Amazon Fine Food Reviews

290551290551B000JZA1VOA1LCMGZTP35TADA. Lopez122931262908800wow...people are actually buying this? ^_^dorks. You could go to any local Sam's Club or Costco and buy the box for around $12.
290552290552B000JZA1VOAC3VNU8MMAPPZDave Telford "kvrdave"41621237507200Just get it from a vending machineSure it is great candy, but list price of over $1 per bar and actual price of about $.75 per bar? Just get one when you want one. Or just buy it anywhere else. I love Amazon, but I can't imagine they sell much of this.
290553290553B000JZA1VOA33J5ZWZOW5TEYKendra Bangs113351178236800straight from zeusThis fun pack is a veritable taste sensation. I thought perhaps I was dreaming when I opened up the snickers and smelled the sweet aroma of nuts and chocolate -- nothing beats biting into that succulent chocolate bar! At least that's what I thought, until I unveiled the crispy crunchy twix bar. To do this is a true revelation, as the cookie and the caramel mingling sinfully with the chocolate is like dying and going to heaven. The fact that you can top off this delightful combo by unsheathing a Mars bar or the ever decadent 3 Musketeers -- well, it's truly a miracle indeed.
290554290554B000JZA1VOA1DO38KDQVTY34E. Rodriguez "Customer Service"23951255046400Yesssssss!My cat likes IMES. . . . and kitty litter. This is a good deal.
290555290555B001BM4ROQA154EMDRYPT5WDJ. Kim00513236480002yr old lovesMy 2 yr old loves this snack. He calls it his Cookie Monster snack. It actually tastes pretty good that we eat it too. A nice vanilla flavored cookie. Convenient that it's portioned just right in each individual bag. Will order more soon!
290556290556B000FK8VT2AF6IH9BTQR8FBglutenfreemom1151174176000Makes wonderful lasagnaI make this lasagna as a main course for company who are not used to gluten free food and no one has ever been able to tell the difference.
290557290557B000FK8VT2A282IG634BGUS6Lisa O'Leary0051257033600These noodles are great...couldn't tell them from regular pasta!We very much enjoyed these lasagne noodles. They handled and tasted just like regular pasta.
290558290558B002OY0QDQAAS7Z9B2NVPM9KR1151330041600Tummy trouble gone with this foodI commented on the other person's review, but thought I would say that I'm happy with this dog food. My dog had stomach issues with science diet, and with this one, they went away. I really think that it's more about what YOUR particular dog does well with and not necessarily that one food is better than the other (as long as you purchase at the petstore and don't go for something like ol' roy at the grocery store). In other words, your dog might happen to do better on science diet, you just have to do some trial and error.

Also, I was surprised to discover that this food is *way* cheaper at the petstore than on amazon. Normally it's the other way around!
290559290559B002OY0QDQA11RCRY5Q88JYCMandee0041349136000Pro Plan Adult Large BreedThis food has done wonders for my husband's older Pointer mix. He had diarrhea and was very shaky while on his old food, but soon after starting this food his problems went away. He loves the taste and he doesn't have to eat a ton to be at a healthy weight. I thought the price on Amazon was reasonable. I used to work at a pet retail store and it was more expensive there. I have found it cheaper at Farm and Fleet, for those of you who live in the midwest area, and that is where I will be buying it from now on.
290560290560B002OY0QDQA3D1S4V0CZNUT9C. Conway0611324598400This food is poison, gives my dog bloody diarrheaAfter taking recommendations from Petco employees and a few show breeders, I decided to spend the money and feed my dog this food. She is a 75lbs. APBT, and for the first 2 years of her life had bloody diarrhea. I took her to the vet many times, and they couldn't diagnose the problem. He had me switch to rice and chicken for a week, and that didn't help the problem (damaged intestines take longer than a week to heal). So back to Pro Plan I went. Finally after 2 years, I smartened up and switched her to quality grain-free dog food. Within 2 weeks, her intestines healed up and she had firm stools with no blood in them. I was AMAZED after dealing with bloody diarrhea for the past 2 years. Purina dog food is poison, as are all Purina products and all other brands of mainstream dog food. Makes one wonder about the low quality synthetic ingredients found in so much "FDA-approved" human food that seems to frequently cause similar digestive problems for me...
290561290561B001PE8BRYA3LM8B1UJRCNO9Donna J. Casey "Nightingale"2241320883200Box open when receivedThe box of tea bags had been opened for use at the dispenser opening when I rec'd it. It had come directly from Amazon. I called the mfgs of the tea and they replaced it immediately.
290562290562B001PE8BRYA3RNRXOM5J2C93Jeffrey E. Cornett1141326672000TeaI purchased this tea for my wife as she had read favorable reviews on its helping people with anxiety. She says it is good, just a bit expensive.
290563290563B001PE8BRYA2WANK4P10DPZ1omafour1111326153600lemon verbena teathere is no taste, like you are drinking hot water, even after letting it steep. perhaps it has been sitting on someone's shelf too long before shipping. will not purchase this flavor or from this amazon provider
290564290564B007EWKJQCA19O8HXD97ZJ8BRick Kemp0011333584000disappointedI purchased the Egg-Streme Soccer: Easter Gift Basket for Boys - Ages 6 to 9 Years Old
for my nephew for easter. I was very disappointed when it arrived in a very tiny box. It looks nothing like the picture and has very few items in it. I have to go out and buy a bigger basket and add more things to it so I don't look like a cheap skate. I won't buy from this company again.
290565290565B000LRIIG0A2883DDIIY8TQS. Hornet0041334448000Not bad (updated review)I still find it strange that the so-called "thyme honey" is not aromatic. I have never tried Greek honey before and I found it rather strange. Meanwhile I tried other kinds of Greek Honey and I begin to understand that it is different from other kinds of honey... It is thicker and even though not so aromatic it still tastes good, therefore I upgraded my rating. Not bad at all... just different.
290566290566B001EO6BAYA1D0SQR73N1FKYTop Chef "top chef"1151211500800What a find!!Tsp Spices is a hidden gem! they make cooking so much fun and are such an unique product. Each tin has 12 teaspoon sized packets of spices so you only open the amount of spice that you need. The rest stay fresh and flavorful! Not only are they great spices, but they are organic and beautifully packaged. I can't say enough good things about Tsp!!!!
290567290567B002HQB88IA26THKH26EUS0EWendy J. Gimpel3351326844800best gluten free flour ever!I love this flour. I use it for everything. I Replace it for regular flour cup for cup in all recipes.
you will not be dissapointed!
290568290568B000WFIXWKA1EY1T5BPT35M3Marjorie A. Cameron2251283385600This product is for small dogs ONLY.A fabulous blend of chicken and turkey meats, broth, vitamins, herring for beautiful hair. Absolutely NO GRAIN product. This is as close to raw feeding you will get without doing it yourself and that doesn't work for one or two little ones. Your little furbabies will love it.

On a delicate subject, it reduces the amount of stool passed by your dog as most of the food is absorbed by the body and not just passed on through. Don't forget that nice cold bowl of FRESH water.

Most probably can be found locally for $10 less. ;- )

DO NOT FEED TO LARGE DOGS -- LABS, GOLDENS, DANES, ETC. Their needs are different.
290569290569B007XH6QN8AP25GUUG2UOUAethon4411337558400Too expensiveEach container has only three packets with each packet making two quarts. Compare the price versus other vendors and their drink mixes and you will see this is not worth the price.
290570290570B000P3J828A1P8A8VECVS0VSDaniel Zerber0051277942400HOT HOT HOTVery good very hot did i say very hot great for making chili a drop is all you need have all your heat but still enjoy the flavor caution read warning label and use as directed
290571290571B003ZXHCAUA3DS2GUCF4DOONChill Will0041338508800Marukome green onionMiso soup is one of those aquired tastes I'm trying to aquire. Though more usually ends up in the toilet than in my stomach, this stuff wasn't too bad. I finished the whole bowl. Maybe I added too much water because there wasn't any extreme salty taste. It would be a good soup for the miso-phobe to try.
290572290572B000EX5KLWAAEX27WQ2M8AXLaney0051333238400wonderfuli love this tea for dieting its the best i will always purchase this tea for me and my family
290573290573B0017JFYE0A1LIHBT84R4DZ7Barbara A. Suhadolnik1141257984000Easy Chicken KievEasy to prepare. Just take the Chicken Kiev out of the box an bake for 35 to 45 minutes to serve a tasty meal.
290574290574B003RURS00A2U3IPUK482U55D. Sharp0041341792000Delicious coffee, but expensiveGreat tasting coffee. I would have rated it a 5 if it were less expensive. I use a burr grinder and a simple drip machine.
290575290575B000YTCCAIA33PNAQ33DGBJGMichelle Polk2241215734400Cheez it...A great snack for the kids to take to lunch or for break time. I love them myself. They have a lot of flavor and are not dry and brittle tasting.
290576290576B000YTCCAIA3QSUXSBDY9ZXNiPod Lover0041254182400Cheez-it White CheddarI purchased these as snacks for the family. They could also be purchased for Halloween treats or to sell at school/athletic events to raise money.
The only thing I thought could be better is the box. They come 60 to a carton/no internal packaging and the box/carton is not of the highest quality. They taste great.
290577290577B000YTCCAIA32U9FBU6IN5RFRon Hackman0051253664000Good SnackingWhite cheddar cheez-it are one of my favorite snacks. The individual packages are nice since I am the only one in my family who eats them and they stay fresh that way. These arrived well packaged and fresh tasting.
290578290578B000YTCCAIA3PD8JD9L4WEIIBron "Bron"0041253404800Decent.I bought these here on sale (a case of 60) and they were good. They arrived as just 60 separate pkgs. loose in a huge box and kind of beaten up looking, but the crackers were whole, fresh, and fine never-the-less. Great as a snack for kids lunches or with soups. They have enough flavor to hold up in soups and with other dishes.
290579290579B001SBCWEWAQFOCOYSH8ND8Jennifer M. Lynn "Jenn"3351290902400The BEST whole grain pasta availableWe tried this because Cook's Illustrated rated it the best whole-grain pasta, explaining the production process as preserving the whole grain structure and nutrition while still attaining a non-mushy pasta. And we agree. True, its flavor is too robust for a delicate white-wine sauce, but it is wonderful with any tomato sauce, etc. Our family eats this often.
290580290580B001SBCWEWA1QTE49P9886ZIS. McNeilly "StephMomOfThree"1151330905600Best Whole Wheat Pasta!I purchased this pasta in bulk since our family went through the individual packages so quickly after my last two purchases. I realized I could get this 11 pound bag for much cheaper than I was paying for the six bags. Now this pasta is finally lasting us longer than a month. MUCH better on our grocery budget! :-)

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