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290209290209B000IZ0OC6A2C51YSTE80BMHgrandma0011296864000Not GoodI purchased this product because I am diabetic and am always looking for new sugar free items to try. I just wanted to let everyone know that I do not like your product at all. I hate it that I spent that much money for something that I just had to throw in the trash. I have bought General Foods International swiss mocha and love it. Guess I'll have to go back to drinking it.
290210290210B000IZ0OC6A37LMIHZY0BV2POdette Lichtman0051280707200Caffe D'Vita CappuccinoLove it! Love it! Love it!
Have been drinking this for years as I hate coffee!
290211290211B000IZ0OC6A3N4DKNVIOU1G9Judy A. Bush0051275004800Great stuffI haven't been able to find the sugar free stuff in the store. So glad Amazon carries it. It is definately on my subscribe and save list. Makes your coffee so much better. Thanks
290212290212B000IZ0OC6A2U09Q7KHDRHQ2J. Demers0051266451200The best ever!My husband and I have been using the Caffe D'Vita products for 17 years straight. We are so pleased with the taste and quality of this product. There is no comparison. It is our "treat" at the end of the day, and you don't have to worry about the caffeine, since it is virtually caffeine-free. He uses the regular mocha flavor, and I use the sugar-free, which helps to save calories for me. We will continue to enjoy our nightly cappuccino, and would highly recommend it to anyone who likes a warm drink that tastes amazing, and is easy to use.
290213290213B000IZ0OC6A19SDJ2TSSL8HIK. McGee0051259798400Guilt Free PleasureI've tried lots of different cappuccino mixes and by far and away this is my favorite! I like that it's sugar free and has no trans fats so I can enjoy it without feeling like I'm going to have to slog through extra long workouts or that I'm hopelessly clogging my arteries.

I have a fairly large mug and I make it using two mounded teaspoons of Cafe D'vita Sugar Free Mocha, 2 scant tablespoons of fat free coffee creamer and about 1/4 teaspoon of instant coffee. Very satisfying. I drink it almost every day and don't have to feel guilty if I have more than one cup in a day.
290214290214B000IZ0OC6AEAHYZHSRRY4IAnne M. Mahoney0051252800000Mocha CappuccinoI accidentely was able to try this product some years back and have found that I drink it more than any other beverage. Thank you for carrying it and alowing me to puchase it.
290215290215B000IZ0OC6A206TRGGO2ZAJ3Comet0011252368000Just plain tastes bad(09/08/09) I really enjoy the regular sugar-type Caffe D'Vita, but I wanted to try the sugar-free version to reduce calories. It looks extra creamy in the cup, but my girlfriend and I were both very disappointed with the flavor. She wouldn't even finish her first cup. I got mine down, but didn't enjoy it. It just tastes bad--almost bitter. I wasted the money to buy a whole 6-pack of cans, and now I'm going to take it to work to put in the break room; maybe others will find it tolerable if it's free.

(Update: 10/26/09) I did take the 5 1/2 cans to work and put them in two break rooms. There are several dozen employees using these break rooms and in about five weeks time there are still over three full cans left! It appears that many people are not interested in trying it, and if they do, they never have it again. I sympathize. I have since gone back to the regular mocha version with sugar and continue to enjoy it.
290216290216B000IZ0OC6A3GPEZXCO3PUTISharon Belko "bmrgal"0051250985600Yummy!This is an awesome product - mainly because I'm trying to limit my sugar intake and yet still enjoy my coffee "sweetened" like I like it.

The chocolate flavor is superb and knowing I can have my one cup a day of yummy coffee guilt-free is such an added bonus. The fact that it's instant is just another plus!

I've given it to friends who like unusual coffees and they all rave about it too!
290217290217B000IZ0OC6A1H91YZJVH0JMHS. Goldfield "low carb guy"0051238716800Caffe D'Vita Sugar Free Mocha CappuccinoI've been using this product for a long time. It tastes almost as good as the sugar version, and it's ideal for someone on a low carb diet.
290218290218B000IZ0OC6A1AX3DKKC2ETIO4boysmom "Shelly"0051233705600Indulge without being indulgentI fell in love with this product when it was sold at my local COSTCO, now I can't live without it. It is a wonderful indulgence added to my coffee in the morning!
290219290219B000IZ0OC6AMBBWPX32ROS3Lori "Lori"0051229040000Delicious!This is my favorite sugar free mocha instant coffee. It makes a great dessert. I admit to using a bit more product than the instructions recommend. Amazon's price is better than our local grocery store.
290220290220B000IZ0OC6A3IVBDICDFX8C9ABG0051214611200Love this product---hot or iced!I have been buying this item at my local grocery store.
However, I saved more money buying it in larger quantity through
The mocha flavor is my favorite in both the sugar and sugar-free products.
I enjoy a hot cup of this coffee in the morning with breakfast and then an iced version as a mid-day or as an after dinner treat.
290191290191B000IZ0OC6A2LH14QP9ZKF3GMarj S. Whitney9951199491200This is a great drink for diabetics!I have been drinking this wonderful stuff for a few years now. Until recently have been able to purchase it at our local AFB Commissary, but they have stopped carrying it. Decided to check and there it was! Sugar-free, decaffeinated and delicious! And what's more, it's on Prime so it comes with free shipping. I like the Mocha flavor the best although the French Vanilla is acceptable. The Mocha is like a great cup of hot chocolate, with a hint of coffee and so creamy smooth. I can have this any time of the day! Only 60 calories per cup! That's 'way under the 100-calorie snack that's popular now. I highly recommend it. And thanks to, I can get it for just about the same price as the Commissary!
290192290192B000IZ0OC6A3V4N2MC1ZDH4XHenry A. Rider "Al"4441320364800Good producthigh price
290193290193B000IZ0OC6A26K02QMP4RDNIC. Hoffman4451254873600Low Calorie, Rich Tasting, and Chocolate!Caffe D'Vita Sugar Free Mocha Cappuccino was an unexpected satisfying surprise the first sip I had. My mom who is a diabetic asked to see if I could find this product for her online. She lives in another state and the store that carried Caffe D'Vita Sugar Free stopped ordering it. She made some for me when I was home visiting and I could not believe how wonderful it tasted. And it is also caffeine free! A serving has only 35 calories. It comes in a variety of flavors as well. What started as 1 person drinking the Mocha has spread to many of her friends and my friends as we introduce a warm cup of Chocolate Mocha to them. It can also be served and prepared cold or iced with a blender. Great product all the way around. Enjoy!
290194290194B000IZ0OC6A2JBM41KQ9I07XComputerjoy1151343952000Incredible!This is...hands down...THE best decaf cappuccino out there. I'm hooked and so are my friends. You can buy something similar in the stores, but not for this price. Great for Christmas gifts. Love it!
290195290195B000IZ0OC6AIX2OXWK44I2IL. Spevack1151316304000Great for frozen mochasMy wife loves this. Here is our recipe:
In a blender we add
1 Cup skim milk
1 Cup Ice
3 rounded teaspoons Cafe D'Vita SF Mocha mix
1 oz cofee liquor

Great stuff. Much better than what we find in the supermarket.
290196290196B000IZ0OC6A1TWRKK35443Z4Shadow1121315094400No tasteI usually drink the regular Caffe D"Vita but I am on a low carb diet with no sugar so I thought I would try the sugar free. I couldn't find it in the stores so I bought a six pack can through the internet. It has absolutly no taste. Now I am stuck with six cans of sugar free Caffe D" Vita and don't know what to do with them. I would not buy this product again.
290197290197B000IZ0OC6A2AYDT1O1K8MG2W. Sanders1151300579200I like itI like the taste of Caffe D'Vita. It has a hint of bitterness which gives it some spunk but not so much as to be bitter. My wife doesn't like it but prefers her coffee from a non-instant brewer.
290198290198B000IZ0OC6A7UGKKVF6PH21Kirk Perry "Plumber and VT"0051340496000I.V. DripA (5) case free-shipping customer for years, my method for mixing this concoction is: More is better.
I add no less than (3) heaping teaspoons to either 8 or 12 oz. hot water, it doesn't matter.
You want chocolate goodness, don't you? Sure you do. We all do.
Buy it by the bulk or an amazon. free-ship program, but USE (3) TEASPOONS per mug or you won't get the chocolate blast you've been anticipating.
Well, I gotta go now. I took a poster's advise and called my local Smart & Final and 24 oz. are on sale for $9. and I think I hear my mother calling me.....
290199290199B000IZ0OC6A1NA9ZVVJG5JCUPattie Fietz0051340323200My Favorite TreatThis is a great tasting low calorie, low sugar and low cost treat. A "serving" is 35 calories--I double that--still only 70 calories. I add water and ice and blend--yum! I can (and do) have one of these every day for 2 weeks for what I would pay for one "designer" drink at a coffee shop. OK, I'll admit it, I'm addicted! (Hehe--my mouth thinks I am indulging myself--only my brain knows I'm being sensible!)
290200290200B000IZ0OC6A1GKTITCTPHAHHDave0051331424000Cafe D'VitaI actually use this product as part of my diet plan! Instead of snacking between meals I drink a cup of Cafe D'Vitta a hour or so before my meal. It curbs my appetite and my cravings for sweets. It's sugar-free and caffeine free too!
290201290201B000IZ0OC6A2S9O4Q74332SQLaura E. Levine0021319932800DisappointingDisappointing. Bland, with a bitter, burnt aftertaste. I was looking for something to replace the ridiculously-priced Maxwell House sugar-free suisse mocha international coffee but this ain't it-- too bad.

Laura L, El Cerrito, CA
290202290202B000IZ0OC6A22B3F3XON1H4NDena Jones "DigginDee"0021319414400bitter coffeeThis coffee is so bitter. I have used 6 packets of sweetener and it is still bitter. It so smells good but the taste is what really counts.
290203290203B000IZ0OC6A9TKZ23EMM41DKristin E. Scott0051318982400Yummy and sugar-free too!I love this Mocha Cappuccino mix and I have tried them all! I mix it with a scoop of Biogenesis chocolate protein powder for a delicious and healthy Frappacino. As good as Starbucks! Satisfies my craving for the real thing and is every bit as yummy. Will continue to buy it often from Amazon. I have not been able to find this product in stores. Glad that Amazon carries it as a Prime item too. Thanks again Amazon!
290204290204B000IZ0OC6AIXFOMUNOHOSGE. Acker0051315526400Mix it with cofeemate and instant coffee and sugar free vanilla syrupLove this stuff; I recently went on a no sugar no flour diet, and I stopped caffeine; so this is perfect. I use a medium mug, and I add about 1.5 tbsp. sugar free mocha, then two tablespoons cofeemate regular powder, then about a 1/2 tsp. Tasters Choice house decaf and then about 1 tsp. of the brand Target carries of sugar free vanilla syrup. Other brands are too strong or not vanilla flavored enough. Anyway, try this combo - especially for those of you who are not using your cans anymore, this will perk it up to a delicous tasting mocha.
Trust me!
290205290205B000IZ0OC6A2DFN63VR4T7LXJ. Brown0051310601600Cafe D'Vita SF Mocha Cappuccino. I love it!What a great sugar free treat. Also tastes great with no sugar added vanilla ice cream.
The price here is much lower than I have found elsewhere. I put it on autoship. I'm hooked.
290206290206B000IZ0OC6A1AYE2ST5LLVSBGardenia0051306713600Great Stuff!I have used this product for years but this is the first time I have purchased the sugar free. I make "frappuccinos' by adding ice, sugar free chocolate syrup, and put all in the blender. Since I am not a coffee drinker, I usually throw in some French vanilla mix as well. Great taste, no calories, and it is very reasonably priced.
290207290207B000IZ0OC6A2HEWF4FNWJVBZPete Loftin0051298678400Great drink!I was introduced to this product by a friend from CA and found it to be something I have enjoyed for some time. It is easy to prepare, and on cold evenings, a joy to share. I highly recommend to anyone who prefers good taste and - one of the best points-- it is healthy if you don't need the sugar!
290208290208B000IZ0OC6A12DVQC81WH1J4Steven Darien0011297728000disappointingThis product does very little to make a nice cup of coffee. It adds almost no taste. Compares poorly to similar products

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