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291597291597B005YUB0D2A2Z7DJZNA0KXYCRonald W. Reynolds1251339804800Crown Prince Sardines, in Tomato PasteI've eaten Crown Prince Sardines in Tomato Paste for at lease 20 yrs.
I have tried other brands to no avail.
The product was delivered well boxed and on time.

291598291598B001AV7F74AGWAA2G57TQ1Ubamabob2241256428800I like this brand of coffeeI've never been disappointed with the Cafe Excellence brand of coffee. The Full City Decaf has that good coffee aroma with a taste to match. I've given it a 4 star rating instead of a 5 because it doesn't live up to the taste and aroma of Cafe Excellence House Blend decaf, the best decaf I've ever had.
291599291599B003TL3XVKA1E7ITOOBG7NHHR. Newman0051347667200Love the unfrosted ones!! ... but can rarely find them in stores.Thank you Amazon for making these unfrosted Poptarts available! The only unfrosted flavor I ever find in our local grocery stores is strawberry. Poptarts are fairly sweet, but a nice guilty pleasure. Frosting them makes them so unhealthy that even a hedonist eater like me has to say no.
291600291600B0017141NSAVCA516CFZ9HFS. Fowler2251335139200worth itI've been buying ribeye steaks at a nation-wide store which will remain nameless. A steak is a steak, right?

Hubby was dying to try Omaha steaks, so I bought him a box as a present.

I cooked up two steaks - both ribeyes, one Omaha and the other from the store. I cooked them both with steak dust, for the same time and the same temperature.

The Omaha steak was like butter. The difference was so obvious. I can't believe that both steaks came from the same species.

This is now a once-a-week dinner in our house. It's not cheap, but it's still less than going out. Add to the steak the Omaha stuffed potatoes and a nice salad and you've got a dinner that's every bit as nice as the average restaurant.

Yeah. They're worth it.
291571291571B0050MDVYUAUSJUSL0U51HVedward hein2251347408000dangerously hotMy friends all love my chili, no beans spiced with 3 kinds of dried chilis,fresh ground cumin etc. Usually I leave most of the seeds but this time I was meticulous about picking them out. For spice I added 2 of these (in a tea ball) When the chili was done I removed the tea ball and mashed the peppers with 2 oz. of finished chili. Iwould not let anybody use more than 1/4 teaspoon per bowl to spice it up. Most of these guys are heat freaks but no one asked for more hot and three went and added more chili to calm it down. I was proud,
291572291572B0050MDVYUA3D3QBCYTML4W1Carl in Arizona1141322179200Not as hot as describedI made several pots of chilli with these peppers. While they were not as hot as other reviewers have described, they did add a depth of flavor that was unexpected.
291573291573B0050MDVYUA2812DH808A8Z9Psycosis0041350432000Holy shit!These peppers are the hottest thing I have ever eaten! I live hot stuff and they were too much for me to handle!
291574291574B0050MDVYUA30AWOCSPXGUASCoolwillow0051349740800The ghost chilliI just received the peppers today in the mail, and I must say, they're hot! Three of my friends including myself split one in thirds to try it, and that was already hot. We plan on eating a full one each in a few days.

One thing with these being dried, is that they're not really flavourful, but they really pack a punch and I have plenty to go through. The shipping did take one day short from the maximum they said, but it was definitely worth waiting.

Great product! Shall be buying from them again.
291575291575B0050MDVYUA1Y0HX12MCT6ORAnalzon0041348358400Not as good as the 18 gram batchThese are good, and if you like ghost chili's then don't get me wrong you have a good batch here. However this batch screams quantity > quality, because smelling the peppers as a whole smelt like cardboard in some parts. And a few peppers I ate tasted like that (still had the spice though), so it feels like with this batch someone takes all the bhut jolokia peppers they harvest, ignoring the strange smelling ones. So while it's a good batch overall and most of the peppers are good, the 18 gram is all perfect quality peppers, all of them ripe and not giving off the musty cardboard smell. So if you want quantity this is perfect, but if you want quality buy a couple of the 18 grams.
291576291576B0050MDVYUA1577UW4WNFPI1TYWatt0051345593600Good tasting peppersI just had to test out the Ghost Peppers after hearing all about these things. They're not that spicy and do pack a punch, but I am used to eating very spicy foods. These peppers will mainly be used for topping off my pizza and other foods. I ground most of it up, and the peppers will be used to spice up dishes. These are a lot hotter than Thai chillies, however I love the flavor from the ghost chillies. I saved a few in the original package since since it came in a Ziploc type package. Thanks for the fast shipping and I'll be buying more!
291577291577B0050MDVYUA1MHX42J3WB3RDsgod13690051342656000great hotgreat speed on delivery. Got exactly what i had ordered and was very happy with everything about this transaction. Can't wait to c my friends faces as they try these peppers. heheheheh
291578291578B0050MDVYUA1ZVVT3S6UYIHguitarplayer0041338249600HOT!!!!!Do not eat this by itself cook it into something these are extremely hot peppers but i must say it is very good cooked in food it has a very unique flavor
291579291579B0050MDVYUA1UUW2ZNPV52D3Chesster0051335312000Amazing peppers and service.I absolutely adore these peppers. This is my first time ordering Bhut Jolokias, and I must state that the flavor and heat are perfect. The peppers have a rather citrus like flavor with ample capsaicin to spice up any dish. However, I must warn that these peppers would be excessively spicy to the average person. Please use and handle them responsibly.

I received my shipment very quickly with absolutely no problems. I will gladly order from this seller again in the future.
291580291580B0050MDVYUA3J3MONAZ8J6XCSchultzLD0051330819200The good heat!I was surprised at the quality and quantity of the chilies. I used them all on one batch of Salsa I make from scratch and let me tell you, it is frickin hot! But I love it. I use it as a cooking ingredient now. 1 spoon full for a pot of chilly for a good heat. 3 spoons and you will have plenty chilly left over... lol BTW the price is unmatched. I will never again buy my chilies from a local specialty store (the only place local I can find them). I am already ordering my second batch. I will be a returning customer time and time again.
291581291581B0050MDVYUA2RT10V43ZQL6LLouis Clark0051325808000Excellent BuyIf you are looking for something with flavor, don't get these. These are pure HOT. An excellent buy in terms of value if you're looking to spice up any dish: it only takes one pepper! It suits my needs just fine. 5 Stars.
291582291582B005HF3LH2A145DNJJQ02LIVACEE2251325721600Rainbow-Delicious-we are crazy aboutDisagree with previous review. These rainbow cookies melt in your mouth, the chocolate makes it extra delicious (adore the sprinkles). They are moist, chocolatey, cake filled with raspberry jam, we absolutely LOVE!
291583291583B005HF3LH2A1ZFM7VYC7Hloripori0021350864000A DisappointmentThese did not taste like the little cakes from my childhood, and everyone else who tried them agreed. Too grainy from sugar and the marzipan was a little overpowering. Would have preferred something a little more cake-like in texture. The chocolate didn't taste like chocolate and it just rubbed off onto everything. Something was faulty with the frosting formula. Obviously will not be reordering again. Try another brand or a local bakery. For the money, they will probably be better.
291584291584B005HF3LH2A3OFD1MY6GZFAWhucyssoab1221287273600rainbow cookiesa little dry...way too much chocolate coating. I had to slice it off the sides
291585291585B0051FJEXSAZI1VUSCIRWE4Mean_Geek0051327104000REALLY GOODI thought it would be real thick since its called "Peanut Butter BBQ Sauce" but its surprisingly thin, pretty runny actually, its perfect for dunking or for a wing sauce, there are small chunks of onion floating around and theyre not to strong or anything, the flavor is GREAT, it kind of reminds me of a honey BBQ sauce mixed with a MILD hot sauce, The first time I tried it it made sure it was heated, man its good. It SMELLS like a really hot sauce, it has that kicking burn, but only in scent. Its kinda warm in the taste department, but its not a lasting heat at all. Amazing flavor. and I should mention the nutrition facts are surprisingly healthy as well, 40 cal for 2 Tablespoons.
Could easly be used as a salad dressing.
291586291586B0051FJEXSA1EHFQIPRXEC8QVaughn T. Hangartner0031309651200Interesting productThis is an interesting BBQ sauce, though not close to a Thai peanut sauce. It is rather thin as well but it otherwise cooks well on chicken if you layer it on as you grill. The shipping was rather high considering the size.
291587291587B002JOTBY6A18PGGA1SB84PHPenny Whorley "P Whorley"0051299542400awesome drinkthis is really good, however you can find this for around half the price if you just check around!! i found a store in my area that sells a 4 pack for 7.39, so for 12 it would only be 22.17!!
291588291588B005HGRWHQA1R6LLG3KGMFMFScrapbook girl "nbowen"0011344297600DisappointedMy husband loves Mongolian Beef. This product did not come as Mongolian Beef. I am just disappointed. I will be more careful in the future.
291589291589B0044X1ISCA1CJ9BUV4UHYDTDerrick0051339372800A mustThis product is a must for anyone that likes tasty ribs. They have found the perfect blend with their spices. Now when I make ribs, I do not use any BBQ sauce(only this rub).
291590291590B0044X1ISCA1BY020Z2XZX3VSteve R.0051321833600Good Stuff!This rub has great flavor without having too much salt. I highly recommend it for anyone who likes coffee. I've used it on beef and tuna steaks, and look forward to trying it on chicken and other types of fish. A little bit goes a long way with this stuff!
291591291591B0044X1ISCA1RVR12FT35EQFBill0051290297600Love itJust a little bit of this stuff goes a long way! A few pinches in any dish will liven up a dish. It is flavorful. I am amazed at how many different items I can use this for.
291592291592B0007DGQB2A3HZ7E9714NV2Rfantasy fan 1011151325289600Cats LOVE itTitle says it all. My cats go crazy for all of the whole life pet treats. I like that their all natural. They also brake apart nicely for sprinkling on food.
291593291593B0007DGQB2AXDB3BOV90JDQAngie Smith0051349827200the only treats either of my cats will eat!My cats love this product. They will not touch any other kind of treat, and I've tried lots of them. I am thrilled!
291594291594B000GQ03JGA3B154HNGLMSG8B. Fontecilla Patino "Berni"1151180656000Delicious gum!!!!I bought this gum and I am very happy for this. If you want to feel your teeths so brigth and white, try it!!!!! they are so special and tasty!!!
291595291595B000GQ03JGAHBPF1XZ7OYDFThang H. Dinh0041246665600Quantity but not QualityI got this for a great deal around 18 dollars which is a steal compared to alot of online places and definately beats the supermarkets.As usual its gum that has been on the shelf and doesnt taste as fresh as new packs which made me knock off a star. Overall it came with alot which made me happy but having alot of nephews and neices i ran out pretty quick :(.
291596291596B005YUB0D2A8O1VCY0R5L11Su0051342915200Best sardines from AmazonExcellent quality, taste. These are sardines, not herring which can legally be sold as sardines. Great price. Great product. Great taste.

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