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287611287611B001E5E35SA3NA5ZQMNTOY7LDan1251201564800Frickin' TastyAbsolutely love the depth of flavor of this product. Great with or with out milk and sugar.
287612287612B0049GSPO4A31QY5TASILE89DebraDownSth1151339891200Macarons with great flavor and freshness!Disappointed with previous orders of Macarons from other US places, I didn't expect these to be much better. I fell in love with macarons when I was in France but had found nowhere to buy locally and ordered products ranged from rock hard/stale to crumbled messes. These arrived safely packaged, fresh and wonderful flavor. I highly recommend this company to anyone seeing quality items.
287613287613B0027YYM7EA2UMIB5JEAIISZDebra0051330560000Delicious!Got this for our Valentines dinner and oooo lala it was great. Heard about it on tv. Used it on garlic bread and just plain chunks and both ways were wonderful!
287614287614B000M9LRUQA1DTIGA7OLCYLDiliamna0051325462400delicious dish~We are really enjoying this dish. You can fluff it a bit with a fork after removing it from the foil package if you want to. The taste is very pleasant and it has a wonderful texture. We serve this along with other MTR and Tasty Bite foil packed Indian foods for a quick and delicious meal. Just make some rice. These packets are also ideal for camping or for emergency meals. At under $3 a package, it is a good price.
287615287615B000YPQE8SA3EFSLEMHNPP6ASenor Zoidbergo3321253145600Where did the raisins go? I wanted a granola bar, not a barley/rice bar.I stumbled across these in the grocery store today, after having purchased the 25% less sugar chocolate chip version. Surely there must be a tasty oatmeal raisin equivalent, my stomach wondered. Sure enough there is! Just 90 calories, 10% less than the chocolate chip version?! Sounds promising I thought. No high fructose corn syrup, 0 g trans fats, sign me up! Upon closer inspection, these granola bars aren't quite as healthy as they're advertised; they still contain corn syrup, though not "high fructose" corn syrup, as well as a bunch of preservatives, oligofructose, polydextrose, and various hydrogenated oils. Minus 1 star.

Taste wise, they're terrible compared to their low fat chocolate chip brethren. There's nary a raisin to be found, and somehow, the oatmeal to barley/rice ratio is very low on these compared to the chocolate chip version. If I wanted a barley/rice bar, I wouldn't have bought a product that said "granola" on the front. Additionally, the bar is very dry; I think the lack of a nice fat (chocolate chips) definitely leaves something to be desired.

Don't buy the 90 calorie oatmeal raisin bars. Buy the lowfat 100 cal chocolate chip ones if you truly must have "lowfat", but I'd recommend just getting the full-fat, tastier regular Quaker bars. It's really only just a 40 calorie difference, and you can teach yourself some better self-discipline.
287616287616B000YPQE8SA1WOMXOEX90ARIAvid Camper "WS"1121248739200Not Much of a Granola Bar...These granola bars were somewhat of a disappointment. They are VERY, VERY small, contain LOADS of various sugars (sugar, molasses, barley malt, corn syrup, corn syrup solids, invert sugar, sorbitol and fructose) and preservatives (TBHQ and BHT), are SPARSE on raisins and contain all sorts of things not usually in granola bars---like oatmeal cookie pieces, crispy rice, rice flour and glycerin. They also contain partially hydrogenated AND hydrogenated oils---both of soybean and cottonseed (ie: trans fat, even though the nutrition facts say 0 Grams trans fat). I expected something a little more nutritious from Quaker Oats. If you don't mind this stuff, they did taste okay (mostly like cinnamon), but were too sweet and not "raisiny". About two medium bites per bar. The price from Amazon was good and Amazon shipped them quickly and in good condition.
287617287617B000YPQE8SA3IKBHODOTYYHMfra7299 "fra7299"1151245974400Great healthy snackThe Oatmeal Raisin bars by Quaker are a tasty treat, but unlike some bars, they aren't too sweet or too bland. They have enough sweentess to make them flavorful, but don't go to extremes. They are relatively low in fat content (90 calories, 15 fat calories) and pretty convenient to have with you if you just want a quick snack, but don't want anything too heavy. They are also appropriate for any time when you get a little craving for something unhealthy (something you might regret), something like potato chips or cookies. For this reason, they are a healthy alternative to "junk" food. I tend to like to eat them for breakfast, but they are also an excellent "in between" meals snack. In stores, it will cost you about three or four dollars for a pack of 10. I've tried a few of the others kinds made by Quaker Oats, but these are my favorites.
287618287618B000YPQE8SAS2UT4FN03GKHR. E. Morris "GA peach 128"0021333584000A Poor Choice for a Granola BarThe first disappointment came when I opened the box and discovered the size of the "bars" which were barely bigger than a Tootsie Roll Snack Size. The oatmeal raisin that I tried was much too sweet and consisted mostly of rice. I saw little evidence of oats and only one single raisin in the whole bar. For a few calories more, I'd go with the Fiber Plus bars which tastes significantly better and whose fiber count fills you up.
287628287628B000633PLCAMQ1MEG334SAPBigmac0011322611200A Big Ripoff!I bought this thing after a recommendation from a pet store rep. My dog hardly touched the stuff, and then I looked at the ingredients: one of the first things on it was corn-a grain known to cause allergies in dogs. As a matter of fact, corn might be the most allergy-prone food amongst dogs. Not to mention, thanks to our friends at Monsanto, it is almost always Genetically modified (GMO) or a franken-food, unless it's organic. Real "premium" dog foods brag that they've no corn.

Right at the top of the list of ingredients is chicken-by-products, another no-no among real "premium" dog foods. This means all the waste that it is usually thrown out from the chicken since it's not real meat. Cheap dog foods put this in their food simply because it's cheap, but it's not real meat. A little further down you will notice BHA, an artificial preservative, which again real "premium" dog foods do not have.

In short, BilJac is a joke. It is basically, insanely overpriced Alpo, with no organic ingredients whatsoever, and uses all the shortcuts, filler, and chemistry that the cheapest dog foods on the market use. Don't be fooled by the old-fashioned appeal of the company's 60 years in business. There is nothing but modern chemistry in the bag, and all the folksy appeal will not make up for cheap, lousy ingredients. For nearly the same price as this overpriced Alpo, one could buy organic dog food, free of preservatives, corn, and cheap by-products!
287619287619B000YPQE8SAPNVU7TFY23SCMagic R0051323216000Quaker Chewy Granola BarsLove these. We wish they were available more often.
Perfect for a quick breakfast and a late night snack.
Ready for our next shipment. Arrived quickly.
287620287620B000YPQE8SAORWNNHM4IDJYJeffrey S. Weatherill "Jeffrey"0051315353600FavesI really like these as a snack or as a great pick me up before I have to go somewhere. They taste great & the raisons make them just sweet enough. I like ordering them through the mail so I know I'm always stocked.
287621287621B001RRM21AA33KIJA09IAFZRPracticalIdealist2251263081600sought-after version of favored productPatak's Tandoori Paste is a condiment that I have used and savored for many years. When it disappeared from local grocery store shelves in recent years, I lamented the loss but fortunately still had a couple of jars in my pantry. Then I located it on Amazon but was appalled to find that this perfectly tastebud-tantalizing, formerly all-natural product now is being adulterated by the addition of red food dye (in which case I will not purchase it). In a further search on Amazon, however, I was extremely relieved to learn that the original, all-natural-recipe product remains in existence as well (perhaps by popular protest of the undesirable and unnecessary additive), so I happily awaited its availability. Although I'm drawn to any food product showcasing the flavors of ginger and garlic, I find this particular product especially appealing due to its inclusion of tamarind, that unique-tasting, lusciously tart tropical fruit that lends an irresistible quality to any recipe in which it is used. I consider Patak's Tandoori Paste (previously labeled Ginger-Garlic Marinade) equally delightful as a marinade when mixed with a bit of plain yoghurt or as a rub straight from the jar (or even as a zingy sandwich spread when sparingly applied to brighten the flavor of chicken or turkey -- or whatever you choose)!
287622287622B001RRM21AA2A7PDGADSV0JLP. Patel "realist"0111303948800Do Not Buy if you have taste budsThis is so tart that the Queen of Hearts would kill herself! Buy Kitchens of India instead. We ended up giving all of the bottles to someone else and told them that it was good. Ha Ha Suckers!
287623287623B0017165CSA1FWJPC1B5PKIIgman0051343952000poor consistancyi bought this from the omaha website and was unable to write a review there so i am writing it here.I have purchased from omaha and amazon many times and this was me second chateaubriand. The first was outstanding just like everything from omaha in the past but this second chateaubriand was not up to par. First the taste was not the same and it was not nearly as tender as the first. I will buy again but i hope for better results. thanks for reading.
287624287624B0017165CSA39HUWB256YNXEKernman "Kernman"0051324857600I'm glad I took the risk...Melts in your mouth.I rarely give 5-star reviews. Just look at my other entries. Buying food on Amazon is risky in my opinion - especially when it is purchased sight unseen. Let me simply say this about the private reserve roast. It was outstanding and the big hit of the Chrsitmas dinner this year. After letting it thaw for three days in the refrigerator and then setting it out on the counter for a couple hours to come up to room temperature, I set about making a simple rub of olive oil, salt, pepper, thyme, rosemary, and minced garlic. I then put it on a hot gas grill and seared it for about 2-3 minutes on each side. It then went into a preheated oven set to 250 degrees for 1 1/2 hours. That brought the internal temperature to about 140 degrees, a perfect medium rare in the middle and medium on the ends. It literally melted in your mouth and could be cut with a fork. My dinner guests said it was literally one of the finest tasting tenderloin roasts they had ever eaten. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase this from Omaha Steaks on Amazon again. It might just become a new Chrsitmas day tradition.
287625287625B000Y46YSYA4MQW8M28GNT5Nick Suszczyk0041335052800Mini-bonesDogs like them. Good reward at conclusion of training. Do not use as an immeadiate reward as their attention will be interrupted until they consume them. Use for all size dogs.
287626287626B000Y46YSYA2ZHMIN244K4Y8I Buy Stuff "I Buy Stuff"0041326326400Great for small to medium size dogsI have two dogs - one is an Aussie Blue Heeler and the other a Corgi/Pug mix. They both love these bones (and one of them is a very picky eater.) I love that they don't make my Corgi/Pug mix barf or choke. They're easily consumed and gentle on their tummies and my mixed breed dog has a super sensitive stomach, (he's unable to eat anything except for dog food or bread without barfing), so these bones are a big plus for us all around. The only reason I didn't give a full five stars is that both the price and the shipping expense are a bit steep for such small bones (literally 2.5" each) and they don't seem to last long for medium size dogs - I usually give our Aussie two at a time.
287627287627B000Y46YSYA1AW9JWXCYUOVSTheodore A. Char "triple T"0051300838400Great for a small of mid-size dog...My local grocery sells rawhides in bulk. Unfortunately not the small ones. And there is nothing more disgusting than a big old dirty rawhide that lays around for weeks waiting for the dog to finish it!

These are perfect size for my 45 pound mutt. A great treat!

Have bought from other sites and paid about double the price.

Only drawback - the bag was torn when I opened the box as a few other reviewers mentioned. Not a big deal - I was going to tear it open anyways!
287629287629B000633PLCA2OOVGD3K19HURliz314550051295222400BilJacMy two Boston terriers love this food. Ruby will not eat any other, Hetty is not as picky but definitely prefers BilJac.
287630287630B000633PLCA1MKZIH6QGFU0YLucy1512 "mjs"0321242000000Not for picky eatersThis could be a good dog food - but if the dog won't eat it, it does not help. They won't eat any other dog food either. I just thought this would be different. NOT!
287631287631B004BCYW7UA1QJ3MLXXBIJ5XElena0041329782400Good.This snack is good to carry around. Good flavor and quality. Same as the ones you can get in stores.
287632287632B002YJCA30A1NAHYPM09NH1NGary R Mitchell5551271116800Really tasty teaI drink a lot of iced tea (unsweetened, you crazy Southerners), but not a lot of hot tea. This stuff is going to be used in my iced though. Had a cup last night and man oh man, this was tasty. It has an excellent fruit flavor going on, but you can still taste the tea (that's my one issue with many flavored teas). It was smooth, and crisp, and felt like the flavors just keep hitting your tongue as it goes down. It's going to take me a bit to discern the different tastes in here, but they work so well together, mostly I'm just enjoying them all. Great stuff, I highly recommend if you like flavored teas.
287633287633B002YJCA30A1IRN1M05TPOVTSharon M. Helfand "Scrapper"4451272499200Green teaIf you like green tea with a hint of fruit, you will like this; great flavor! Lipton tea is one of the best, as far as tea goes. My entire family enjoys this tea.
287634287634B002YJCA30A1Z0Y3N2QNA9FLHorsesticks3351282435200Ice Tea LoverVery nice tasting tea. I have an ice tea maker which I use to make this tea. It is absolutely delicious. Definitely recommend to those who like experimenting with teas. I quit drinking soda and substituted with tea which is better for you.
287635287635B002YJCA30A7EK88GF8N40FNicole S. Urdang2211309564800AwfulLike it's evil twin, the Lipton green tea variety pack, I found this product really tasteless.
Lipton either pulverizes their green tea, which is unlikely; or, they use the powdery bits left over from other tea producers who take the bigger leaves.
It may still have all the anti-oxidant benefits, but it lacks any gustatory interest.

I only bought this because of all the rave reviews.

If you want a great tea try Silver Needle Jasmine by Rishi. It is expensive, but because it's loose it lasts a long time and the flavor is truly celestial.
Other excellent teas come from Numi and Yogi brands.
287636287636B002YJCA30A3S02VZDOW7WDFAmazon Addict1151337558400Great taste for SummerThis is my favorite tea for iced tea. It's has a light and fruity taste that is perfect as a heavy soft drink/soda substitute. I make 3 quarts at a time in my tea maker using 4 tea bags of the green tea and 1 bag of orange pekoe. I find I don't need to add any sweetener to make this an enjoyable beverage.
287637287637B002YJCA30A37S8D7SYZJUQIRued Gestures1151316476800Delicious hot or cold, a Peachy-Mangosteen delightLipton Teas just get better! With Green Tea Superfruit white Mangosteen with Peach, you can enjoy the healthy effects of green tea, married with a luscious peach and mangosteen fruity flavor. I enjoy this tea even without sugar, the mangosteen adds a terrific depth to the peachy bouquet. Hot or iced, this is a tea to enjoy all day long, and just loaded with anti-oxidants. It's easy to be healthy with teas like Lipton Green Tea with Superfruit!
287638287638B002YJCA30A2KP45DO3RY4RGCheeryToes1141304899200I like there!This makes wonderful iced tea - can't speak to it hot. But I brew it (10 bags) for about 4 minutes in a quart of near boiling water and then add enough to make a half a gallon of tea and it's pretty darn good for a nice fruity flavored iced tea. My son makes it 2 bags to 6 or 8 bags of regular tea and really likes it. I'm happy with it and have ordered it a couple of times. I'm not going to give it 5 stars, because I like it a lot, but I don't love it more than any other tea, but some might.
287639287639B002YJCA30A31ANDFYZKRQDXLouise Neubert1151288742400Lipton Green Tea Bags, Superfruit White Mangosteen with Peach, 20-Count, Boxes (Pack of 6)Lipton Green Tea Superfruit White Mangosteen with Peach is one of the most pleasant flavored green teas I have ever tasted. My usual opinion of green tea is that it tastes like "dirty water". Not this one! It is so good I bought a box of 6 boxes!
287640287640B002YJCA30A12MREED5RF4LSLinda1131279756800Aritificial peach smell... brrr...I bought the Red Goji Raspberry, Purple Acai Blueberry and White Mangosteen Peach teas to try out when they first came to the market. Granted, I'm not a big peach fan in general, except for the fresh fruit, as it's difficult to imitate the flavor of juicy ripe peaches; but I just couldn't get past the repugnant artificial peach smell that this tea has. Which is a pity as the taste of this tea is good for a bagged green tea.

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