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295291295291B000LQNK50A1BYQWUBX0AXPUfozziebear2621267747200Meh!Flavor is a bit bland and something I'm not used to. Smell and appearance is not very appetizing. This is the only Nong Shim instant noodle I've had to throw away due to the taste. It's probably just me not being used to Korean cha jang noodle (at least the Nong Shim one). I'm more accustomed to the Chinese one where it's more flavorful/deliciously aromatic and not black. I've had 5 other people in my apt agree that it's the worst instant noodle they've tasted from Nong Shim.
295292295292B000LQNK50A1FL7O2GNRUQ7ROlivia D. "Olivia"3931228089600good enoughtasty, and it's all you can expect from instant-noodle style chajang noodle. so don't expect too much
295293295293B000LQNK50A3MROUP3OMGIM5G. Jagannath "GJJ"163411239580800NOT VEGETARIANThis item is NOT VEGETARIAN. Do not believe the product description, Amazon refuses to acknowledge this and will not remove it from the page.

It contains either SHRIMP and/or BEEF product.
295294295294B000LQNK50A2EMDQV42P08L1whatever0511322524800disasterThe noodle is not bad. The dressing is disaster. You won't want to eat it. This is Can I return the rest 19 packs????
295295295295B000LQNK50AB0LMQG94P0BCSteve0511319932800Disgusting!Huge fan of the original spicy flavor, figured this flavor would be just as good. WRONG!!! Very bitter and plain disgusting!!!
295296295296B000LQNK50A273P4BY30DFGAMichelangelo Grigni153711219190400NOT VEGETARIAN!This product is NOT VEGETARIAN as claimed in Amazon product description! Ingredient label contains SHRIMP.
295297295297B000LQNK50A1L5Z1PAO859G6Jolynn0711336176000chapagetti noodlesI was disappointed because I thought I was getting the miracle noodles. These are very high in calories. 280 per 1/2 cup. this was my fault in not making sure what I was ordering.
295298295298B000LQNK50A3T24CN5N2XC49J. McCracken21631258416000Not Good...The soup base is disgusting. I ordered this with high hopes on all the rave 5 star reviews. I'm sorry people, but you have some messed up taste buds if you think this is the best ramen you ever had. It taste very strange, like seaseme seed oil. It smells terrible. I should have never order this product and continued to order Nong Shim's Shin Ramyun. I really don't recommend anyone actually drink broth for It's a very thick dark fluid that stains anything it touches. It will probably damage your liver. Not to mention all the sodium and MSG. Now I don't know what to do. If anyone can tell me how to make it taste better please tell me so I don't waste the rest of these.
295299295299B000LQNK50AXHX11PBZ8P6ATc C. Fulton01211313625600Flavorless non spicy crap stick with Shin-Ramen!Honestly I had never seen or heard of this type of Nong Shim noodle before, but I've been a die hard red packsge Shin Ramen fan since they were first imported into the US years ago.
It was on sale at local Ranch 99 Asian Market so I decided to try it. I trust Nong Shim to in the very least deliver a quality product.

These quite honestly were the blandest non spicy packaged noodles I've ever tasted, and I even used less water to make the broth stronger. FAIL The noodles were the same as Shin Ramen. There were three little packets in the package. I'm guessing dried veggies or seaweed, a light oil and the broth base, looked like beef? (dark brown color)
This tasted like mushrooms to me. No spicy flavor whatsoever.
Not exactly sure what Chajang Noodles are supposed to really taste like, but I'm not a fan. This is what happens when you try to mix two different cuisines (Italian-Spaghetti) and Asian (Chajang) Epic FAIL!!
I'll stick with the good old Shin Ramen. Same price and way better taste in my opinion.
Avoid Avoid Avoid unless you just prefer boring bland flavor in your noodles!
295300295300B000EGUYOWA2UR44HF5K9FE5A. Berger6651155513600we're mostly nuts about this snack!a local gourmet shop sells these for $3.50 each and just can't keep them on the shelves so I have to visit that store every week in hopes I catch the day he gets fresh stock. since these sell on the web for over $5 each, I was thrilled when Amazon had them for almost $2 each when you buy a 12-pack carton. I have only tried a half a dozen nutty flavors thus far, with my favorite being the Pumpkin. However I stocked up on the Almond because they are very dense in healthy high fiber toasty almonds, just a hint of sweet and coconut, and you need only a few of these 1-2cm almond cubes as a snack to tide you over between meals.
295301295301B000EGUYOWAK6JCJW58UGZWV. Sharma "Classique"2251156291200This is quite possibly my favorite snackAfter trying to be a vegetarian and possibly a vegan for a few months, I found this to me my favorite snack. It is nutrious, tastes good, not too sweet, and it is very light, won't make you feel sleepy. I recommend it to everyone.
295302295302B000EGUYOWA27ELLZ197R08AIFALLSMICHELLE0031304985600Great taste but comes from ChinaIt would give 5 stars if it had not come from China. I was disappointed, I expected this type of product to be from the USA. The product tastes fine.
295303295303B000EGUYOWA11UPNFYDICF3CRobin M. Vaughn0051237507200Delicious snack!We purchased these as gifts for our adult children, and they got nothing but rave reviews! I will purchase them again.
295304295304B000EGUYOWA3J4FP9Z0J0535Ms. Divine0051190332800mmm.....mmmmm....GoodThis is one of my family's favorite snacks...However we prefer it in the smaller packages. Otherwise we have a tendency to over do it.
295305295305B000EGUYOWA1HRWDHP552EAAS. Nissov0051180051200Healthy AND tasty!!!Finally a nutty snack, that is yummy and NOT filled with salt
295306295306B000EGUYOWA1Y7K0R2RK8FXGCindy Barkhuizen0031179100800Mrs May's snacks, coconut almondThese nuts were really hard to chew. The coconut coating seems to have made the difference, because the regular Almond crunch is quite different. My kids cannot bite into this particular snack, and they love almonds, and all the other snacks from Mrs Mays that we have tried. Also the coconut taste is very subtle, and you only get it as an after-taste.
295307295307B000EGUYOWAVFDH06FF7CGMDani0051169424000DELICIOUS!Delicious. Healthy. Plus Amazon is cheaper than if you buy them on Mrs. Mays actual website.
295308295308B000EGUYOWA20UJVNWNG0TD8RaM1Lo "RaMMaR"0141186444800Great product... wish i could order more.Like the rest of the Mrs. May's snack line, it's a healthy, guilt-free snack that actually tastes good!
Too bad Amazon only ships them to the contiguous US now... why, i have no idea. Hell, for this stuff - *shhh* - i'd pay for shipping (USPS).
295309295309B005F5KAYQA3D6OI36USYOU1Ghenghis0051339632000The original, and still the best!Pureed habanero peppers. Just perfect!

This is the stuff Toluca Gourmet tried to copy, but it looks like they are already
finished after only a few years in business. Praise be once again to Goya Foods for
this fresh take on habanero chiles, and that is exactly what you get. This is not a
sauce filled with carrots, garlic, and other heinous stuff. And thats what makes this
so wonderful, its pure habanero flavor that you can use to make barbecue sauce or to
flavor your favorite salsas or other commercial off the shelf products.

No kitchen should be without at least one. 5 Pods
295310295310B004N5FG66A25C07OB9HLCVVMelV1141325635200Great for practicing Pincher graspMy son has loved puffs since he was about 6 months old (now 11 months). We use this brand as well as another, but feel this one has more flavor. He doesn't seem to have a preference, but when my husband and I are sampling we prefer these since the others are a little like cardboard. Puffs were the first "finger food" he tried and they really helped him to master his pincher grasp and be able to move on to other foods. Amazon has these at a great price compared to individually in stores.
295311295311B004N5FG66AFP43ZIYYKFWZKimberly A. Gonzalez "HOOKEMEDWARD"1151309824000Yummy PuffsMy 10 month old daughter absolutely loves these things. I originally bought the gerber puffs and she liked those as well but we use the Plum Organics baby food so I really wanted to stick with the organic stuff so I switched to these. The strawberry and beet flavor is one of her favorites and she can sit in her high chair and feed herself these with ease. They are also great on the go. If she gets a little fussy in the car or while in her stroller these are great to keep her calm. I also really loved how they come in a 4 pack. It is really convenient not having to go to the store when one container of puffs is gone. Also the price is great! This 4 pack came out to be cheaper than they are at my local grocery store. Would definitely recommend these for your little one.
295312295312B004N5FG66A39090GJQUQ1GBKade "Kade"0051349568000love!This is by far our son's favorite flavor! They dissolve nice and are the perfect first finger food! They taste great and smell good too.
295313295313B004N5FG66A2I6FERI4Q0YIWsnsandsnsibility "Aime"0051347062400Pretty tastyI had picked up a container of these at the grocery story for the kiddo to try out and he loved them! So I ordered a larger lot size on Amazon and we had been plowing through them. Now I have them on a subscription so we get them regularly. =) I love these because I don't like feeding my kid something that I wouldn't eat just because it is "good" or "healthy" for baby. I want to be willing to eat the same things and these are a great, healthy snack that even I will munch on occasionally.
295314295314B004N5FG66A1RR0SQDPY4EAGAmy Seltzer "100% Catholic, 100% pro-life"0051346716800These are SOOO yummy!!!I am not sure who eats more of these, my baby or myself. ;-) These are certainly a bit hit around here.
295315295315B004N5FG66A2GXK4Y30RRRKVblondemomshell0051346112000YumMy 2.5 yr old and my 8 month old both loves these. They disolve just fast enough for my (teething and drool-y) 8 month old and make the perfect snack for my 2.5 year old! Very please! And the order arrived super quick!
295316295316B004N5FG66A3I4R03CNX1DVPWI Cheesehead in WA "WICheeseheadinWA"0051345075200Yummy in the TummyThese have been a real hit. While the cheerios-type cereal end up in the highchair, waiting to be rediscovered, these disappear like they were vacuumed up! A 1/2 ounce only has 1 gram of sugar, which is pretty good from what I've found.
295317295317B004N5FG66AV9Q3F7SR68AJMamaBear0051342828800yummyMy son's favorite flavor by far. These are a great snack for walks, waiting for dinner, and out at a restaurant.
295318295318B004N5FG66A2M3ZCPMPU2ZP0Marissa0051325721600my son loves these!These are easy for my 10 month old son to eat and he absolutely loves them! The purple ones get pretty messy but these red ones aren't that bad.
295319295319B004N5FG66AUAG04CQCFNEYHeather R. Robertson0041322956800Convenience Without the Guilt!My daughter loves these puffs. I was hesitant to purchase them initially because the most cost effective option was a box of six. Luckily, she is crazy about them! I feed her an all organic diet, and I find these to be reasonably priced. I wish there was a variety pack option though. Also, she has just started to feed herself, and when she drops the soggy puffs on her shirt, they leave a red residue. It seems to wash out though, so it's not a major problem.
295320295320B004N5FG66A1P4TLHGQ6CKT8Momof40051317168000My son's favorite snacks & my favorite place to buy them!My 1 1/2 year old gobbles these right up. He had a friend over & they plowed through an entire can. He makes me eat some & they actually taste pretty good. I like that they are organic & are a good for you snack. He has severe food allergies & this is one of the few things he is not allergic to. There's no dairy, no eggs, no wheat & no nuts.

I would pick them up at Whole Foods or Babies R Us but Amazon has the best prices, not to mention it shows up at my front door. So we don't have to have the mommy/baby wrestling match to get in the car seat, then in the stroller, then when he sees the puffs on the shelf & wants me to open the puffs at the store so he can start eating them NOW & then back into the car seat to go home.

I did set up subscribe & save. It's supposed to come monthly but it doesn't quite happen that way. I usually have to come to the site & order more because once a month has been more like every 6-8 weeks.

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