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290371290371B0053EZ6J8A2QWFQZRB8YH7JCOH1151320883200Numi assortment in time for the holidaysLast year for Christmas I sent Numi tea in the wooden box to friends and family and I love that there is a new packaging option this year. Numi is a brand that I am always proud to bring to the table after dinner. Not only is it fair trade and organic, but Numi is a socially responsible company, giving back to the community both around the world and in Oakland. But most of all, it is excellent tea. When I had surgery last year the only thing that tasted good was Numi's Moroccan Mint Tea. It is my comfort "food," especially good for a queasy stomach (or one too full of holiday goodies). I also discovered after dozing off that it still tasted good at room temperature, and even better on ice! I love the idea of giving a gift that also "gives back." Buy it for yourself or as a gift...Numi is expensive tea but worth it. This gift box is at a super price point and you get free shipping with Amazon Prime!
290372290372B0053EZ6J8A2VQAW06GH9BQLSunnyDee1141320192000Good Assortment PackFor the holidays I've been searching for a small gift that's pretty substantial, and I LOVE tea, especially the Numi brand they have yummy flavors. They're the reason I got back on my Earl Grey kick. I wish it had more tea flavors but it's still a good deal. I have plans to repurpose the box as an earring holder :) yay for crafts!
290373290373B0053EZ6J8AOGVNE1G2I7Y6rrztinc1251320796800Oakland to New YorkWe brought this as a thank-you for our friends who hosted us in their Manhattan penthouse. Since Numi is an Oakland product, it was the ideal item to give to a NY couple who have everything. They loved the packaging as well as the variety of teas.
290374290374B0008DIBNWAM3ATWOTQJZDVC. Melvin-Carolus "Pat"6651212364800Edible PearlsI was real impressed with the pearls, They look like real ones,I would definitely recommend them to any body that needs pearls for a cake, etc.
Shipment was fast also.
290375290375B0008DIBNWA2QYQLUAJEGZCDCathyb1111341964800Not happy with item.I was very disappointed in edible white pearls. The pearls had no sheen to them, very matte
color. The only good thing I can say is that the item came to my home very quickly. I will not be using these pearls on my daughter's wedding cake.
290376290376B0008DIBNWA3IKGDC95PXFVDH. Wills00313467168008MM Edible PearlsOverall, I was satisfied with this product. I ordered this for my daughter's birthday cake. They are a nice size, and they were shipped quickly and with no packaging or shipping issues. My only disapointment is, they have no shimmer to them. They are very matte and not very pretty. Very plastic looking.
290377290377B000N55YQWAYQQOW0VR0YF5Hazel Watson "bqmother"1151280016000Best price for dill seedI found it at Amazon when I couldn't find it in grocery stores - oddly, now I'm seeing it everywhere! (Everyone had dill weed, which is not at all the same!) It's a good, high quality product, but the jar may be more than most people would use in a year or so. If you use a lot of celery seed, it's still the best price around, and I would certainly recommend it.
290378290378B000N55YQWA2BO1A3SVVI6W2KLK "Karen"0051349913600Lovely!Good size product and as described. Very fragrant compared to store purchased dill seeds. Used when pickling cucumbers and am excited to have enough for many more batches to come.
290387290387B000S85AVIA1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"2251173052800Golden Chai Must Be Experienced!*****

Numi Tea's Golden Chai Spiced Assam Black Tea is a premium Numi tea, both certified organic and kosher. The ingredients are fair trade certified organic Assam black tea, organic cinnamon, organic Chinese ginger, organic green cardamom, and organic Turkish anise. There is nothing artificial in this or in any Numi tea.

On the box, the manufacturer writes: "Throughout India, chai stalls are a meeting place for provocative tea and conversation. From its homeland in China, chai has journeyed as chai, thé, and tea, recreating itself in every land. Numi's golden brewed, organic Chai fuses rich cultures in a complex and hearty Assam black tea. Indian cinnamon and mild green cardamom evoke a warm balance with the vitality of Chinese ginger. The peaked, sweet aroma of Turkish anise exhilarates memories. Reminisce in aged tradition with an inspiring cup of Golden Chai."

Although this is a "chai", note that it contains no sweeteners...I prefer this, and the anise gives a certain type of mild sweetness, but commercial chais often have sugar added, so be prepared for a wonderful no-calorie indulgence that is beautifully flavored but not "sweet" in the same way that sugar is. Golden Chai is also caffeinated; if you want a caffeine-free chai, try Numi Tea's Ruby Chai Spiced Rooibos Herbal Teasan instead.

If you like Numi teas, get it---you won't be sorry. If you are new to Numi but love chai, this will probably be the best you've ever had.

290379290379B000N55YQWA2IDWQQVJ1UEJVL. Bielss0051347667200Will definitely reorder!I do a lot of canning--dill pickles and pickled okra-and was repeatedly buying the little containers of dill seed at the grocery store. What a waste of money and time! I bought two of these large ones and couldn't believe the quality was just as good as the expensive ones. Definitely exceeded my expectations. I have plenty more to use next year hen it's time to can pickles and okra again. I would recommend this to anyone. Shipping was right on time, too.
290388290388B000S85AVIA38GMYLPA6OS9VChara1151192924800The Best Tea I've ever had!!!!!I have to say that this is the Best Tea I've ever had. Full of flavor and smooth. Try it once and I'm sure you will be back for more.
290380290380B000N55YQWA7AJMRUNZRS7ADinah0051343001600Super Fresh High QualityVery reasonable price for an awesome product. Super Fresh and aromatic, high quality item. Super fast shipping....will purchase again. It's deli dill pickle time :) this product is worth of my organically grown pickling cukes..
290381290381B000N55YQWA3Q7C0V12LS2WFL. Muir "Kubda"0051317254400GREATGOOD VALUE!

Did you know that, if you don't have fresh dill, you can substitute this in canning Dill Pickles? I have done it for years!

Linda Muir
290389290389B000S85AVIA3JE7V2CRQWCXSdnorth660051321574400Great TeaTrying not to drink too much cappuccino, I tried Tazo chai and loved it. Bought another brand of chai and it had a strong anise(licorice) taste, which I don't like. Saw a review that Numi was better than Tazo, so had to try. Bought this Golden chai and their Rooibos chai. Both are great, not a strong anise flavor in the Golden Chai. It is not presweetened so I add stevia. Haven't decided if I like Numi better or Tazo better but both definitely better than other chai's I have tried.
290382290382B000N55YQWA15ZZ9ALRCONATpam0051308096000Satisfied PicklerI was very pleased with my order. It arrived in prompt manner and was fresh and perfect for all my pickling needs. I would recommend this company highly. Also, will be ordering more products from them.
290390290390B000S85AVIA2AZNW544LZT4OLillyk0041315008000Numi TeaIt arrived on time and I knew I would love this flavor because it's one of my favorites!The tea boxes were a little damaged,but that wasn't a big deal.
290383290383B000RH9JTYA1JDEPHQW5CNFFRichard G. Johnston1151220745600Great ProductFast delivery and a wonderful product. Thank you for the great service. Very very sorry that it took me so long to "review".
290384290384B000RH9JTYA1DL99KLRNVYBVJohn Dudley0041327881600Dad loved them!My father loves white chocolate. So I instantly knew that this product would be perfect for his tastes. When I saw the size of the package versus the cost I must admit I was a little disappointed. You could easily get more product of comparable quality at other places.

Overall the product was good but I can not really justify the price.
290385290385B000JM73Z4AZPBQA8HJUGLCL. Aplan "Dolphin Girl"2351315699200The BESTI love this coffee!!! At least once a year I buy it for myself on my birthday(9/11). This was roasted right before shipping and had the date on the bag of 8/31. I expected it to arrive a day or two before or even just after my birthday but it got here a WEEK before and I have been enjoying it ever since and may need to splurge again for more.
290386290386B000JM73Z4A1LLMQ43EGEO8USeaWye0441295568000Called the bestThis was bought as a gift I don,t drink coffee, but the reciever says its the best coffee in the world.
290391290391B0004MXX6WAADNKUO2ZQFMNot satisfied1111345075200Falsely NamedSo when you go to order this product and you think it actually might taste like a reeses, think again.
This is normal Peanut butter. its nothing special. I would not recommend this to anyone!
I am not satisfied at all with this so called "product"!
I really think whoever had bought this before should get their money bac, what a crock!
I wouldnt have even rated this item, but they make you put at least 1 star
290392290392B0004MXX6WA3VJITU57BT79LAndrew Moore3411335312000It's just standard peanut butter with massive markupOh boy! It's Reese's Peanut Butter... in a jar!? Well golly gee willikers - sign me up!

Pretty much the only people buying this item are people who like Reese's and believe deep down that a naked Reese's cup is a happy Reese's cup. Why go and sully such delicious peanut butter by covering it in milk, dark, and white chocolates? Enter this product, which had such huge potential to make me so very fat and happy. Alas, for it has gone and made me of a sadder type of person. When I opened the box, I wasted no time in unscrewing the lid and peeling off the safety film, and in I dove with a spoon fit for a king. Unfortunately that spoon had the gall not to warn me it wasn't true Reese's peanut butter, but standard peanut butter, and in it went.

I frantically turned to the ingredients looking for that one special ingredient that would have made it all right... There's Roasted Peanuts, Sugar, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Salt, Peanut Oil, Monoglycerides, Molasses, Cornstarch, and ... um ... nothing else. -sigh- My taste buds were right; That one ingredient that I was looking for wasn't there: Magic.

As peanut butter goes, it's average creamy peanut butter. Good on toast with grape preserves, on crackers with honey, and on thighs. That's about it. For its' averageness I will give it 1 stars where I would otherwise give it 0. But oh... how there was such wasted potential in that jar.
290393290393B0004MXX6WA3IJ9XHZ2GKCZ0Robin V.2311337040000Re-packaged JiffyThis is perfetly identical to Jiffy peanutbutter. We did a blind taste-test and we couldn't tell the diffrence. We even drank black coffee in-between (it acts as a reset for your senses).
290394290394B0004MXX6WA2YUQN2B9GHSBYMarlene James5851141862400The BEST Peanut ButterReese's Peanut Butter is by far the BEST Peanut Butter I've ever tasted!
290395290395B0004MXX6WA2EHQ5BGGQ4C7Fsummers done "cowboycoffee"0151215216000The bestThis is great peanut butter. The same as used in the candy. I have found it locally. I will buy more and more.
290396290396B004777F3MA3JDAHAQHP4ITMDogRescue "Di"0051308009600This tea was yummy.Will purchase again! It was less expensive online but could probably find in stores everywhere now. Amazon has great deals. Just gotta look.
290397290397B004777F3MA5PC6KU9TQFRYGeorge Carte "Knik Wind"0041307750400Very nice green teaThis is a very nice, full flavored green tea. Also very convient in the K-Cup packaging. I have tasted some lose leaf premium green tea that is a little better, but much more expensive and not in K-Cup style.
290398290398B004777F3MA34P62SQB2DRGXStarlette B. Gwaltney0051307577600Tea Tottler!I am not a coffee drinker, so tea is my thing. With the Keurig machine, it makes it all the more easier to get a cup of tea.
290399290399B004777F3MA2AIGDKK3BQDJWAF Pilot0031307059200Tasty, but didn't delete my need for a Starbucks run.These k-cups taste good and are great for a quick Chai fix. They're also a good coffee alternative, but they not good enough to replace my Starbucks stop for a Chai latte or an Apple Chai.
290400290400B004777F3MAU8VKKC2H0LSLSanLee0051306195200Excellent FlavorThis Chai Tea has excellent flavor and I have enjoyed many Chai Teas. This one for Keurig is by far one of the best I have enjoyed over the years. Thanks.

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