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285331285331B0032P1U22ATK9UBMONUD4PT. Reich "flabbledash"0051290211200almost inedibleI bought this for my husband, and he loved it. He told me that it is so hot it's almost inedible. Only with hot sauce is that a good thing.
285332285332B002BUEKSKA26K686G532YZQStella Williams0051332720000Taste great...look great...and perfect for a party!I would politely disagree with the above reviewer- I bought each of the three Cobblestone cupcake varieties on a friend's recommendation, and am so glad that I did!

I made these cupcakes for my girlfriend's baby shower, and everyone loved them- they were easy to make and were much higher quality than other gourmet brands I've tried. The cupcakes were very light and were the prefect size for a cocktail-like party. One suggestion I have would be to make double the amount of icing they recommend- The amount they suggest is sufficient to cover each cupcake, but I made double the icing so that I could pipe it on (...they ended up looking just like the high-end cupcakes you see in fancy shops.)

These delightful cupcakes helped to make my party a success...and the packaging looks so pretty that you are not afraid to hide the box in the recycling bin!
285333285333B002BUEKSKA35D7QZPIMT6T4Amazon Reviewer0011252195200Inedible chemical flavor. Our guests unanimously agreed.We purchased a three pack of chocolate caramel, strawberry vanilla, and lemon poppyseed because the package looked so attractive, and I thought it would save me some time. The flavors sounded very appealing.

Reality couldn't be farther removed from the picture. The cupcakes were practically inedible. The chemical flavor of the additives was unbearable. I actually spit out the first bite I took of the chocolate caramel. I asked several guests to try a bite of all three flavors (because I wondered if there was something wrong with me. Couldn't imagine three flavors of such an attractive looking mix could be THAT gross), and not a single person liked them. I ended up throwing everything away, and having to buy something else in a hurry.

Furthermore, I'm not someone who likes much frosting on cupcakes, but the package provided barely made enough to thinly cover the cupcakes. Very thinly. If you were to put as much frosting on your cupcake as is shown in the picture, about a third of your frosting would already be used up. This is probably a good thing, since the frosting had that horrible quality of coating the roof of your mouth in a layer of revolting grease that is hard to get rid of. (And I used strictly fresh ingredients that I had just bought, added according to the recipe.)

What a waste of THREE packages of cupcake mix and fresh ingredients!!
285334285334B005QOMMMYA1ZABB6QA9I7CMKristine N. Irwin "kirwin"0051317513600Glutino Yogurt Covered Pretzels - Gluten FreeHaving recently gone to a gluten-free diet, I thought there were going to be several things I was going to have to learn to live without - a good pretzel being one of them. I stumbled across these at the grocery store and thought I would give it a try. These are a little pricey (what gluten-free product isn't?), but TOTALLY worth it! The yogurt is smooth and the pretzel is crunchy and crisp (the way they should be) - a great taste together.

285335285335B00375C2R4A3624B4X4YK4NDDebra A. Kelly0051329696000Best Flu Medication On Earth!A friend gave me three boxes of this tea. Then one day I got the flu really bad, nothing helped that I took. I remembered that ginger is excellent for an upset stomach and I had the nausea feeling you get with the flu. So to get rid of the nausea, I drank a cup of this tea. Within a half hour I not only was rid of the nausea my whole well being was back to normal. I felt great!

Just yesterday I was feeling sick, headache upset stomach aching I took 2 Advil that didn't touch my headache or the crummy feeling I was in. We were coming back from Orlando headed home a three hour drive! I could not wait to get home and drink my ginger tea. When I did within 30 minutes all my symptoms left!
I tell EVERYONE about this tea when they complain about flu like symptoms, I swear by it now!

Keep it on hand!

Debbie, in south Florida
285336285336B00375C2R4AFPZLMFCIH4G4CocoComplexion "SexyNavy"0051326585600Has the right amount of sweetener...Several weeks ago, I tried the unsweetened version to this instant ginger tea & loved it. I was in a local food market looking to purchase more of the unsweetened tea when I found this. I tried it for the first time a couple days ago and it works just the same! Only difference is I don't need to add any sugar. This sweetened ginger tea has the perfect amount of sugar needed. It's not too sweet nor too bland, it's just right! Also, the strength of this tea is great just like the unsweetened version. The strong flavor/taste of ginger definitely comes through. My only wish is that Caribbean Dreams would put more sachets in the box! I love to drink big cups of tea and 10 just isn't enough when I like to use 2 at a time. I will continue to repurchase this or the unsweetened version, whichever I can find locally. I prefer this much more than the ginger tea bags, so I'm willing to overlook the amount sold in the boxes.
285337285337B003WP0L6SAMRMK86X3PKXDR. Thomasson0051339632000Best of the Sugar Free Cough DropsWhen I have a cold, the slightest tingle of irritation in my throat can send me into a coughing fit. I have always depended on Hall's to help coat my throat and clear my head. With diabetics in the house it is necessary to have a cough drop without sugar. These sugar free Honey Lemon drops from Hall's are our favorite flavor. They have no nasty chemical taste. They sooth and coat the throat and the vapors really do a-lot to clear the sinuses. They come in resealable bags and stay fresh for many months. Highly recommended.
285338285338B003WP0L6SABW6P8MJJ0YH4Ming Hui Wu "M8rg1e"1211335744000Why you list this item if you don't have it.Ive' waited 2 weeks, and it still said will ship 3 weeks later.I don't understand, why you need to list this item if you don't have any stocks. How disappointed!!! ""0051350950400Long lasting, and safer in my experience.My dogs, and many of my client's dogs, inhale regular rawhides. I was always worried about them swallowing big chunks.

And I really hate flavored plastic bones, as well as veggie bones, since I've seen chunks of those being swallowed whole right in front of me a number of times.

These have been by far the best solution for me. It takes the dogs much longer to chew them, and they really have to work at it. For all my medium to heavy chewers, these are my first choice.

Having said that, nothing is 100% safe. After chewing up most of the bone, a very food motivated chewer could the remaining hard chunk - which could be a serious problem. That's why I tend to choose the bigger sizes (8" or 10") over the little ones (4"), and take the bone away when it gets to a swallow-able size. I buy these in bulk. The value compared to other types of rawhides is huge, even without a bulk discount.

These come in flavors also. This plain style, as well as the the chicken flavored ones, have not been messy at all. The beef ones are not quite as tidy.
285340285340B005N29H36AOTE9EH96DOB0B. Smith "The giant on whoms shoulders your c...0051346630400Long lastingMy 6 mo. old large breed puppy really likes these. Its definitely better than a regular rawhide and apparently safer for puppies too. So better value, lasts longer, and safer for your dog. Worth buying.
285341285341B005N29H36A2YV9N5VCXSZLDAlaskanKid0051344297600My dog's best friend!!!These bones are amazing and my dogs love them. I have two vigorous chewers so these bones are a much better option than regular rawhides or other treats. They are much more expensive at retailers though, so I love being able to save some money by purchasing them online.
285342285342B005N29H36A25XLQ7DHS0DSASteven Cole0051336608000great productI'm so glad we found out about these. Our 6 month old puppy was going through a bag of chew sticks a day. He is on hour 3 of one of these bones and is only about halfway through it. He has been chewing on it non stop for those 3 hours, too. Off to order some more!
285343285343B001E5E2PYA3TOTLHBA46O49Rad4chica91111260921600Nasty aftertaste!I have tried other Torani syrups, french vanilla, vanilla, vanilla bean, hazlenut...all of which I liked. This caramel syrup has a strong, chemically aftertaste and smell which can be somewhat diminished if you put it in REALLY strong coffee but even then lingers on very unpleasantly. Amazon was great they sent me out another 3-pack to see if it was just that batch.....Nope. It's definitely something off with this flavor. They refunded my money. I will continue to buy Torani, but not this caramel flavor.
285344285344B001E5E2PYA4XB95O211M0XM R CAT4411299024000Not good at all.After trying Torani's Vanilla and Cherry syrups and being very satisfied, thought that the Caramel would have to be good as well. WRONG! I have not found anything that it taste good in yet. It's awful on ice cream and yogurt, but I keep trying it in diffent drinks in hopes that there is something that it will be palatable in so that I don't have to throw three bottles away since Amazon will not refund this item. I know that taste is subjective, but honestly, I wish I could force feed this to those reviewers who convinced me that this stuff tasted good.

Update and apology to those reviewers who rated the "plain" caramel syrup positively. After some research, discovered that there are two different Torani Caramel syrups: just "Caramel" and "Classic Caramel". The Classic Caramel is the one that Amazon is sending out to unsuspecting buyers and it tastes awful. Another reviewer has noted this in a different Torani review.
285345285345B001E5E2PYA1TP26VRS7NXA1Sarah Davis4521272672000Tastes FakeThough this is sold as all-natural, it does not taste natural. It leaves an unpleasant aftertaste and is almost soapy. Ruined the cup of coffee I added it to. The only reason I'm giving it 2 stars is that my husband uses it on occasion. I'm giving CE organics caramel a shot and hopefully it will live up to its stellar reputation!
285346285346B001E5E2PYA9UZOLXIVABX5Karla Cunningham1141239494400Great product, wish the bottles were not plasticWe use this syrup to make our own caramel mochas at home. The product is excellent and the price is right. We use it on desserts too (it's nice on ice cream with hot fudge) and a little goes a long way. The biggest negative is that the plastic bottles the syrup comes in have a wider mouth than our pour spigot that fits the glass bottles. We just transfer the syrup to the glass bottle we have. Since I'm not a big fan of plastic packaging, I'd like for this product to be available in glass bottles.
285347285347B001E5E2PYAZR74YG2J0Z6GL. Freeland5751187049600ExcellentBetter than Starbucks Syrups (thats what I used to use) - Cheaper and healthier, too! These syrups are great- I use them in my latte's and macchiatto's every day
285348285348B001E5E2PYA292KQT8P22D72Linda J. Manson "Sammy Stringbeads"6951178409600Yummy!I just purchased a Tassimo coffee and drink maker (from Amazon, of course), and the Cappucino and Latte pods to use with it. I love the Cappucino and Latte, they are wonderful treats in the AM, or anytime, for that matter, but I wanted to flavor my drinks with something more. The Torani Syrups are wonderful, because they can be used for flavoring coffee, tea, even ice cream, and I get the full coffee house experience without leaving my home! Great...and really good, too.
285349285349B001E5E2PYA31KUN4X2FPP58amy0011348358400Do not buy! Disgusting!!!I have tried other torani syrups and like them. I have tried the DaVinci Caramel and love that. I only tried this brand because it had a good price. Now I cannot return it, and have wasted money. There is no way I can use this. It is absolutely disgusting! I could not even drink the first cup that I made with this--it made me gag! It does NOT taste like caramel at all! It tastes like chemicals and has a spicy after-taste. I will definitely be going back to using DaVinci. Wish I had not wasted my money on this.
285350285350B001E5E2PYA33IK94WB4000DMagnolia Wurgler0011347926400Do Not Buy!!Wow. I am a bona fide junkie for Torani Caramel, but this trio of bottles has left a bad taste in my mouth. It is unlike any of the dozens of bottles I have enjoyed this flavor from. My coffee tasted like . . .scrap paper. I tried a glass instead of plastic cup. I tried vanilla soy milk, very vanilla soy milk, plain soy milk. Iced, hot, two pumps, four pumps, a swig straight from the bottle even! There is absolutely no conclusive info about this version of the product, and I find it hard to believe that Torani (which consistently produces a GREAT product)is totally behind this. So very disappointing.
285351285351B001E5E2PYA3VMG22P8HIPDQOtis Johnson "picky shopper"0041342310400I like flavored coffeeI have found that I like some added flavor in my coffee, and this is a great way of having it any time I want. No longer do I have to travel to 7-11, or a coffee shop, to get some caramel flavor in my coffee. I always have it at home!!
285352285352B001E5E2PYA2R66KKV68BQ1Tfisherman0051342224000My Fav!This is my favorite, and my orders are processed and shipped very quickly. po'WKEFM poewfijm nein jc;j. weincf EJIq fdbnIKJUFDCNB EJEEJ FCDJEI kiejcf nbIO; FC ;jef nWEIwe.
285353285353B001E5E2PYA2R8O547E5FKQMkatherine fernandez0011340236800Does NOT taste "all natural"!I completely agree with the other reviewers on the fake flavor. It taste synthetic! And not just as an aftertaste, but also while you're drinking it. What stinks is that I now have 3 full bottles of a product I have no use for. It's a waste of space and money!
285354285354B001E5E2PYA31NY532I3988Snetworkuser0011338681600Shoddy PackagingThe product was shipped in a timely manner but the packing used to ship the product was inadequate. One of the bottle caps arrived broken and the contents spilled over the remaining products. This made for quite a mess and a lot of dissatisfaction. To add insult to injury, I submitted pictures and a complaint with no response to date or any type of replacement. I will not order again.
285355285355B001E5E2PYA12HLD2062EP29kissme0051324080000A touch of heavenWhen I have my coffee in the morning I love Torani Caramel Syrup in it. But I can never find it except for diet in the stores. So I searched and found it for a great price. Now I will just keep buying it from them. Thank you your made my year. Not olny for this but I did most of my Christmas shopping though you guys this year and I loved it.Your almost as good as Walmart!!!
285356285356B001E5E2PYA19H6VPVCZ3WE9Matt A. "Matt A."0041322697600Good product that enhances my coffeeI've always like the Caramel coffee from leading cafe restaurants and wanted to enhance my Keurig system at home. I've tried a couple of syrups and found this to be a very acceptable flavor and quality. I've read the other reviews about flavor and other tastes but I find the syrup to taste just fine and it does remind me of the cafe taste in my coffee. I order these on subscription so I get that extra saving and rather enjoy the little perk at home!
285357285357B001E5E2PYA2IGG8HX500QBSGradle0021319155200Bad AftertasteI've been purchasing Torani syrup in local stores and always been happy with the flavor. The price here is excellent, so I decided to purchase the three pack. Big mistake because this tastes very different from what I purchase locally. After reading the review below, I am wondering if the flavor I like is actually "Caramel" instead of "Classic Caramel." This one has a very bad aftertaste and really makes my coffee unpleasant to drink. Not sure I will be able to finish these because of the awful flavor. I will not repurchase.
285358285358B001E5E2PYA200YNNTIDZH3VM. B. Miller0051317168000Saves me money.I make my own favored coffee. These days we all need a cheaper way to enjoy life. this cost much less than the expensive coffee shops.
285359285359B001E5E2PYA39MRBSQAFY2H6Ruben P.0051299715200Great Caramel FLAVORI brought this pack of bottles after trying out the Torani vanilla flavor from my local grocer. They carried only 3 flavors and I just knew I'd get a caramel one off amazon.
Buying the bottles off of here is a massive savings. I brought a tiny bottle for the same price as one of these 25oz guys!

Please don't think that this syrup tastes like caramel topping. It's CLEAR!! And it's meant to flavor drinks. That being said, I love this stuff! I make a large latte for myself a few times a week and put a shot of this stuff in there and it tastes better than local franchises!

I love that it's all natural and it doesn't have too much sugar. I'm using this stuff instead of sugar to sweeten and flavor my lattes from now on.
285360285360B001E5E2PYA381EOJ1A4A5RLone crazy cake decorator0041294444800Great taste - plastic bottles must be newer than the glass onesI have used the Torani Caramel syrup for quite some time now, and love it! I did notice recently, however, that a shipment of glass bottles was not up to par with the shipments I have received of plastic bottles. May be the glass packaging was older stock? I have again begun receiving the plastic bottles and the syrup is great! Hooray!

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