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287191287191B009K2BBT8A15DJHT9VECM95K. Murdock "shoppingAddict"848751313020800AH-MAZING!!WOW - we got our keurig as a gift and with the gift was a big box of the k-cups with all the eh, average tasting coffees...but once those ran out we would never be the people to spend that much money on coffee every month. so we have been using the solofil for about 8 months. we hated it and because of it, hated the keurig. the coffee we buy (the strongest roast from starbucks) was always watery and the solofil would leak all the time and it was such a pain to clean. but we put up with it. ENTER the ekobrew! omg this thing is amazing. i don't know what makes it so much different and i don't care -i just care that we get an amazing cup of coffee from our machine now! SUCH a difference. we used to use the solofil twice for one cup of coffee - we would make two of the smallest cups to make it as strong as possible. not anymore!! highly recommend! buying 2 more!
287192287192B009K2BBT8A27HYAB5IYG0JScharlotte crawford697151312761600Techno-BESTMy disclaimer- I'm a coffee geek. There's a few precursors to this Keurig brew basket, including what Keurig sells at Costco with the machine. The advantages to all of them is getting the coffee you want, getting it at less than 1/2 the price and saving the planet with less waste. Most people just want the convenience of buying and throwing away the K-Cup, so all of these options are for a limited audience. Where the EkoBrew shines is cup quality- more coffee in the cup. This comes from really nice saturation of the coffee because of the cone shaped water dispersion. It's easy to hold and get out of the machine. The puck comes out clean without digging out crevices as an earlier. This is the first one I've seen with a rubber O-ring that seals the cup shut. Ingenious. Kudos to these guys.
287193287193B009K2BBT8A1ROUMJOGO4QMBSteve444551312934400Excellent brew, economical too!With the price of coffee continually rising, I've been on a search for a replacement to the expensive K cups for some time. Their recent price increase is outrageous IMHO (I mean, how much coffee is really in there to justify the recent 15% or so increase?). I've tried the My K-cup from Keurig. It did ok, coffee was a little weak, and it was a bit of a hassle to swap out the holder and then cleaning out the grounds as well.

I moved onto the EZ-cup pod holster, using tea filter bags. This eliminated much of the mess, but the coffee quantity is a little low resulting in a weaker cup (but similar to the My K-cup). Plus, I had to buy the bags and we're trying to save money here.

Next came the solofill, but again, the coffee quantity is a little lower than I like. Cleaning out the solofill isn't hard, but it takes longer than it should, due to the nooks/crannies in there. Still better than the My K-cup as you don't have to pop out the holder.

Ok, on to the the ekobrew. They obviously put a lot of thought into the design of this thing. The cutouts are exactly where they need to be and the water flows out more evenly thru the grounds. Because of this design, there is a little more room in there for the grounds resulting in a better brew. I've only used this a few times, but cleanup is easier than the My K-cup and solofill. I would guess it's because the design is flatter on the bottom and the sides seem straighter. Not quite as convenient as the EZ-cup, but it's a better cup and cheaper.

I'll be looking into getting another one of these!
287194287194B005H0H6VOA2UCZWW03B2BI5PolicePro2211340236800Too close to last sale by datePurchased a 96 count pkg. Arrived early June, 2012 with a last sale by date of mid-August, 2012. Info should be a available prior to purchase so you don't get the product then learn it will be bad before you can reasonably expect to finish the product.
287195287195B005H0H6VOAN6LP6TX9E9O4Laurie A. Churchill "laurie"0051343433600Perfect portable creamer for meI discovered this when I was going on a trip one time and someone found it for me at the store. I use low fat refrigerated creamer usually. I don't like to use half and half and definitely don't like the powdered stuff. This travels very well. I can even carry some with me to use for creamer at dunkin donuts. It's true that the sell by date isn't more than a few months after I purchase it but that's fine for me. I stopped getting the refrigerated creamer and use only the mini moos. A box of 96 doesn't last a month for me.
287196287196B000JZW798A2N1H2IB9EBSYYromy3351172016000I have reviewed this product before, BUT...I ordered a case of 10 for $[...].00. I love this product- you cannot taste the difference in coffee, or oatmeal. I just spoon Nido in dry into anything with a lot of liquid. I don't know WHY it's so expensive from this seller.

Here is my original review:

This is NOT your Mother's Powdered Milk

I just discovered this product a couple days ago, and I am not the least bit surprised at how well it has been received. I bought it to put in coffee, in case I ran out of fresh milk or soymilk.

I cannot tell the difference! It is enriched with vitamins and minerals, and the children's version is even better enriched with significant amounts of 19 vitamins and minerals, with a little more sugar and less fat.

One caveat- this product is NOT fat-free, as states here. That would be too good to be true!

I keep my Nido in the cupboard right next to the K-cups(coffee)and honey in my cupboard. What could be simpler?
287197287197B000JZW798A79NDNE7HZ9DWBarbara McCal "Grammy"0051173398400Nestle NidoAfter a number of attempts to locate this product locally, I finally found it on your website.

Thank you
287198287198B002PDYN44A3781ZNIHNS26EColin B. Olsen "neslocs"1151264204800great productgreat value for money, easy to order. shipped fast. Found the product a little thick, used some water and worked well. Will buy again.
287199287199B000KA5AHSA16D43B620O6ITGPBurdell1141313193600Goji with CoffeeI bought these for the health benifits, but they did not work so well in tea for me. Instead I put a heaping scoop in with my coffee grounds everymorning and it adds a very subtle fruit flavoring to my coffee. Everyone that tries it loves it.
287200287200B000KA5AHSA11VPKIKL16OILJ. Knepper "snow love"0051345593600Love themThese berries are probably my first favorite dried berry. I eat them straight but they also mix well with other dried berries. They have a subtle sweet/slightly tart taste. I don't know how it is for other people, but after I eat some there is even a slightly salty aftertaste. Not in a bad way though. They don't exactly rehydrate in tea, but do get a little moist and chewy. Overall I think these berries will be a regular purchase for me.
287201287201B000KA5AHSA12NEAMW0X0OGWBen3511317081600"Organic"?I am not convinced this product is organic and will therefore not buy it again. The packaging on this product leaves me wondering how organic "Healthyway Organic Goji Berry" really is. There is no independent verification authority to confirm that this product is really organic. As far as I can tell, it is not certified organic by any authority other than the supplier and distributor A&D. I contacted A&D and they said it is certified organic by the EU. They did not however provide any evidence of this. Leaving me to wonder if this product is really organic or not. The 'Nutrition Facts" on the label have some strange entries like "Quantity of Heat" and "Thick Protein" which I do not understand. They sound like direct translations of Chinese to English. It is a "Product of China" as are most goji berries I have seen. My concern at a time when there is so much bad publicity related to food products coming out of China is that this product may be "organic" in name only and not in fact. I will eat the pound I bought and hope that it is truly organic as A&D claims.
287202287202B000KA5AHSA2UTD2I12C1X9UAgentChin5941219622400Try a diet fad!Goji Berries are supposed to offer all kinds of health benefits. Harvested in the Himalayas made them sound kind of magical to me. I bought 2 bags for a low price and enjoyed a taste of berries, bright red, half the size of a raisin, a little tougher, and mildly salty. Dr. Oz on Oprah was excited about them so I gave them a try.
287203287203B000PXXVCQA3JNWBV1359UFTJ. Filo "Manmade Memories"212231249603200NOT as picturedThe product i recived looked nothing like the picture shown the moss was full of sticks and small waste. Alot of it was already dead or dying beyond help.
287204287204B000PXXVCQA2HPLABBOSZNIWmichelle111121303948800Living Moss - Looks DeadThe moss I received was nothing like the picture. When I received it in fact it looked brown and overly wet.
I tried to revive it, but it's still brown.
287205287205B000PXXVCQA2LX3AH9RD4FIYJD "JD"7741294099200Quality MossI bought this moss to line the base of my dwarf lemon, lime, orange, and banana trees. Started with just one moss order a few weeks ago and its already beginning to spread nicely through the two planters I placed it in.
287206287206B000PXXVCQA37R768O5MLDP7Gregory Filatov "G Oreo"6651312761600Good quality fresh mossMy package looked almost exactly as on the picture. Great quality with no dead moss.
Ok, this will require your attention.
Before you buy this, as well as any type of green moss, you have to make sure it is either kept near by the water or just being sprinkled 3-4 times a day (at least in NYC). It WILL take some time for the moss to get rooted and used to your soil. Too High/Low PH might kill it. While adapting, the moss will partially get brown, it's ok. If you do not water it properly, it will most likely die. So take a good care of it and you'll be all set. And DO NOT USE ANY FERTILIZER, you will kill it.
287207287207B000PXXVCQA2ZJDGVJ45AR5WWill Kalif "StormTheCastle"3341289952000Pretty good mossMine came in a clear plastic dish rather than the dark square one shown. Doesn't really matter. But the moss is in good shape and will do well with bonsai or in a terrarium. Just mist it once or twice a day for good health. Have had it a while now and it is hardy. This company has a great reputation and they ship fast.
287208287208B000PXXVCQA2Z32Z02W7XQIIHeather "The Geek"2231300147200Not as pictured, but it worksThe moss I received was not as pictured. It came in a shallow, round, plastic tray and was not green like shown. It was red and green mix, moreso red. It was also not in a sheet, but in little clumps about an inch in diameter each. It was, however, healthy and viable. I planted many of the little clumps in my bonsai's base dish and I'm watching it carefully, misting daily. I'm keeping the leftover I didn't use in the tray it came in, also misting daily to keep it alive in case what I put with the bonsai doesn't make it. What I've got will work, but I was expecting what I saw in the image.
287209287209B000PXXVCQA1693HTT443OCDMelissa Hunter1151326758400More moss than I know what to do withThis was the second time I ordered a plant from online. I was a bit nervous but when the plant arrive I was more than pleased. The moss was in good condition and the packaging was good. I will definitely order more plants from this seller again.
287210287210B000PXXVCQA3NLYQ9A58BXRODiana L. Dickerson0041343088000Great for Bonsai-scaping.Generous amount of moss for decorating Terrariums and Bonsai dish displays. Nice color, texture and easy to handle. Doesn't dry-crumble like others I've tried.
287211287211B000PXXVCQA14T31R9YAOIITp.chancey0031342828800Nice Moss for BonsaiThis item arrived with great speed. The moss greens up after you add a bit of water and re-seal the bag. I used mine on a couple of my bonsai trees and they look nice. The only thing I am disappointed with is the actual size of the moss. It is larger moss than I have growing on other bonsai trees. Another con is that you don't get very much for your money. I ordered two of the packs and it came ime in one bag (fine), but it was not very much moss for the price.
287212287212B000PXXVCQA9DYENX6P3LZ3Paul0051322956800Amazing price - perfectThis moss is a great deal! I ordered it for a few terrariums that I was building. When the product cam there was more than enough, I had to build more terrariums to fit all the moss! Highly recommended.
287213287213B005WZDNDOA36YIGO75YJZ0Jzomazoma0051347753600hint of blueberryvery nice subtle flavor came packaged well none leaked I thought it would be a stronger flavor but it was nice. The color is not as vivid as it looks in the pictures.
287214287214B000LLIVO0A1BW2ICCN1GQVCC. Arenaz4451215648000Convenience in a packageI love this product but cannot locate in any local store. It is easy to use & you can easily add any "extras" that you like for your stew - I generally spice up the fondue beef before putting in the water.
287215287215B000LLIVO0A2VP9CGRJ1NMTAStephanie L.0051338768000Tastes great and quick to makeThis is an easy stew to make, and it tastes great. I usually add beef, and the family loves it.
287216287216B000LLIVO0A2G5CCDTDJSF09Elizabeth Ann "EAD"0051334188800Wonderful and easy StewThis stew mix is great. It saves so much time adding spices. I add more potatoes (from a can so they don't get too soft and mushy) and some carrots and beef. I cook it and then put dumplings on the top, made from bisquick. It is a hearty meal.
287217287217B000LLIVO0A181EE997W7ZLFTbowen0051330473600ExcellentI absolutely love this stew mix. All I do is add stew beef (uncooked) and water in the crockpot and it tastes like I made it from scratch. I've even added a can of diced tomatoes and a can of tomato sauce for a little different flavor. I could eat it every day!
287218287218B000LLIVO0A1JMN06B9G2F9GC.W.0051319932800Wyler's Stew StarterWyler's Stew Starter Mix is an item that used to be available at our local grocery store. Apparently no more! After much searching, finally found it on Thank God! Excellent product, an essential for the colder months. I'll be buying more after our supply is exhausted. Hats off to for carrying it!!
287219287219B001GVIUSGA140EBPRD09JJ6Edward T. Geha101051270166400ExcellentI'm actually a diabetic; and cereal, because of it's high glucose content, is usually something I stay away from. If I eat cereal for breakfast, even the good cereals like corn flakes or cheerios, I see a sudden spike in blood sugar and usually get tired at around 10 or 11am. These Nature's Path Cereals, this one and the granola, are the only cereals from which I experience absolutely no negative effects. Because of the natural ingredients, pumpkin seeds, flax, etc. this cereal does not immediately turn to sugar for the body to process. Instead, it leaves you feeling full and energized for a long time. They taste incredible too; seriously, I prefer this over regular raisin bran or whatever you'd compare it to. Strongly recommend!
287220287220B001GVIUSGA2DIQF1UT48LBUGena4451272585600GREAT Cereal!!!!This cereal has helped me lose 95 pounds---It is my secret weapon! The taste is wonderful; the fiber keeps me from getting hungry for hours; all the textures and crunch gives great satisfaction. Truely, I don't think I could have lost the weight without it--but I would eat this cereal even if I wasn't concerned about weight. Living in a rural area, I have had to drive 45 minutes (one way) to a grocery store that sells this cereal, but I gladly do it. I just found out it is available on Amazon--yay! No more long car trips for cereal!

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