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289452289452B003VN1K1QA3M5XM4HVDN990Janice M. Sharp0051315267200miracle whip liteNo way to live without it. I mean, seriously, you can't eat a sandwich without this delight. We don't need the extra calories so are especially pleased with both the product and the value. Also, keep the empty plastic jar to use for storing odd and ends. I grew up with Miracle Whip and the product has never disappointed.
289453289453B003T0B4JYA3TGYIP5LGXE85paigers4451294531200TastyThis is my husband's FAVORITE soda. Has a mild fruity flavor similar to Manzanita Sol, tastes like a little bit of heaven. I can't find any stores in my area that sell it but I have had good experiences buying it off Amazon. Just remember when you are buying to pay attention to the shipping weight as some of the distributors use a mass picture of a 12 pack but will actually be selling a 1.5 litre. Shipping weight for a 12 pack should be around 10lbs. Oh and Guarana comes in many flavors, but Guarana Antarctica is usually the most popular/favorite.
289454289454B003T0B4JYA3KPTFKLWBT33ZKelly A. Vinal2251330214400How he Heck is Guarana Antarctica still not mainstream USA?I grew up on this wonderful beverage in the 70's and early 80's while living in Brazil and Uruguay. So good is this stuff, I have managed to order a 12-pack here-and-there (though I am still looking for the elusive glass bottles) in the intervening years. I even had a case smuggled to one of my Iraq deployments a few years ago. Now that AmBev owns it, they have nothing to stop them from taking over the United States, if not Europe. In the meantime and until they come to their senses, I will rely on the speedy, courteous folks at The Latin Products!
289455289455B003T0B4JYA3JALXTRSTA31Lcalnative0051347062400Good stuffI'm not much of a soda fan. In fact, about the only carbonated beverage I'm usually interested in is Fever Tree tonic water with Tanqueray or Cuervo gold. After reading some reviews I thought I'd try this. Glad I did. It is a different tasting soda. I especially like it with a shot of brandy for a refreshing, sophisticated cocktail.
289456289456B003T0B4JYA2ATRX3JFJQG26rightwingish "Larry Evan Beckwith"0151299456000Guarana antarticeOne day Guarana Antarctica will be sold in my state(MI) Until than I will buy as much or any price. It has a taste of Ginger Ale. In short buy, and say good by soda. Yes! Even the legendary Cocoa Cola.
289457289457B002URBYYWA1M1KYT6ZM2V9ZKev3351286496000Delicious Snack!!!Ingredients:
Wheat flour, potato, wheat starch, rice bran oil, palm oil, sugar, onion, salt, garlic, whey powder, non-fat soybean, parsely, and citric acid.

So delicious, light, and happy!!!

I never feel guilty eating this. It has such a simple ingredient list.

Has no trans-fat/cholesterol
Some fiber and protein!! What a great potato chip!!

American potato chips are so unhealthy and artificial compared to this chip!!

Love it <3
289458289458B002URBYYWA2KXJ4CU9YUMNHMark10 "Ryuuchi"0051315180800Familiar taste, different brandI've tasted this kind of chips before and it was the one from Calbee. Although, this is pretty good too. It's more light and less crispy yet the flavor is still overwhelming which makes it good overall.
289459289459B0093NIDFOAYJFP2AJ5Y64LSal G.0051336003200Jelly Belly's are the BestNeeded some bulk quantity jelly beans to fill small jars for baby shower favors. Buying them this way saved a lot of money over buying them by the pound at the local candy store. As stated in another review, the jelly beans just come in an unlined cardboard box. This seemed a bit odd, but there were 2 sheets of wax paper, I guess to prevent dust, etc from getting into the box through the top and bottom. Not much else to say, they're Jelly Belly's at about half the cost of the local guy!
289441289441B000633NXMALS2P41IQRG04silver1411298764800not worth it!dogs played with it for a while,I wanted to order another one when i stumbled on the same bone at raleys for way less than what i paid here. will deff not get this stuff again,I suggest to get a real raw meaty bones,they will cost less,plus they are way better for your dogs,not only for their teeth but they have vitamins in them.
289460289460B0093NIDFOA3TRQU8YII5TO6Golddust "jungle dweller"0031244851200a little surprisedI was shocked to see that the bulk version of these Jelly Belly's are just in a cardboard box, no plastic, no nothing. Doesn't seem overly hygienic. Since I didn't open the box for a few months the Jelly Belly's were getting softer and crystallizing [unbeknownst to me] because we live in a wet climate. Hmmm...just be aware that the packaging should be upgraded
289461289461B005GRBX7GA11I1I9QLMAM1AS. Power0051344643200Delicious and healthier alternative to other fried chips.Since these are fried in oil, they are by no means a health food, especially if you are focused on calories. That said though, they are an excellent snack and a much healthier alternative to potato chips or corn chips.

The main thing that surprised me about these chips is how good they taste. To me, they taste just as good, and are just as fulfilling, as the other salty crunchy snacks that I tend to munch on in the evenings. I enjoy them plain out of the bag, and also find that they are good with salsa or dip.

I wish the price was a little lower on these, but otherwise I think they are great. I highly recommend that you try them.
289462289462B002DH6E4OA20IEXQR82IPEABecky Gage0021340582400Don't go by the ruler--no bigger than any other ears sold by Best Bully SticksI have bought cow ear chews for my dogs several times from different offers on Amazon. Some orders have had large ears, but the next purchase from the same site had "calf" ears or partial ears--but each piece counted as 1 ear. I ordered the Punk Hollow ears because the site showed a ruler beside the ear, indicating that these ears would be bigger. They definitely did cost more, but I was willing to pay more for the bigger ear. But they, like others I had ordered before came from the same dealer, Best Bully Sticks. They are packaged in the same bags, and look like any of the other ears I have ordered before. They are no larger, and most are 4"-5" long. Some are just ear pieces.

My dogs do like these, but don't pay extra just because they are advertized as bigger ears--they aren't. I bought 40 ears for $39.99; right now, I could buy the same ears on Amazon for $22.50, all from Best Bully Sticks.
289463289463B00711SWS8A1IKOG44PHFNYSBrigitte Hoch1151342396800My poodle loves them!For some reason my miniature/toy poodle loves fishy foods (especially sneaking into the cats food), so I was excited to find these fish recipe sticks. Made in USA is a huge must for my dogs treats after the Chinese treat issues, and I was happy to find this company offers that. My poodle is about 8lbs and this lasted her about 1/2-1 hour of chewing. More known brands (those you would find in every grocery store) usually get abandoned by my dog after a couple minutes when she realizes she doesn't care for the taste.

An issue I've had with other products and my dogs are upset tummys if they eat too much. These sticks have caused no issues at all!

I greatly recommend this product for those who care about quality.
289464289464B0017DCPQGA3T6NN7666BOUSCharles0051196380800Why are these so hard to find?If you like sour patch kids, then you should get this product. They are giant sour patch kids. I have seen these in a normal "brick and mortar" store once in my life. Why are they so hard to find? In any case they are cheaper online so I guess it's moot.
289465289465B001H32FUCAQCO3HPCURR69Akihito Araki "rb26dett2"8821261872000Wasn't for me...First of all, the pieces weren't as premium "Toro" part as product picture. What I received instead were less expensive "Akami" part, the part widely used for regular cheap Tuna Sashimi or Sushi in US. One of the piece were older than others judging by the color. I tasted one of the better piece as Sashimi and decided to cook the rest instead of taking them as Sashimi. It just wasn't worth it. My guess would be significant part of the price is for nice packaging and shipping. For those of you who has Whole Foods not too far, just make friends in their seafood section. Not officially but they can prepare sashimi tuna pieces for you better than this. They are still non-pemium "Akami" part but fresher and taste better than this and not to mention less expensive... Nice service for people have no access to decent seafood but this isn't for me...
289466289466B007OXJL8IA30RRV5RCG0P5MS. Pifer "Watch handyman"9951307923200Long time coffee drinkerExcellent medium body coffee - a pleasant distinctive flavor with no bitterness. Nice finish. Would highly recommend to those that don't care for an expresso yet find the lighter roasts lacking in flavor.
289467289467B007OXJL8IA3BN5A0ZBMKTYBEllen Louise Parnell7751307404800ExcellentGreen Mountain Columbian K-Cup coffee tastes wonderfully smooth. Has the body of columbian coffees but not the strong after taste. It is truly a pleasure to drink and is my first choice for my K-Cup coffee maker.
289468289468B007OXJL8IA237CMX15SM433Laura Taylor7741303776000Nice and not too strongThis is my favorite non-flavored brand of K-cup that I've tried. It's not too strong and not too weak - just the perfect medium roast blend.
289469289469B007OXJL8IARXTY69IEUMSCCorduroy3351325462400Tasty Coffee!I have been sampling a lot of different K-cup coffees lately and this one is my favorite! It's smooth and yummy and not at all bitter. I recommend this and will purchase it many many times again!
289470289470B007OXJL8IADLU70CUK1QOERaffeer3351325376000Great coffeeJust strong enough without the bitter taste. Makes a great morning coffee.
I just wish Amazon shipped it out monthly in one of their 50 unit packages.
289442289442B000633NXMA12I5VI55N7H1BZ. Greenwood2711268697600Not GoodThis bone made my dog very sick. She is a Greater Swiss Mountain dog and although she enjoyed the bone it gave her terrible diarrhea. Make sure you monitor you dog if you buy this. I will not be buying again.
289443289443B001AC87WKA1ZRJ2GRRAIIA8Dorothy L. Stahly "teacher learner needler"3351233360000Good vinaigretteSince we ran across this salad dressing some time ago it has become one of our favorites. It is slightly tangy, slightly sweet. Not easy to find in grocery stores, this offering on Amazon is available at a good price.
289444289444B001AC87WKA14NMQPLPU2ZXZajn1151283212800Hit with Kids!!If you have children who hate vegetables, try using this dressing. They will eat
their vegetables, and I dare say, will ask for more. The tangy, sweet, creamy taste
of this particular brand of Vidalia Onion Vinegarette salad dressing is the best I've eaten.
289445289445B001AC87WKA36GPUBRC4QULPB. Wood1151263081600THIS IS JUST WONDERFUL!My husband and I love this dressing! Tried it today on mesquite chicken sandwich and it was wonderful. Can't wait to try it on other recipes and salad. Would highly recommend.
289446289446B001AC87WKA3GP7M3JH4UY41Anne0051345420800Really Like ItI like this salad dressing very much. I gave a few bottles away and one person said it was kind of sweet. But I find it just right. I don't like sour dressing and this fits the bill.
289447289447B001AC87WKA31SRPHQR1II94akamai shpr0051325894400Delicious!i was given this vinegarette as a gift. i loved its taste and shopped in my neighborhood for more however was unsuccessful in locating it. finally went online and ordered the pack of 6, intending to give a few away as gifts. i'm already down to three and thinking of saving the rest for myself.
289448289448B001AC87WKA1ZVVWLAJZSG2Wfrawg7240051317254400Delicious Salad Dressing and/or Dip!This is, unquestionably, the best vinegarette dressing I have ever tasted. I have found multiple uses for it, including as a (warm) sauce for baked or sauteed chicken, and as a dip for vegetable crudites. I used it so much that I'm going to have to reorder before my next delivery is scheduled!
289449289449B001AC87WKABL5JNC3HNXSYreader8230051303171200Addicted to this dressing!Someone included this in a dinner brought to us after my daughter was born. I loved it so much I found it online and ordered 2 cases. It reminds me of the oriental dressing at Applebees, so I make my salad with Grilled Chicken, cabbage, romaine, slivered almonds and crunchy lo mein noodles. It is soo good! I have gone through 4 bottles so about 3 weeks. I am going to try it as a veggie dip, or even a slaw...
289450289450B001AC87WKA2J57N4AUO6NV8Paulina "PD"0051303084800Delicious!I stumbled upon this somewhere and fell in love. The price on Amazon is actaually really good because at Jewel it's 4 times the price. I found that Sams Club had a huge quart sized container of it for the same price of the little bottle at Jewel. Regardless, if you like onions you'll love this. I use it as a sauce on grilled chicken and it tastes amazing. Never tried it on salad but I'm sure it would taste great as well. Highly recommend.
289451289451B001AC87WKA5C28567IV8GLKaren M. Kutney0051301270400Favorite dressingThis is my favorite salad dressing. I really like the sweetness of the vidalia onions. I used to get it at Sam's Club but since I no longer have a membership there, I had to order it online. I have never been disappointed with Amazon.

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