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296911296911B00126B014A3VKAZT2SD2N0NR. M. William0041259020800Put it in the fridge!!!Ay first, it tasted fishy & it was really soft.
Then I got the idea of putting it in the fridge...& WOW!!!
It tasted much better & it hardened.
My 2 girls love it this way.
I find it great also that it contains additional vitamin C.
296912296912B00126B014AA6EJPSKEYVFMV. Fetzer0011252281600I might have to throw them awayI bought these for my 4-year old son. He enjoys taking his daily vitamin, especially the gummy kind. I figured this product would be a great way to incorporate some omegas in his diet (as he typically won't eat fish). I gave him one and he begged me to spit it out. He did finish that one but he refuses to eat any more. My husband decided to eat one himself -- just to see if the 4-year old was over-reacting. My husband wanted to spit it out also -- he said that they were absolutely terrible. Needless to say -- I have decided not try it for myself.
296913296913B00126B014A26CUKV3W3XGM5Tori Cox-Lindo0041247875200Kid'sI have found that these are great my daughter has no problem taking them. I tasted them and compared to cod live oil it's night & day. I have read other reviews that say their children will not take them well that has nothing to do with the product. My daughter has always been a very good student even before taking the Omega 3. One thing I can say is since she has been taking them with a multiVitamin she has be quite healthy.
296914296914B00126B014A4NS5A1E95NL2geistj "Mom of two boys"0031211587200Give it timeMy seven year old son after initially saying he would take these, refused after the first few days so we gave up for a few weeks. Then miraculously he started taking them (wants to be extra smart in school) and now takes a full dose without a problem. I guess it is easier to reason with a seven year old.
296915296915B00126B014A2YQUVV0D1V3ZBMomofTwo0151274313600Plant Based Omega-3s Not fish oil base.
296916296916B00126B014A36AWNNFN4DTOCMing1311204761600tastes fishymy daughter won't eat these... have a fishy flavor underneath the sweet. Was dissappointed and was a waste of money for us.
296917296917B00126B014AAXOSJY8LM524Do the Right Thing2611210636800Something is Fishy Here!This is no Chef's Taste award winner - maybe the brand won the award, but no one could have tasted these Omega 3 Gummies. They invoke thoughts of week old seafood gumbo left in a hot car or maybe 'red tide' flavored gummies. We were actually looking to improve on Nordic Naturals, strawberry but now are going running back to the Nordics. I am not sure anyone in our family can choke down these giant squishy, fish blobs. Even my non-picky child is grossed out by these. I can barely manage to swallow one only if I cut (not bite) one in half then swallow each piece without chewing. There goes my 20 bucks, unless maybe they are good for the dog? Hmmm...
296918296918B004VLVMX8ACOVG0ZH724Q1Margaret R Lerner1151321056000sweet rice flouri have recently been diagnosed with celiac disease ... i have been using arrowhead mills white rice flour for baking and i am very happy with it except for using it to thicken sauces where the texture was coming out a little grainy. my visiting nurse recommended using this for sauces and it's fabulous! very smooth, i love it!
296919296919B0001LQK2UA11LO6UA21JEAPJeff's Girl0051202774400LOVE these little guys!i love these little onions - they are perfectly poppable when you need a little zip on your tongue! there's just enough vermouth to make them sizzle on your palate - good stuff!
296920296920B0001LQK2UA2Q9YNGC0TCKSHJohn D. Sweazy0051199664000AwesomeThese are great for martinis- sweet and tangy. You'll never be able to go back to those generic grocery store onions.
296921296921B000HWUPM4A1XA99QFHFMUGNAnnamaybell0151167955200Great GiftBut I coulnd't get it delivered for Xmas - I was penalized because I didn't proscratinate.
296922296922B0051VNLHWALDAF4VVLFRHPPatricia L. Brouillette2251342656000My puppy loves itThis is definately chihuahua puppy approved. I like the fact that there is a puppy food for smaller breeds. These are real small bites. My puppy was 2.16 lbs at 7 weeks and tiny, so having something that is small enough for him to chew. At 5.5 months old, he still enjoys it. I also like that this small bag is resealable and helps with keeping it fresh.
296923296923B0051VNLHWA32KO708I26DBMwes1111347926400dog food reviewI have been using this dog food for quite some time, until my dog started throwing up and basically wouldn't eat much of this dog food anymore like he used to. I stopped feeding him this dog food and bought organic. My dog started eating again and stopped throwing up. I will not be buying this dog food anymore.
296924296924B0051VNLHWATHKDDEXC041LASIA2351273968000Great product!Hill's Science Diet Puppy Small & Toy Breed dog food provides precisely balanced nutrition to meet your small breed dog's special needs.It is the only brand with an exclusive blend of clinically proven antioxidants.This formula is specially designed to boost immune defenses and support the long life expectancy of small and toy breed dogs.
There a myths that allergies are caused by ingredients such as corn but that is not the case. To say that something is a filler would imply it has no nutritional value; when in fact corn is a superb source of nutrients. There is a misconception that whole corn is used - in fact the corn is baked and is much like ground corn you buy. When cooked it is highly digestible.We hear many concerns about by-products in pet food. We need to understand how they are defined and what they really are and what is their nutrient value.
By-products is really a play on words. Virtually all ingredients in pet foods are by-products. No one for example uses real chicken breasts as we know it.It's neck and backs of a chicken.
Another common myth is that meat should always be the first ingredient, inferring that if that was the case, there would be more meat than anything else in the food. Often the carbohydrates levels are higher than the meats because of the way they are listed in the ingredient panel.Meat first is often the first ingredient only to please the consumer look st the ash levels and mositure levels, and ingreident spliting.

I have fed Science Diet to my two dogs and I am very happy with the results. They love the food, it seems to have a good nutrient profile, my dogs have not had any gas or loose stool, in fact the clean up has been minimal so far, poop is much smaller and less of it that ever! I keep searching the yard with the scooper several times a day and there just isn't much to clean up! I can honestly say that they are going HALF as much as they were before! I never would have believed it, considering that there is a considerable amount of corn in these formulas.
My dogs were itching, had greasy coats and dandruff all at the same time! I was frustrated and worried for them...after a relatively short time, one of the dogs has virtually stopped itching and the other has decreased her itching intensity.

I do wish the food was less expensive.
296925296925B0051VNLHWALDAF4VVLFRHPPatricia L. Brouillette0051343088000Chihuahua puppy approved.This is definately chihuahua puppy approved. I like the fact that there is a puppy food for smaller breeds. These are real small bites. My puppy was 2.16 lbs at 7 weeks and tiny, so having something that is small enough for him to chew. At 5.5 months old, he still enjoys it.
296926296926B0051VNLHWA1XW8RSRNDA3HRLucy Claire0051323302400Lucy loves this food!Decent price - dog eats this food like she's never eaten before in her life. It can be hard to find this type in stores.
296927296927B0051VNLHWA3KIHMMRH4XDEFJew Bagel0031276300800Expected More...I received my first bag via a coupon from BzzAgent, for free... since price was not a factor I was more than open to seeing positive changes. I really wanted to give this a high rating because our little mutt really seemed to like eating it and it is the perfect size but I did not notice any positive changes in her. By the same token, I did not notice any major negative changes either. However, the first few days she had diarrhea and after that it went back to almost normal consistency but she was pooping about twice as often. She was also thirsty all the time while eating this.

I would say this food is average in quality, the pooch liked the taste but did not experience any of the claimed improvements so I do not think the price is justified. Others may have better luck with it but it just did not work better than our old food.
296928296928B0051VNLHWA1Y6Q62GJMXBT2Clarks0041276300800Happy DogI received a free sample of Science Diet for our Papillon as part of a Bzz Agent. I was a little hesitant to try it because I had heard some stories from others who used it and were too happy. We tried it out and our dog is very happy. With her old dog food we would feed her in the morning and she wouldn't never want to eat until later in the day. Now since we have switched she is real excited when we are getting the food out, she eats it right away.
296929296929B0051VNLHWAOVI38E8N7E77Michelle M. Bashem0051273276800Very goodI bought this for my Pembroke Welsh Corgi and she just loves it. The bits are small and very easy for her to chew.
296930296930B0051VNLHWAIZDLMZJD2T47Bracha0151350345600Vet recommended diet foodMy dog is sick and on prednisone. The vet recommended this food because of weight gain from the prednisone. My Yorkie Loved it! I was really surprised. He eats every bite. It's really tiny pieces so its easy for a tiny dog to eat. I mixed a bit of his old food with it at first and gradually lower the amount of his older food. Now he is just eating this food. That way there's no stomach upset from drastically changing his diet. I would definitely recommend this food for weight loss and it was neurology vet approved.
296931296931B00395DVQSA25PGCEXTYHG7EMark0051298332800One of my favorites!I'm not a huge flavored coffee person, but I really love these! The coffee is mild to medium bodied and the flavoring isn't overpowering. It's got a great aroma (the co-worker next to me always loves when I brew one of these) and a clean, distinct taste.

I've got these on Subscribe and Save!
296932296932B00395DVQSA18MXQ4PLVP7W0Stackaroo0021297641600Raspberry taste TOO strongThe taste of raspberry is pretty much all I get out of this. I do not taste nor smell chocolate! The raspberry is too overwhelming which ruins the coffee. Now I have 2 boxes of this which I'll probably never finish. I love coffee and hate the fact that this flavor destroys the coffee taste.. and completely leaves out the chocolate!
296933296933B00395DVQSA2F7XE4EB2CRY2F. Dellavecchia "K-Cup Guy"0051297468800Real nice coffee!Just a sweet and enjoyable coffee. Almost a dessert coffee, but I drink it all of the time. No stray grounds, another winner from Van Houtte!!
296934296934B00395DVQSAWF68K4MCVTUFBrandon Ryan0011297382400Tastes like licking a charred raspberryImagine you took a raspberry, drizzled chocolate syrup on it, and then put it on a frying pan. You turned on the frying pan and let it sizzle for about 3 or 4 hours. Put that in a coffee filter and brew it. Sound good? I didn't think so. Thats what this coffee tastes like to me. I bought a double pack, and I don't like it. I tried to like it, and even gave it a second shot. I wish I knew what to do with the rest of it, but I wouldn't subject my friends to this, so I can't give it to them.
296935296935B00395DVQSA377NW7WMAV2J1J. Czajkowski0051297382400My favorite flavored coffeeI prefer flavored coffees and this one and the pumpkin spice are my absolute favorites. The chocolate and raspberry go so well with the coffee that it's like drinking dessert. Love it! And SO glad it's available on subscription. Thanks, Amazon.
296936296936B00395DVQSA3SSWICQCHTFOITNPatti "TNPatti"0011297209600Way too weakStarbucks Caramel Brulee Latte (that's available around Christmas) is my favorite coffee ever. I wasn't expecting this to be the same, but I hoped I could "doctor" it up. It is actually very weak and with adding anything I just made it weaker. I still have a whole box so I'll continue to try to tweek it, but unless a miracle happens, I wont' buy it again.
296937296937B00395DVQSA1T1YSCDW0PD25A. Wiersch0031297123200Not my favorite - not even close"Van Houtte Crème Brulée Coffee" is OK once in awhile, but I wouldn't buy it on a regular basis. 3 stars.

"Van Houtte Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Coffee" is a notch above this one.

But I recommend "Van Houtte Cafe, Costa Rica Tarrazu (Light Roast) Coffee", it's not flavored, but it's my favorite right now.
296938296938B00395DVQSA2TB6X6Q9LEHWMBeth L. Lawler "blynnlawler"0051297123200oooooooooo yummyI tried this after having tried many chocolate/raspberry blends. Oh my! this is my favorite, perfect blend of the two flavors in a warm comforting cup. My husband who loves the GM wild blueberry says this is his new favorite! Thank goodness you get 48 cups in the order!! : )
296939296939B00395DVQSA2AZU4JHTWYRY5Practical Woman0041296950400Guests tell me they love this coffee!I'm allergic to coffee so I can't speak from personal experience, however, guests have enjoyed the Van Houtte Chocolate Rasberry Truffle coffee so much I've just bought a case. The K-cups are a bit expensive but we use them for parties so I guess they are worth the price.
296940296940B00395DVQSA1BBAWO95SUWALC. Ambrosino "Cynd"0011296604800Bitter after taste...I thought I needed to clean my machine...however, it was this coffee. When I placed another companies coffee in, it tasted fine.
I have 2 boxes if anyone wants them.

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