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289711289711B005G2FC50ANPOCZ2ND122Lalb401814551318896000Love itI've been trying to like coconut water because it's so good for you, but I didn't love the taste. I just tried CocoLibre though, and I am now happily a coconut water drinker. It tastes good-especially cold. I like the small containers and that it's easy to reseal so I can bring it with me. Much better than the cardboard ones that have the little tab that you rip off. Love this.... super refreshing and hydrating.
289712289712B005G2FC50AUPU6ING6E3X8Sharon4551318809600What an amazing find !!Your Coco Libre Coconut Water is definitely a keeper in my household. The family loved it. The fact that there are so many sports drinks out there it gets a bit overwhelming as to what we are actually consuming in our body. After reading what it has to offer you could not help but try it, then love it. I am also a caregiver for my 92 year old mother. I have a trying time sometimes having her consume enough fluids so I offered her with a 11 ounce bottle of coco libre "she loved it" and drank two in one day. Thank you for this wonderful healthy product and
giving my mom water with benefits.
289713289713B005G2FC50AI8ZLLFJUQDHnancy4541317772800Coco Libre organic coconut waterThis product was really tasty. I am not a big fan of coconut water but I found this very freshing. I put it in my blender with ice and made a type of slushy for my kids and they drank it up.
289714289714B005G2FC50A1426699I1VFCGCassia L.1111343779200don't want natural flavors in organic coconut water!I just bought this product... I drink a lot of coconut water... The last thing I want is a coconut water from concentrate with "natural flavors" added... I would have contacted the company directly but could not find the contact info. I know natural flavors give the flavor of fresh ... to something that isn't fresh... It's odd that they go out of their way to have it labeled organic since it has been altered... Not what people who buy organic are looking for... This company should change this product because consumers are waking up and want real quality now
289715289715B005G2FC50AVO69KPX9GJ8Ihappymama1131318723200Strong flavor, low in sugarI have tried several brands of coconut water out there and I like the fact that this brand is lower in sugar than some of the others yet this brand does have a stronger flavor and it is made from concentrate.
289716289716B005G2FC50A3JV069PLEL5L3Harrumph!3441318809600Very refreshing, good flavorI've enjoyed a few bottles of Coco Libre and would definitely recommend it! I like the taste very much and the fact it is organic. It says it's made from concentrate which I'm not sure about but, again, the taste seems very crisp and fresh and better than other brands I've tried.
289717289717B005G2FC50A22RGEI19Z9AEVSusan Byers5721327536000It reseals that is the best thing I can say
289718289718B005G2FC50AISNTL6PR68HLjames T Hess5751317081600Highest Quality Hands DownOrganic Coco libre is the highest quality coconut water I ever tried. The quality of this product is evident in the taste and very noticeable rejuvenating properties.
This is a valuable asset to have for after workout recovery, keeping a sharp mental edge, and over all healthful thirst quenching beverage. I plan on keeping it stocked.
Those artificial, processed "health/recovery drinks" are no were close to Coco libres natural quality.
289719289719B005G2FC50A1FIOBU4XSMO56Sheila Wetherbee "CpdJustice"121811317340800MisleadingPersonally, I think the good reviews are from someone vested in this company. I have several complaints:

1. It is FROM CONCENTRATE - not in natural form... and it tastes like it.
2. It is in plastic bottles and it TAKES LIKE THE PLASTIC.
3. More of a saltier taste than all other brands I have tasted... and I drink coconut water every day.
4. The only one worse than this one is the Zico brand - also from concentrate.

Don't buy it.
289720289720B005G2FC50A36EU5GXSL5YBRbrowser6951317859200the best tasting coconut water!I just tried your Coco libre coconut water and I must say that it was the best of the best.
I have tasted it most of the others and this one was really tasty, refreshing.
May be because its Organic, icing on the cake.
My family and I enjoied it very much, I even take it to the gym classes now; thank you for carrying it:)

289721289721B005G2FC50A2IYDSKUB1MVUUDan Oettinger "otto"6951312588800Best tasting pure coconut water out there, so happy to see it on amazonAs an avid buyer of organic food, i was surprised to see this new item in produce at Whole Foods when i was traveling on business in California. It was by far the smoothest and freshest coconut water i have ever tasted. I went back to the same store the next day and it was sold out, so I actually traveled to the next closest whole foods just to buy another couple bottles. As an avid runner i have tried almost every coconut water out there post workout to aid in my recovery, and with this one i actually felt a serious difference. Unfortunately it doesnt appear that it is available on the east coast yet, so I will definitely purchase this when it becomes available on amazon.

Thank you for finally coming out with a 100% organic coconut water!!!
289722289722B005G2FC50A192LR2CFB0DKIGina B4651317513600Best Coconut Water I've Ever HadI do not enjoy coconut water, that is until I tried coco libre. It is refreshing and delicious and definitely the best coconut water on the shelves. If you want a healthy, great tasting beverage to buy, this is the one!
289723289723B005G2FC50A3C6QVB4VQL6ILClaudia Cooper2351319155200A taste of paradise!Wow! Smooth and full of flavor are what come to mind when I drink Coco Libre. I feel good knowing it's packed with nutrients, fat/cholesterol free and only 60 calories. It's a wonderful post-workout drink and especially refreshing over ice! I like the smaller bottles - easier to carry in my gym bag. :)
289724289724B005G2FC50A3TQXG23DS08CFStacy2351319068800awesome coconut water!This coconut water is really great! I drank a cold bottle after working out - and it tasted amazing!

Will definitely be keeping some on hand from now on. Love that you can drink some, re-seal it, and put it back in the refrigerator
289725289725B005G2FC50A20WEGZGLW6U9Fyakoanders2351318809600Love this organic coconut waterThe first time I tried coconut water was in Brazil. I drank the water straight from an actual coconut with a straw. That was pretty much the ultimate, but Coco Libre is the next best thing. It is the only organic coconut water that I have found and it tastes delish. I love coconut water because of the potassium and the fact that it is a naturally low calorie, extremely thirst quenching alternative to neon colored, artificially flavored Gatorade and Vitamin Water. Perfect during bikram yoga, or hiking, or the gym.

Also, I love the fact that it is in a resealable bottle as opposed to the tetra pack with a peel off top. It fits in my car holder without spilling.

Highly recommend!
289726289726B005G2FC50A1ZY60SCARIGQ4quasivertigo0011348444800RUN RUN RUN from this productman, i didn't do my usual review digging before buying this icky stuff, and i seriously regret it. read the rest of the low reviews and see what i mean. foul tasting mess from a concentrate that actually tastes like plastic and something akin to fertilizer at the some time. even ice cold i couldn't drink more than a few sips. it is salty, leading me to believe the "natural" flavor is nothing more than msg. there is certainly not a flavor that is refreshing or even clean tasting. i was seriously disappointed, i am tired of looking for the best for my money and my health and taste buds. this is no where near the best.
289727289727B005G2FC50A1K0K4XS4BY4Y4greshamgirl0041347840000Very nice coconut water, not overly sweet but very refreshing.Unless you live next door to a Whole Foods, it's pretty difficult to find coconut water, much less organic coconut water. To this end I would highly recommend getting it from Amazon since having Prime, it has really saved me a bundle. As far as the actual product goes, I much prefer the taste of CoCo Libre to other brands. I've even heard that it contains more potassium than regular coconut waters.
289728289728B005G2FC50A1VOY657FONKA7Susan Piasecki0051344124800Coco libre coconut waterNever have anything bad to say about the coconut water that we have delivered on a regularly.
I don' t have a bad thing to say except everyone should give this water a try
289729289729B005G2FC50A1CRT2UI0YIOQNKrista0021341014400Gave Me Tummy TroubleFor a couple of months my stomach had a "tight" feeling - like I couldn't relax it. I realized it started feeling that way around the same time I started drinking CoCo libre every day. I stopped drinking it and right away my stomach "relaxed" and it's been fine ever since.
289730289730B005G2FC50AP951UZB1WZEAjac.lyn0011340755200Smells like plasticIf I could give this zero stars, I would. I don't often leave many reviews, but this was pretty awful so I had to say something so others could avoid this awful "organic" coconut water. On first opening it, all I could smell was plastic and metal. I'm assuming both smells come from the bottle it's in. The taste was not any better. It tasted like plastic water flavored with coconut. Never again. If you can find harmless harvest or taste of nirvana, try those.
289731289731B005G2FC50ACJUO90NBU3GMkj0051337817600LOVE!This is the best product, I wish there were a way to change my subscription to more than one case at a time (and maybe get a little discount for doing so).
289732289732B005G2FC50A1J2JXJLPXQOPSStarbird0041328659200sweeter than i expectedi like organic, however, i am looking into what the product's "natural flavors" are listed in the ingredients as that will make a difference in whether or not i continue to purchase the product. i've tried many natural coconut waters and this one does taste sweet to me.
289733289733B005G2FC50A230BYEWRKZVZOV. H. McIntosh "Chocolover"0051327795200One of the best!!!One of the best. Better than Zico. After trying Vita Coco, Zico, O. N. E. and a few others, I would rate this one number one.
289734289734B005G2FC50A301R4J9O5TL29A.J.0051326758400Loved It!Well this is my first time trying coconut water and I love it! I bought it as a replacement for sweet tea and sodas and I am pleased. To me even though this is water it has a "creamy" texture as you drink it. The bottles are nice sized but this water is kinda expensive but being healthy cost. But I will definitely buy this productt again!
289735289735B005G2FC50A3PXSEDPRE8UYFStella Avera3551319068800CoCo LibreThis is the best tasting coconut water that i have ever tasted
The Coconut flavor is right on its very smooth. my 1st sip i
knew i was hooked it's also great to use as a base for healthy
smoothies. I used 1 bottle in the blender with crushed ice and pineapple
juice and it was a amazing smoothie. I love it comes in plastic bottles
so you can pack them and go.
289736289736B005G2FC50A3P7G735QI1ZFCputzy321251323475200Yummy!So I generally hate coconut water and have been trying all the brands and even the flavored ones. A friend recommended this one and she was right! is awesome and has the best taste. Fresh and refreshing.
289737289737B005G2FC50A27B6TVC8SO9D9ladydee1251320364800best taste and flavorI am very pleased with the taste and flavor of CoCo libre organic coconut water. I have tried other brands but CoCo is the best. Amazon offer the best price for a case of coconut water and I plan to order more.
289738289738B005G2FC50A3KZIQ00Q3SNH7Angie W1241319328000Convenient and refreshingI like the smaller size of these packages so that I can take it with me when I go somewhere (nice that it's a twist top bottle). I don't care for the taste of this as much when it's not cold though. If you like the taste of unflavored coconut water you will probably like this - generally I prefer something with a little bit of other fruit flavor in with it, but this has a nice flavor to it. Good for after working out or being outdoors though to replenish electrolytes and potassium.
289739289739B005G2FC50A31W705DMELWJPE. Moore2441319932800Great tasting coconut waterCoco Libre is a great tasting coconut water. I had tried another brand before and it tasted terrible. I was surprised at how tasty Coco Libre was. It is great served cold or over ice. It has an almost creaminess to it with no aftertaste. I also like the convenient size and the resealable bottle!

Keep up the good work! Would love to see this with fruit flavor combinations like mango or pineapple! Yum!
289740289740B005G2FC50A3KW28SO31S1NCStefanie0151330128000Best I've had, plus organic and fair tradeThis is the best coconut water I've ever had other than fresh out of the coconut in Brazil. I like it better than Zico and other brands I've tried. To top it off, it's organic and fair trade at a comparable price. I'm a convert.

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