be used in Pie Crust Recipes easilyI subscribed to this item after experimenting with it. I have successfully made a nice, pliable pie crust dough out of it. I just add a little palm oil (solid at room temperature) and water and I omit the cheese. I kneed the dough until it is well mixed and pliable. If it is sticky just add a little extra dough. I can then roll it out with a rolling pin (very thin!). My kids like the homemade mini pies I make with it using a mini tart making machine. Takes about 15 minutes from box to mouth and is really fun to do.
283113283113B001ACMCNUA2XSMRSJLL3Y6TShannon0051333065600LOVEWe love, love, love Chebe!! All of their mixes are great, but our favorite is by far the cheesey bread! Super yummy, easy, and best of all gluten-free! Yay!
283114283114B001ACMCNUA2IQ0AJKJWX2TGK. Colitti0051328659200simply amazing - just like what we had in BrazilJust received this (the product arrived very quickly) and decided to try right away. The directions on the box were easy and the result is amazing. The puffs are soft and chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. I really need to put them away before I eat too many! I actually took a picture but cannot figure out how to add it to my review. I am very impressed - these taste just like the breads we had in South America (Brazil and Argentina). I could not be happier! thanks so much, Chebe!
283115283115B001ACMCNUA3B0WYTTN8G7ILMrs. Vonie M. Gass "al"0051328659200My favoriteI eat gluten free and to be honest, alot of gluten free products taste terrible. These rolls are soooo good. Absolutely wonderful!
283116283116B001ACMCNUA3HV8LF9XQV3LAAmb19800041325289600Great substituteI was excited to try this bread mix after recently discovering I had a gluten intolerance. I am a huge bread lover and have been struggling with having to avoid some of my most favorite foods. I made this mix yesterday and was very pleased with the results. The rolls were very flavorful and had a wonderful texture. I wouldn't say that they were exactly like my favorite cheesy rolls from a popular restuarant, but they were a great substitue. Other bread products I have tried have been extremely dry and tough to chew. These rolls were not at all like that. I also like that this mix calls for you to add your own shredded cheese. I am also a cheese lover and had a great cheddar I shredded up and added to the mix. I am glad this mix came in an 8 pack as I am looking forward to trying to make breadsticks with this mix next time!
283117283117B001ACMCNUAJK1BSTTTO4F6Alan W Corley0051322524800Love, love, love itI have been using chebe now for about 7 months and I just absolutely love it. It is inexpensive and forgiving. I do not always follow the directions and still have a great product. We make sausage balls, pizzas, hamburger/hotdog buns etc with it. Going gluten free with little dudes can be a challange, and this helps tremendously. I am going to post a picture of my pizza we made the other night with it. (I did not buy the pizza version, I still use the original cheese for all my recipes).
283118283118B001ACMCNUA3IROPK9B0M59WBeverly A. Chevalier "Bev Chev"0051322179200Chebe Gluten Free Roll and Bread mixThe taste and texture of Chebe Rolls was amazing. The product was easy to prepare. The directions were accurate and the finished product was amazingly good. Everyone who tried the rolls would definitely want to have them again.
283119283119B001ACMCNUA21DMIN9REX6EOmfelix0051313366400Chebe BreadIf you are looking to make Pão de queijo without the hassle of finding (or importing!) tapioca flour and figuring out measurements, this item is for you! Just use your favorite hard cheese (Parmesan has worked the best for me so far) and follow the instructions to make great cheese bread. This is the best mix for cheese bread that I have found in the US.
283120283120B001ACMCNUA2PCNXBSKCABG5Whit0051312588800another versatile mix from ChebeThis makes great cheese balls to eat with spaghetti. We have also used this for Pizza crusts as well as bread. Adding cheese to the mix and rolling the balls in butter and cheese before baking really helps accentuate the taste of the cheese balls.
283121283121B001ACMCNUA3NGV3V9C4MCSPbethany passick0041312416000too stickyI have always loved Chebe products since finding out about them. Since they have changed their packaging and preparation instructions I have found that adding the full amount of water to the mix makes for a sticky mess.It ends up all over my hands and I cannot work the dough. If I add a little less water I can prepare them with ease. I have used parmesan, mozzarella and cheddar jack cheese with the mix and they are all yummy!
283122283122B001ACMCNUA2OAI8BVVZUQ4YDarleen Stoddard0051311984000Makes GREAT pizza!Though my super picky gluten eating husband would rather pass on it, I am so excited to have a replacement for rolls, bread sticks, and especially pizza crust. You can't expect the rolls to taste like regular gluten rolls, as they are chewy, but I love them. I make the pizza crust with pesto, tomato chunks, and 4 cheese just like Uno's regular flatbread 4-cheese pizza, and it is just as good as the real thing in my opinion, and better than their gluten free pizza. It holds together wonderfully! You can even roll it out without it sticking or falling apart. I will be signing up for the automated shipping, it's THAT good.
283123283123B001ACMCNUA2YEAYYXY11NU2Sharon Ann0051311206400Chebe Bread OriginalAn excellent choice for dinner rolls or sandwich rolls. I make 4 sandwich rolls with the mix, freeze them and bring them for lunch at work. I just stop and buy my "fillings" so they are fresh. It is exciting to have a gluten free alternative like this.
283124283124B001ACMCNUA10E6DOS7DN833Gluten free for 6 months0051301011200Finally....tasty gluten free bread!!I make these tiny, like finger rolls. By adding the cheese, a very tasty breadstick is born. You may also use
other items like jalepeno peppers or whatever your imagination allows~ Freeze them and use at will. Yummy!!
I could eat them all when they come out of the oven!!
283125283125B001ACMCNUA1OM5SKMHNUK8Fcarla0051299801600Absolute must for any gluten free household!This is an absolute must for any gluten free household.
We use this mix for biscuits, pizza crusts, anything you can think of.
It's easy to work with, you can change flavours by using different cheese.

Buy it. You won't regret it.
283126283126B001ACMCNUA2QS69OOXN6PQPDawn in Alabama0051299456000CHEBE mixes are great!We found these little mixes when we needed something for my daughter's gluten free diet. These were easy to fix and didn't taste like cardboard. There are more gluten free foods and mixes available in our area now, many very good, but our local store that carried Chebe mixes folded. We were so pleased to find we could order through Amazon and enjoy them again. Prepare one package for a smaller amount, or you can use two for a large family like ours! GREAT!
283127283127B001ACMCNUA2J57N4AUO6NV8Paulina "PD"0051297555200Yum!Tried this mix because of the reviews and the price was more reasonable than the other breads in the store. I used half grated Parmesan and half Romano for the cheese and had to add a bit more water. They baked up nice and golden brown. The texture had a crispy outside with a doughy somewhat chewy inside. Cooled, the next day they tasted even more like actual gluten bread. We ate these with Bear Creek Cheddar Broccoli Soup. Perfect combination. Next time I will try to use mozzarella and see how the taste differs.
283128283128B001ACMCNUA274AT23JFHDJDShopper9730051293494400Good stuffI have been using Chebe mixes for years and love the texture, flavor and convenience of the product. The Original Bread Mix makes delicious cheese rolls which travel well. Most of the gluten free breads don't taste good unless you heat or toast them which is totally inconvenient if you are running out the door on an errand and need to bring something with you. I make a batch every week to keep in the freezer for those times I will be out for lunch and want a roll to go with my salad.
283129283129B001ACMCNUA3T7432CT0QQM7Alan0051291507200Chebe is the best!We have been buying it for years. Love it! Use sharp chedar cheese and mix the grated cheese with the Chebe mix... mix the wet ingredients together then mix it up and drop it in small chunks on the cookie sheet... Great for appetizers
283130283130B001ACMCNUACC8RGRP29KJERaychel "Word."0051284768000YummyThe first time I made this I added sharp cheddar cheese and some garlic to make garlic cheese rolls. So very good. The chewy texture was a unique surprise and so much better than overly dense or crumbly biscuits. Tasted even better the second day re-warmed.
283131283131B001ACMCNUA2WQYNK6QOTS9PBrittany Pannell "Brittany"0051284422400The best gluten free bread!!!!!This is a great gluten free bread. I can use just one package to make multiple things. I have used the mix for pizza crest, pigs in a blanket, and for hotdog and hamburger buns. I have also prepared the dough and put it into individualized portions for buns. I just put the dough in the freezer and just take it out and pop it in the oven when I need it. This bread has made going gluten free much easier.
283132283132B001ACMCNUA3IFI2PFEWZ4IHTimothy Truax0051282176000Gluten free sandwich bun mixLook no further! My wife's gluten sensitive and these float her boat as a regular bread replacement. Thank God for this excellent mix!
283133283133B001ACMCNUA3TH1TUOWHS1VDMW "Gram Wobbles"0051280448000Chebe breadLove Chebe bread for my husband who is allergic to gluten. We both love the taste of it.
283134283134B001ACMCNUACTF8IH7VTXBCKathlyn0051280016000very good but not a loaf of breadThe photo on the package shows balls of a cheesy bread but the words "Chebe Original Bread Mix" might make you think that it makes a regular loaf of bread. It doesn't. Instead, it makes a very tasty bread bun or balls that have a chewy, substantial texture often missing in gluten free baked goods. We liked it with soups and chili -- it's good for dipping too.

The package calls for adding 4 tablespoons of water after mixing the package contents with oil, parmesan cheese and eggs. That wasn't nearly enough water. It took about 3 times that amount before the dough formed into a ball. Also, I elected to make 4 buns rather than the balls. Be sure to add the optional 1 teaspoon baking powder when making buns. They puffed up nicely in the oven that way. Because the tops were quite dry when they came out of the oven, I immediately brushed them with butter and covered them with foil, and this made them soften.

We liked this mix, which a friend gave to us. We plan to buy more.
283135283135B001ACMCNUA224XSUCQEYGD6S. Faust "gluten free girl"0051275782400chebe cheese breadTastes great! Easy to make. We often make cheese bread in ball shapes and then dunk in spaghetti or marinara sauce. Tastes wonderful.
283136283136B001ACMCNUA3VG2PGNIZTHBDPaul Kotas0051275609600Try it, you won' t be disappointedIf you are looking for gluten-free alternatives, you can't beat Chebe cheese balls. Never disappointed by them, particularly fresh from the oven with some dipping sauce. My preference is Parmesan cheese and some warm tomato sauce for dipping. Another favorite is a chebe based calzone.

Quick and easy to make and bakes in only 30 minutes.
283137283137B001ACMCNUA3QDOQLLJK3EXABrittany A. Severhill "Aquatica"0051274054400great for gluten-free breadsticksI love pretty much all Chebe products. This mix makes really good bread sticks. They aren't great the next day, so it's best to eat them all on the day you bake them.
283138283138B001ACMCNUA25JROTU0YWU4OGwen0051251849600Awesome!Very good and addictive. I was buying these mixes at a local organic store, who also sold the Chebe already made frozen breadsticks. If you see those at your stores, buy them!
283139283139B001ACMCNUA3J09D79EYEWUBrazilian Girl1211334534400not impressed!I am a Brazilian living abroad who was thrilled to find this product on Amazon. However, when I received it, I realized it only contains tapioca starch and milk powder. You basically have to add everything else, including the oil, cheese and eggs. Therefore, its not worth the price. You can find tapioca starch in your regular grocery store in the international section and make your own Brazilian cheese bread for way cheaper!
283140283140B001ACMCNUA2FIF5TPVZDLZGAnonymous0411321747200Lack flavor without cheese...I bought this Chebe item to try since the reviews were mostly good. My daughter & I have gluten & dairy allergies, so I opted NOT to use cheese in this original mix, but to make it into rolls according the the directions on the cheese rolls box. These were easy to make & texture was good--little crispy outside & chewy inside. Rolls were VERY small (golf ball size or smaller) when made according to instructions. Problem was the flavor. It was VERY bland. The cheese must give these the wonderful taste, because neither my dauther nor I care to even eat them & I will probably end up throwing them out. Simply no flavor. Won't be buying these again. Too bad since they were so quick & easy to make.

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