Amazon Fine Food Reviews

283291283291B0000TSQ6QAIN3KCR78W8Q9rpeffinger1151303430400What the Dogs ChooseWe have been feeding our three dogs Eagle Pack Holistic for almost eight years. I've never once had a reason to question the integrity of the company or the health benefits from feeding it to my dogs. Eagle Pack has never recalled any of their foods (even when it seemed like almost every other brand was). They have a great proof of purchase rewards program. You can sign up on their website to receive monthly coupons. My dogs have amazing coats, amazing teeth, and amazing energy. I don't think that there is a better food that could be recommended.
283313283313B0000TSQ6QA1GCNWD2PA81EDDs Rizzi "Suzy Riz"64921283385600Content means less than namesI want to be clear, I am not speaking of nor picking on just this one product, but like most dog foods out there that have these lovely names, "Holistic",'Natural','Healthy',etc,there is usually nothing to back up claims of being healthier nor of better quality than the less expensive brands. The ingredients often are the same as most other dog foods, comprised of substances of the poorest quality, including ingredients that are not even considered food.'Made with chicken' can mean as low as 3% chicken legally. Generally, only meats totally unable to be used for any other purpose at all are added to dog foods, and often includes feces, talons, feathers, hide, teeth, tumors and worse. Many of these poor grade and disgusting 'meats' are also then soaked in chemicals before being added to dog foods, the FDA's great idea to keep the meat from actually being used in 'people' food--but I doubt you want your dog's food soaked in chemicals. People truly love their pets, and for some of us, it's all the family we have or certainly the ones that seem to understand us best. I'm working on a recipe that will work well for my dogs, human-grade. In days gone by, we raised our 'mutts' often on just left over table scraps and they flourished... because they were getting 'people grade' food. If you use canned dog food, smell the opened, refrigerated can on day 2,3 or 4--if it smells good, you will know. If not it's rancid--bad, spoiled, musty. We feed organic dog food now, not much more $$ but I don't 'trust' any of them,& try to make sure it's not from China or anywhere but the USA, and I keep an eye on ingredients and smell regularly, and I rotate. Even those with added supplements and vitamins may use those that are useless, poor quality that are not absorbed.
Manufacturers preserve with either synthetic or "natural" preservatives. Synthetic preservatives include butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), propyl gallate, propylene glycol (also used as a less-toxic version of automotive antifreeze), and ethoxyquin. There is little information documenting their toxicity, safety, interactions, or chronic use in pet foods that may be eaten every day for the life of the animal. Propylene glycol was banned in cat food because it causes anemia in cats, but it is still allowed in dog food.
Potentially cancer-causing agents such as BHT or BHA, and ethoxyquin is permitted at some levels. The use of these chemicals in pet foods has not been thoroughly studied, and long term build-up of these agents may ultimately be very harmful. July 1997 the FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine requested that manufacturers voluntarily reduce in half the maximum level of ethoxyquin by half. Some pet food critics and veterinarians believe that ethoxyquin is a major cause of disease, skin problems, and infertility in dogs. Hey, who loves my pets more, me or these companies? Hmmm?
283292283292B0000TSQ6QA3AKHFULBHYL1WDino1151302134400Dog foodI can't stress enough how great this dog food is. My lab LOVES it! And his coat, eyes, and overall good health proves what a great quality food Holistic Select is. Ordering it from Amazon makes it so easy! It's delivered right to my door (No more heavy lifting) and the price is cheaper than most pet stores.
283314283314B0012XJBEUA3IWP44C1TBT01Kara Nicole4451286323200So DeliciousThese suckers are great! I think you get a good amount for the price, especially since they are organic, which usually leads to higher cost. I was a little worried once I actually saw them because they seem small, like they may have a short "life span;" however, I was surprised to find that they actually hold up for quite awhile. They are sour, but not quite as sour as Sour Patch Kids. They taste good and don't leave that grimy need-to-brush-your-teeth feeling in your mouth that other sugary candies sometimes do. This is a good product for a good price.
283293283293B0000TSQ6QA1N02WZ6LFXDGAB. Bachman "Smiley"1151295913600I only feel HolisticMy dogs love this food. We live in a rural area and Amazon makes it so easy to buy now. Thanks Amazon!!
283315283315B0012XJBEUAPGQ01TK0P3UQPip2231343692800It's not bad but it's not that gr8!The taste is fine. It wasn't what I was looking for. I like to chew my candies. I was looking for a very, very hard lollipops to keep my mouth busy a long time and at the same time taste good - a little sour and a little sweet. These so called lollipop are the size of the life saver candies but without the holes that you can buy from the store. They are not that hard and they are thin so I can bite it and eat it in a minute or less..:(
283294283294B0000TSQ6QA3C00N4UHA5XYXalooknac1151295395200It's a KeeperWe adopted our dog last summer and have tried various dog foods including the small breed formula from this same company. This is the one that our dog eats the best, and what comes out her other end is the easiest to deal with. No bad breath. Our dog scratches a lot and I was hoping this food would help that, but alas, no.

If you sign up at Holistic Select's website they will email you coupons. So far I got one for $5 and one for $3. I don't know how (or if) to use them on amazon so sometimes I buy locally.

This is small kibble suitable for small dogs. Don't know about big dogs. The pieces are flattish disks about 3/16" thick and 3/8" or so in diameter. They vary some.
283316283316B0012XJBEUA61HZ2MTKAYJVcrinberry1151302480000Best assortment of flavorsA while ago, I bought a few 30 oz containers of assorted flavor lollipops, but as of the past few months, I've been buying these pouches to refill my container at work (using Subscribe and Save!). 2 main reasons: the pouches have what I (and my coworkers) feel are the best flavors, and secondly, because each pouch has the same number of each flavor, which makes for much more even flavor distribution. One problem I had with the containers was sometimes they would have a disproportionate number of one flavor over another. No problems with the pouches! Love the flavors, love the mini size (so you can eat one or many), love the lack of artificial ingredients or corn syrup.
283295283295B0000TSQ6QAR7ERMVL822WLLynne B1151257724800Eagle Pack HolisticI can't say enough nice things about Eagle Pack brand dog foods, especially their holistic line. Cured my dogs of ear problems, hot spots and other intestinal problems quickly and my dogs love the taste. It does cost a bit more, but well worth it when you factor in expensive vet visits and loss of sleep while the poor dog scratches and scratches while you watch helplessly. Do yourself and your dog a favor and give it a try. You won't be disappointed.
283317283317B0012XJBEUA3O7IIFCWPZW2KC. Hine0051343088000YummyMy son loves these lollipops. I like them too. I just wish they came in a bigger container so I wouldn't have to order them so often.
283296283296B0000TSQ6QA13BP6UB3DFRD2Tina1151235779200Great food - fabulous priceThis is the only dog food we trust to feed with. It is somewhat difficult to find so when I found it on Amazon with such a great shipping rate it was a no-brainer.
283297283297B0000TSQ6QA3A3FL72P6QD2CDrury L. Woodson III1151165104000Eagle Pack AnchovyPapillon doggies love this food. Obviously great flavor, super ingredients, and a smaller kibble.
283298283298B0000TSQ6QA121RZKYAZV6VSuper5751281916800Good food for English bulldogWe just switched our English Bulldog from bulldog food to this food because she has a bad rash and we can't seem to get rid of it. The person that sold us the dog recommended it. I don't really think it was caused from her food but everyone tells me to switch her food so we are trying this out. The only thing I don't like too much about this food is that the pieces are quite small and harder for my dog to pick up so they get all over the floor. She seems to be eating it and we will have to wait and see what happens. Everything I read about caring for an English Bulldog seems to point to food for everything and this looks like it should be good for our dog.
283299283299B0000TSQ6QA1YY8E73IHAK6Cheryl M. Waugh81211284854400Changed the ingredients to now include meat products! ZERO STARSWe discovered in puppyhood that our boxer was allergic to chicken, beef and pork and had to be restricted to a fish- and vegetable-based diet. He has been on the veterinarian-recommended Eagle Pack anchovy, etc. fish-only dry food for eight years... his entire life, and with fabulous results. We noticed recently that his allergies were acting up. I just sat down to order another 30-lb. bag and while price-comparing, the ingredients list caught my eye: They now include chicken and pork products! How can you advertise that this food is good for dogs with allergies and digestive issues when you start including the very ingredients to the food we owners turn to in order to AVOID the allergic reactions and digestive issues? I gladly paid top-dollar for this food, even when the price increased during the recalls of other brands over the past few years (NOTE: This brand was unaffected), because I was glad and thankful to be secure in my knowledge that I was protecting my dog's well-being with a trusted company who seemed dedicated to serving this smaller market for special-needs food. I suspect Eagle Pack is trying to cut costs by decreasing the amount of fish-based ingredients and substituting the less-costly poultry and pork. I can no longer trust this company since they have clearly put canine health far behind their bottom line. I also suspect their corporate attorney approved the change due to some loophole(s) in truth-in-advertising laws. Did they think consumers such as myself would not notice?? We pay top-dollar for this type of food because we need it! Heaven forbid a beloved pet has a severe reaction or dies as a result of this. How long have I and other owners been putting our dogs' health at risk?? I just hope I can find another fish-based dry food without poultry, pork or beef products. There are so few, this is another reason I am baffled... Eagle Pack had this market cornered because their fish-only version was superb.
283300283300B0000TSQ6QA2U06B6B5OK5ZZbabykadles0041350432000Good product..But dogs hate it!My dogs hate it... I dont know if its just the flavor because my dogs dont even eat tuna fish. I am going to try the chicken next...
283301283301B0000TSQ6QA16VNYO48FVXGOK. O'Connell0051350259200Super for my ShibaMy little Shiba just can't handle chicken or grain byproducts. I love the ingredients, I love that my dog is enthusiastic about the food and I love that I can buy it on and have it delivered.

The tiny kibble is great for smaller mouths but is on the harder side when it comes to dry. I have used pro-plan in the past and notice the shredded mix has much softer/grainy kibble. I sometimes moisten the food with a little bit of pet-friendly topping.

The mix is nutrient and calorie dense. You may have to tweak your volume, depending on what you're switching from.
283302283302B0000TSQ6QA151X4F0YRN2OAMitkoreader "Mitko"0021348012800Breeder recommends but dog rejectsWe have a corgi and this kibble is one of the only two things that the breeder recommended. Unfortunately our dog does not like this food. He would NEVER eat a pellet on its own. We always have to mix it with real food and even then he sometimes refuses to eat it. On top of that none of the pet shops in our area carry this food so overall big PITA.

We are still ordering from Amazon but looking for an alternative.
283303283303B0000TSQ6QA3QA0BBQW08DLZMc "m0c21"0011346889600Mold?Ingredients and reviews look good. However, this is the first time I've ever found mold in my dog food. I have a specific container that I put my dog food in so it doesn't get any moisture. It's even air tight. This could be the best dog food out there, but if the quality control is bad, I won't be buying it. I'll add pictures of the mold or whatever is growing on the dog food.
283304283304B0000TSQ6QAMQ1MEG334SAPBigmac0021346716800Just OkayWas expecting more with the high price but my dog barely touched this, and when he did eat it he would have food allergies
283305283305B0000TSQ6QA2PHDNWJM23R31baxtersmom0051346457600Very PleasedI have been feeding my cocker spaniel holistic select for over 4 years, and I have been very pleased! Recently I have discovered Amazon's auto-shipment of the dog food which is great, since the stores that sell it is quite a drive. My cocker spaniel has had severe ear problems (as many cockers do) and the vet recommended a prescription dog food, after doing research, I decided on holistic select instead, and his ears are so much better! They went from "chronic" to just irritated, and the vet was very pleased with his improvement. He loves this food, and would eat it constantly if I let him! I would recommend this dog food to anyone!
283306283306B0000TSQ6QA3AJCNF56KL0B3K. Reid "WI Nurse"0051343520000Holistic Select is qualityI have purchased the small sized bag of Holistic Select for many years. My cockapoo really likes this food but his Mom likes the quality ingredients in it. From whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and probiotics this keeps my dog healthy.
283307283307B0000TSQ6QA35XUCYWZYQB3OShelley S0051338422400Amazon has made pet food shopping easy!First I love this food. My pup has food allergies and she has gone through many top foods because of it. This is the first food in her 4years that I have been able to keep her on for more then a couple months. I buy the large bag and have two dogs that it will feed for almost a month before needing more and both my dogs look and feel healthy and happy. No more chewing paws or stratching like crazy. Both dogs also run to their feeding spot as soon as I get the bag out. Fishy smell is nothing compared to the help it gives my dogs. Shipping is always fast and hassle free. Love this product. Best thing I've done for my dogs outside of rescuing them :)
283308283308B0000TSQ6QAU5MDAMO06GJLDaniel H. Yeary0051338249600Balalnced, healthy dog foodOur dogs have been on Holistic Select for 3 years now, and we are very happy with it. The ingredients are well balanced, natural and healthy. Our dogs have shown a marked improvement in overall health, coat, energy and weight since switching to Holistic Select from a mainstream dog food three years ago. Plus, they love it!
283309283309B0000TSQ6QAH4NAV2TU1X7IR. Harte0051294012800Quality dog foodI like this a lot for my 12 y/o cardigan welsh corgi. She needed a little more protein in her diet and I've added this to the Solid Gold Holistiquez and it's working well.
283310283310B0000TSQ6QA2O8UQ9WQRD0OMJulie Jeffrey-Robinson "Julie robinson"0051266710400Eagle PackAmazon was very timely in getting the product to us despite the weather. My dogs loved the food
283311283311B0000TSQ6QA2QTSZOFJDM8I7Q. Hunt ":q!"0051207008000Picky dog likes this as a treatI had a sample size pack of three Eagle Pack varieties. (Lamb, fish, and duck.) Last night, my super-picky Aussie mix suddenly decided this fish variety was as good as some of her higher end training treats. I'm not sure how long the novelty will last, but I'm always excited when I find a kibble that works as a treat at class.
283312283312B0000TSQ6QAY1FDSR4VQ8LTS. Langton1421340323200My dogs got sick off a bag,and cost me 300$ in vet billsI have been feeding this brand to my bulldogs for 2 years. Petco stop carring it, so I have been buying from Amazon. I buy two 30lb bags at a time.. I never thougth it would make by bulldogs sick. I stop feeding them from that bag, and opened the new one after I had taken them to the vet and they eventually got better. I ran out of the 2nd bag so I put them back on original bag, and they started vomiting again..It's hard to see my pupps so sick, and don't know if I should keep buying this brand.
283318283318B0012XJBEUA2LGA4BDO4G8FKLisaMB0051318377600Super Yummy!These are the best tasting lilipops I've ever tried and it's a great bonus that they have no artificial additives!
283319283319B0012XJBEUA2AKC6YDE24CLFVino0041316044800Yummy Earth Super Sour PopsI received my package today, very well packaged 15 pops a bag and 6 colorful bags. The assortment was very well done and u get 4 pops of 3 flavors and 3 of 1 flavor in every bag. Evens out well and I really enjoyed 3 out the 4 Flavors. Very mouth watering pops about the size of a quarter with some TARTness not really (SUPER) sour. But thats why I bought them the chemical sour candy "burns" your tongue and is terrible for your teeth and body. Googly Grape was my least favorite,tasted like grape but Im not sure if cause the sourness but it didnt mix with grape well(this makes sense You never see SOUR grape candy, usually sour apple, sour "any"berry or sour lemon).Would love to try jus regular grape had good flavor.

3rd favorite-CHERRY- Tasted like a black cherry sourness blended decent, mouth watering but just felt like it needed more sweetness the sour was mixed well but just lacked something in that sweet cherry flavor kind of bland needs more sweet/cherry extract?

1st and 2nd Favorites- Strawberry Smash and Sour Apple Tart-
Strawberry was by far the biggest favorite of friends and family and myself, whatever ratio the sweet to sour and sour to sweet you've been dreaming about is right here. PERFECT. Strawberry I hide in my room only for myself and special friends. Very nice summer strawberry sweetness with a perfect TARTNESS
Apple was very close 2nd and Still something I reach for out of the 4 flavors. My grandmother said it tasted like a granny smith from her orchard. The smell is heavenly and when I kissed her on the cheek goodbye she said my breath smelled fruity and sweet. She said it the perfect tartness of a Tart apple and the blend on this flavor was done right as well.

I am quitting smoking and I wanted an organic pop so as to not destroy my teeth during quitting with sugar. Well you HAVE to bite them before finishing or u start "eating" bleached paper pulp from the stick. I would buy again once I'm done quitting smoking but for now eating more than to 3 or 4 in a day will burn your tongue or burn your lips if they're chapped. If your quitting smoking I recommend the regular lollipops, not as harsh on the mouth, I will be gifitng a couple pops out of these pouches to kids on halloween coming up. Very good treat but not meant for regular all day lollipopping. Very big hit with my hiking group mouth watering and enjoyed in moderation VERY tasty.
283320283320B0012XJBEUAD63BZ6KNAT4QStephanie0051314835200Delicious!First of all, I got my items on time so I can't complain. These lollipops are very tasty, sort of sour but not too sour. Very delicious, I can't wait to try the other lollipops from this same brand.

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