Amazon Fine Food Reviews

295741295741B003WLC4VCA3P9O7LQWVBWY7Patrick Flynn0051322697600Great product, good priceI purchased 5 boxes of these. I really enjoy the taste and nutritional value of the bars. Great starter, mid day pick me up or evening snack (dip into milk). These are crunchy. Great price & excellent Amazon service!
295742295742B003WLC4VCA3SU48A49T9TKRS. B.0031321833600WAY TOO EXPENSIVE.....The "healthiness" is great, as are most CLIF products.
The price, even with subscribe and save is way too high.
There is not much difference from just buying regular granola bars
There are only 5 packages in each box (with 2 smaller bars in each)
I always wonder why they make such big boxes and only put a few items in the box....who only eats 5 granola bars?
295743295743B003WLC4VCA2SXVDC7EDFQ5WBridget0051320537600Taste just like Chocolate Chip Cookies!First off let me say that I've been a fan of Clif bars for a while now. So I saw these at my local grocery store and decided to give them a whirl.

WOW! Just wow! These take exactly like crunchy chocolate chip cookies. They are absolutely delicious. I find myself craving these now instead of brownies or a candy bar. I was actually eating them in class one day and a few people tried them and now are also obsessed. Great product and completely yummy!
295744295744B003WLC4VCA5ST5ZG8SGZEXKeith C. Wong "khw72004"0051318636800Very tastyGreat for on the go, I work in a job that I don't always got to eat lunch on time so grabbing a bar is a great way to eat. These are great, the only thing is that it comes in a 5 pack because 2 bars are in each pack. But it is still a great deal
295745295745B003WLC4VCA2D32B33DJ67WPCrazyComputers0051316304000Yummy hard Clif barJust as good as the other Clif bars, but dry and crunchy. Tasty, portable, and cheaper than the others. Perfect snack.
295746295746B003WLC4VCAUC2B7PB2OGZ5N. Laski "Pickleandtwins"0051315958400Great!We love these granola bars. I didn't realize that they were crunchy when i ordered them and it was such a nice surprise. They have great flavor and I feel good about my family eating them.
295747295747B003WLC4VCA2VRQ6QJQ8F9GOk-man0031315699200Not worth of priceThis cliff bar is much more expensive than the nature valley products. But, it is not worth to be pricey.
295748295748B003WLC4VCA2UTXCM0GFO2ANH. Ayaz0041314921600The perfect crunch!This new product packs the perfect crunch into sweet bar. I love the bits of white chocolate. The only downside is that it crumbles incredibly easy so it's pretty messy to eat. But overall, it is a very satisfying bar!
295749295749B003WLC4VCA25NKS3M15FM91Terry0031314662400Decent granola bar, but the packaging is a bit misleadingWhen I first opened the box I was surprised to find 5 packages of granola bars, each with 2 bars each, so a "10-pack" has 5 packages with 2 granola bars in each package (I never noticed it was normal to do that with granola bars), hence the serving size is 2 bars. The price for each packet is about the same as that of a normal clif bar, so I don't know if it's really worth it to me. You get about 60% more mass with a clif bar than with this for the same price.

That being said, they taste decent and taste good broken into pieces with peanut butter and nutella.
295750295750B003WLC4VCAHZK3Z1KHJ0BOJ. Krauska0051313452800Best granola bar everThese are so awesome. They have great crunch, without being really hard (like nature valley) and the little bits of chocolate throughout the bar are delightful. I would eat these for dessert instead of cake or brownies. Peanut butter is good too.
295751295751B003WLC4VCA15KZ92DOGG6X3A. Johnson "XboxBuckeye"0051313280000Tasty and healthy snack!Figured I'd try these when Amazon lowered the price and glad I did! My wife and I both enjoy these very tasty bars and it is a much healthier choice than a bag of chips!
295752295752B003WLC4VCA1RQIOILH1H9ANAndrew Czop0051313020800Ridiculously deliciousThese things are awesome! I only ordered them because they were on a good sale on amazon, but now I'll gladly pay full price.

They taste soo good! No high fructose corn syrup, a big plus. They do have "evaporated cane juice" as the sweetener. I'm not familiar with it, but a quick google search shows it to be a healthier and better alternative to regular cane sugar.

Great texture and crunch, and great flavor. A perfect snack that is much much healthier than a lot of alternatives.

I could not imagine a better granola bar. Try these, you won't be disappointed!
295753295753B003WLC4VCA2VMADW7G1INWVlumarine0051311206400These are GeatMy parents sent me some of these in care package while I was deployed and they are amazing. So much better than nature vally bars.
295754295754B003WLC4VCA2BLJGGWN8GTXQSean0041311120000Pretty good break from other brand granola barsI got the white chocolate macadamia flavor of these. They really aren't any different from any other granola bars. The white chocolate flavor isn't as strong as it is in the regular Clif bars. Overall, they're tasty and reasonably priced on Amazon.
295755295755B003WLC4VCA2A991ZHYYS42FJeanne L. Shields0051307923200Love these barsGreat crunch and taste. Love the auto ship program with discount! I can't find these in any stores in my area, was so happy to get them on Amazon.
295756295756B003WLC4VCA2OJDO6590RLJ0Rachel0051285804800The bestI love these granola bars! I can honestly say they are the best granola bars I've ever eaten. They also have protein, and I love eating them just as a snack as well as if I'm on the go or post workout. My only problem is they are hard to find in grocery stores...and I usually don't like to wait around to fill out a "please stock this item" form.
295757295757B003WLC4VCA2725IB4YY9JEBA Poeng "SparkyGoHome"0051285718400Awesomely delicious!Love Cliff bars, but have only liked the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch flavors (maybe an occasional Blueberry). The others are too sweet for my taste. These are my new favorite. Great taste combination. Go Cliff Bars!
295758295758B003WLC4VCAV15W3FPLQPN0MikeDidIt "Have a great one!"0051283558400Yum-OThese are the best crunchy granola bars I've tasted. They are excellent alone or with a nice cup of coffee. Highly recommended!
295759295759B003WLC4VCA3OUFTNA69HVZCPantomeme2421287792000Crunched CrunchGot these with a one-day shipping delay, but still very quickly with Amazon Prime. The taste is quite good, perhaps a little on the sweet side - especially when you hit a pocket of white chocolate. The big problem is the condition of the product when it arrives. I opened my first 2-pack and the granola bars were crushed into nuggets and powder. Strangely, the box wasn't in bad shape, just the bars. A few days later, I opened the other box of granola bars, which was in better shape than the first one, and the first pack I tried again contained smashed fragments of granola bars. These are no fun to eat, as you can't really open the pack and pour it into your mouth (I tried), and if you pick out the big chunks you get fragments and powder sticking to your fingers, and on your clothes (and in your beard). I'll eat the rest, maybe out of a bowl with a spoon or something (with some fava beans and a nice chianti...), but I won't be ordering any more crunched Clif Crunch bars.
295760295760B003WLC4VCA21XHG5P1HJH3JWARREN K JACOBSON0111347580800Quantity not as describedWhat looks like a great deal is actually a terrible one. This is ONE box of 5 packs of granola bars (packed like Nature Valley). So, instead of receiving 20 snacks, you get 5.
295761295761B003WLC4VCA2FLYNMNKJF5G5Daniel Montes0131328054400Identical taste to Nature Valleys Granola barsI was hoping that the taste of these granola bars would different from Nature Valleys but it turns out they taste pretty much the same if not identical... maybe a little bit less sugary.
Oh well, moving on... I just hate when companies deliberately trick consumers, the freaking box got 5 packs, just put that on the box.
295762295762B003WLC4VCAZBSUIQ3XUN4MJ. Garcia "JT"0151324944000Best tasting Honey oat barsThese bars are tasty and delicious. You get 20 bars for a decent price (depending if you do subscribe and save). These bars are great for my little ones, they love them, and they are a good healthy alternative to candy or cookies.
295763295763B003WLC4VCA14F345W10VVT1Glenn Gordon0121322352000Tasty, but disappointedThe listing of the box describes as twice as many bars as there are servings. Each foil pouch contains two very small bars, which together make one serving. The 10 count is really a 5 count.
295764295764B003WLC4VCA202Z4JLGUB3VSKristi Bechtel0131316304000Not worth it...These granola bars are very similar to the Nature's Valley brand bars. The Clif Crunch Bars are very messy. They crumble. The flavor is not as good as the flavors offered by Nature's Valley.
295765295765B003WLC4VCA103WGMGH35ZF7sirsavealot3611316476800plainItem tasted plain and was crumbly. Did not taste at all like it is described. We were disappointed with product.
295766295766B003WLC4VCA3S76TKGIJ8031Kim Bukowski32111296432000Clif Crunch barsJust when you think you're eating healthier - you research to find out "Your NOT" with Clif Products. Theirs so much sugar, carbs & fats in these products that you might as well eat cookies or candy bars. They definitely taste better and you get the same sugar & calories.
295767295767B00444ZASKA22PUBSSNP54LG. Little "value seeker"2251306281600absolutely YUMMY!I am a big fan of olives in general, but these are so yummy! Just right on the spices and the perfect size packs for a snack or with lunch. I just got mine delivered and had to open them right away. They are so good, I might have to hide them from myself.
295768295768B00444ZASKALPR3U8B7PE4MVeg Mom2241298160000DeliciousBest Kalamata Olives I've ever had with a hint of spice. Very easy to travel with and even easier to eat.I wish Amazon would keep more of these in stock.
295769295769B00444ZASKA2YO8731SKDKLLGoofball1151331596800Great Kalamata Olives and perfect for snackingMario's olives are just tender and deliver a great taste. The seasoning is not too strong but does give it a great flavor and taste. We really enjoy these on hikes and even going up the ski lift for a quick snack.
295770295770B00444ZASKA3DJE1GOAHDXHESMH1151331078400Yum, Yum, Yum.I love kalamata olives and was looking for a snack pack and found these. Was worried about the seasoning at first. After I tried them, I knew that this was the snack for me. They are always soft and juicy and taste wonderful. The whole bag is only 2 points on the Weight Watchers points system. Happiness in a bag. That is what I call these olives.

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