Amazon Fine Food Reviews

289531289531B001EO5WNGADKFPJM3PG65VRoberta J. Goldberg0031193875200Great product--if fresh!Unique product--great taste. Having originally discovered this product at a specialty store during a Passover products promotion, I was thrilled to find it on Amazon. A great alternative on meats, especially chicken, as well as something different as a veggie sauce or dip, the 6-pack offer with free shipping made it a real bargain. Although the first two jars were fine, when I opened the double-sealed jar three, I found it was quite rancid! As Manischewitz does not provide expiration dates nor "best if used by" dates, the customer has no way of knowing just how old the product actually is. So my vote is split--great "if fresh".
289532289532B000UZVQDAA28HVL8ZZJEH21KenP "ken-p"0041305763200tasty butI can't really say this is a premium product. As good or better than the better grocery store product? Yes.
289533289533B000UZVQDAA1ISFI6GPRRDHZR. L. Shagon0051302048000Great ValueI received this recently, only cooked with it a few times but I'm very pleased. It's pleasingly sweet, makes a good dressing. I sprinkled it on chicken pieces several times while it was baking. Delicious. I'm looking forward to recipes that call for a balsamic reduction. I would buy again but that's way down the road. This is a big container.
289534289534B002KB3ZZ4ABSJQS5X3NNPJJohn1151277510400Buy from themProduct came as advertised, undamaged and nothing unexpected. I was thoroughly impressed. No issues here.
289535289535B002KB3ZZ4AKH4BTY3E72VJT. H. Johnson0011333065600Now shipped from Bayside candyI ordered these toffee nuts from the superior nut company often. I didn't even pay attention to the fact that it now says "shipped from Bayside Candy" when I ordered them this time around, and honestly I wouldn't have cared. That is until my order arrived today! These nuts are very dark, almost burnt looking, barely covered toffee (The toffee looks dark and burnt anyway), and they taste GROSS!!! You can't taste any butter Toffee...or better yet it taste like someone over cooked it and burnt the batch!

The nuts that you see in the picture are no more!

Why on earth did this company think it was a good idea to switch those light colored delicious large BUTTER TOFFEE nuts you see in the picture with these tiny BURNT looking and tasting, barely covered in dark burnt toffee peanut PIECES is beyond me. I so want my money back!
289536289536B002KB3ZZ4A4DXE5ZVH1RBWJ. Adamo0041325289600Good, but ....Still looking for a good toffee peanut. These are very large peanuts, and have a nice flavor. You won't be sorry you bought them. But, the toffee flavor is not quite right for my taste.
289537289537B000S15BZ0A19KE7LD9WPEJBVic0051349654400Excellent almond flourThis is one of the best raw almond flour products I have found. Definitely worth trying! You can even add to cooked recipes like gluten-free breads and cookies. Just make sure to keep the percentage of almond flour low as compared to sorghum, amaranth, millet, etc. Or add to fresh apples in blender with water, vanilla and cinnamon. Then dehydrate until cookie-like. No sweetener needed, but raw agave or maple syrup can be added.
289538289538B000S15BZ0AQHQD5RNJOISDavid E. Kluttz0051347494400Almond MealGreat price and first class product. We use in backing instead of grain flours. It adds a really nice flavor to fish by lightly "breading" when combined with herbs prior to baking. Also a nice flavor combination when used in the same way with pork chops or chicken for baking or frying.
289539289539B000UZVQDKA8CK1FN6JLX16Jocelyn Patterson0051312502400Great Dried MushroomsThey are wonderful and will last a long time, great for all kinds of cooking, especially soups. A great deal at this price. will buy again.....
289540289540B000SW1DOCA2WSL6HS4B6WHNT. Jurgensen0051264204800Goya capersThank God for the internet and Amazon. My wife is Puerto Rican and flavors her cooking with homemade sofrito. Several ingredients in our area are available on a hit and miss basis. Goya capers are particularly hard to come by or suffer from inflated markups at small area ethnic stores. Ordering a case of these is well worth the money to assure my wife can prepare her seasonings.
289541289541B004E5KGTWA49HDU3KQHM2DJohn Plummer1151334188800MMMmmmmmmm!These cilantro cubes are excellent.. You cannot always have fresh cilantro available and these give you that flavor to spice up soups, stews, for that southwestern flavor. Thay also add to Indian and Asian foods. The convenience of these cubes is amazing.But, fresh cilantro is always the best.
289542289542B004E5KGTWA3EHWRQR607Z8JDaphne A. Williams1151316822400Knorr Flavorings - CilantroAfter much searching in my Metro-DC area with no luck, I was delighted to find this flavoring item which has become a regular in my spice cabinet. It arrived in no time, and will sustain me for quite a while.
289543289543B004E5KGTWA38A0YXKM3P98ZFlaquita "Escucho mucho"0051327795200fabulous flavor, outrageous priceThis is a great flavor to add to your food. However, the price here is OUTRAGEOUS. Look in Mexican markets (sometimes Walmart) and buy this same box for $1.89. No fooling.
289544289544B004E5KGTWA2UWRKZGKOQQOUK. O'Donnell2531299024000How harmful is MSG?Half of a cilantro cube adds a lot of flavor to food--in fact, if I add it to veggies, my 4 year old eats twice as much as she will without it. However, the second main ingredient is MSG! I don't know whether eating more vegetables outweighs this or not. I've heard some horrible things about MSG.
289545289545B001T8W7W6A1KR01CFPM4Y7HBear0051331769600What more is there to say?Chunky Bars are amazing, the only thing better than a Chunky Bar is MORE Chunky Bars. If you like Chunky Bars, you will definitely like have more of them.
289546289546B001T8W7W6ABXNBMUWNDGRIMLB0051325030400Nestle ChunkyThis is one of my favorite childhood candy bars. Cant find them in Dallas, TX so i got them from amazon, they came in very quickly and they were great. Love this bar, a must buy
289547289547B000Q7DETGA1MPSW47GDC42QPatty Mcgee "Shoeshopalina"3351186185600Chocolate and MarshmellowThe service was great. They sent the item right away and even gave a little sample. The chocolate marshmeelows were great as well.
289548289548B000Q7DETGA1THXGCMO5AUB2Bruce I. Kliman0211270598400DON'T PURCHASE IN WARM WEATHERI received a birthday gift of these chocolates and was eager to dive in. Unfortunately they were a gloppy mess having melted during the shipping process by US MAIL. I don't know if they are good or not. What a disappointment. Shouldn't perishables be shipped another way? I won't order these chocolates again till maybe November.
289549289549B004I5MU2OA2HWY3Y16453OAS. Anderson "Educated Mommy"2221319760000A treat for the allergy stricken! Hit or miss quality & poor customer serviceWe have a very strict diet (no:gluten/wheat, dairy/casein, egg, soy, chocolate among many others). This is by far the best "Allergy free" chewy granola bar out there, especially for the cost (you can get them at target for less than 3 dollars! They don't have a ton of flavor, but most of the things we eat don't so we're ok with that. I'd try a box of them before buying bulk, but as allergy sufferers this is quite a treat for us! :)

So, we have ordered these in bulk several times from amazon. Everything has always been great till this last shipment. at nearly 4.00 a box, I expect amazing quality, but unfortunately the first box we opened they were all hard as rocks. we contacted annies to get some help. They were worthless, and the woman we spoke to was like a robot. Worst customer service I have had in a LONG time. Needless to say, they weren't willing to do practically anything, and we are no longer purchasing their products. VERY disappointed, and will definitely be telling others about the experience. Though we loved these, but at 4.00 a box for 7 bars, and poor customer service on top of it, we're done!
289550289550B004I5MU2OA20HUPBEJVBM32Naina1151340582400The perfect peanut flavor - a huge improvement from other barsThe are absolutely delicious, I love every one of their flavors including this one. I ordered directly from annie's site after finding out Kashi uses gmo soy in their granola bars.

My criteria for granola needs to be 6 g sugar or less per bar, non-gmo and wholesome ingredients, and affordable. Annie's was the only one on the market to deliver all three (and I really scoured the internet and health food stores comparing many, many brands - which either had too much sugar, were not gmo free, or were healthy but ridiculously expensive). I am thrilled that they taste so good too, beside meeting my needs.

They remind me of one of my favorite dense, chewy and divine peanut butter cookies I used to get at Quizno's 5+ years ago. SO much better than other granola bars that are peanut flavored. These can't be beat. The boxes I received were chewy, fresh, and have a real dense quality about them.

Perfect for a snack - I often have it with fruit and cheese - I have never found any brand granola bar on it's own to suffice anyhow. In comparison kashi's were larger, drier and felt somewhat like eating flavored cardboard at times in comparison to these. FYI the reviews that state these are small - yes they are skinny, but they are dense, and only 20 calories less than most other brands, which is not much. This is my first time ordering from amazon subscribe and save so we'll see if the quality is consistent - hope so!

*** Update:

I am sorry to say that there is indeed a quality control issue with these. I will be making my next purchase directly from annie's (like I did my first time), which I hate to do because I prefer the subscribe and save program. The bars are noticeably less fresh, and some bars aren't even complete! I wonder, does this company pinch pennies a little too much, or have quality control problems? I hate to think they send their '2nd rate' boxes over to amazon. Really too bad.
289551289551B004I5MU2OA3R33CN16HAFK4L. A. Farnen "Book Lover"1131317945600ok taste, but healthyThis does not have a great taste, but I eat them on the run for their health benefits over other junk.
289552289552B004I5MU2OA1KNZ5VM3UYU6RYoot0031347408000Very staleLike almost every other food product I've purchased through Amazon, these are extremely stale. They are also very small for granola bars, which might be what you want if you're buying them for kids. I would prefer more peanut taste, but I like that they aren't sickeningly sweet like most other granola bars. I might try these again if I can find them in a grocery store (so they would be fresh).
289553289553B004I5MU2OA1DP79AJM2MBTFEmka B. "Emka"0041346025600Good!Because I buy Annie's Peanutty bars for my little one, I like the fact that they are organic, have good protein and less sugar than Nature's Path sweet and salty peanut bars (5g vs 10g), which are my favorites. I must agree however with the reviewer below who stated that they could be hard. Recently I have been buying them at a local grocery store and they were soft enough, but the first time I bought them they were pretty hard making it almost impossible for my little one to bite off a piece. I can imagine being frustrated if I bought more than one box. I still recommend them, as my little one loves them and they are the healthier option among the other bars offered.
289554289554B00011EXP6A2DBJTJEBIYME4Mark Twain0051135036800These are awesome!I just got some at my local Japanese food store... Not the first time I've had them, but they are great every time. Worth a try, but probably not for everyone. They are very spicy.
289555289555B0046HLWZUAGP53B5YVF9Z8S. Preston0011324771200More like "Flavorlacking"I bought this from Whole Foods along with the Irish Cream flavor and neither of them had much flavor at all. They both tasted like very watered down sugar water and took a quarter of the bottle in a single cup of coffee to taste it and even then it was faint. While I appreciate that it is organic, the flavor just isn't there. I will definitely be trying something different.
289556289556B001EQ5GDKA3LDGM4Q5BG71ODeeps0051347840000Deolicious coffee!Fell in love with Maui coffee in Maui. Can't beat this price for a piece of heaven from the islands.. Will buy again and again!
289557289557B001EQ5GDKAWYG5TF6MZLQ0Ricardo0041342483200Good Coffee!I having been drinking this particular Maui brand of Maui Coffee for years.. I always opt for the whole bean product and generally purchase the coffee thru a Hawaiian distributor but elected the Amazon purchase to take advantage of " free shipping".. Though obviously not up to the excellence that is afforded if drinking in the islands, it is still a very tasty blend and far superior to most coffee available on the the Eastcoast....
289558289558B001EQ5GDKAJ3V1B4Z5964HcoffeeKJ0051331337600Excellent coffee.I was in Maui and had the chance to try the coffee there. Have been ordering it since coming home. The coffee is fresh, smooth and well balanced. Not over-roasted. Fresh. Good reminder of the islands. YUMMY!
289559289559B001EQ5GDKA3SNXY5FK856UFS. Towner0051287964800Very good coffeeWe first got this exact coffee in Hawaii and found it very enjoyable. The coffee is fresh when it arrives and very nice.
289560289560B001EQ5GDKA2E7P52B783HTIMarina the picky shopper0041273536000Good alternative to Kona, rich flavorThis is a great alternative to Kona coffees that are usually much more expensive. The flavor is smooth and rich but not bitter.

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