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297931297931B001KUVTM2AX1Z5RQ1LWMM2j-rob-822241324339200Control Yourself and You'll be Fine. May cause explosive diarrhea if you dont.Let me say these are very good and very rich in taste which is good and bad. By rich I don't mean if you look around the Monopoly guys house you would find a box of these. So I found myself eating about eight in one minute which was quite excessive but man they were good. Even my wife ate quite a few and we both agreed to put the bag up or we would finish it up. Not a good thing since in four pieces I think there is fifteen grams of saturated fat and around two hundred forty calories. We usually don't get sweets but when we do we indulge. When you first eat one it tastes really good but after its been chewed the aftertaste sets in. I did notice after a couple the taste gets unbearable so I had to drink something. The dark chocolate is so rich that it is kind of overbearing after awhile but still they are very good. I wouldn't say its my favorite chocolate but they do offer a certain taste I was looking and I am glad I bought them. I wish there was a smaller bag to sample them with but we took a gander and really liked them. Try them out and they might fit your taste. If you are like me you will find yourself eating one after another which I don't recommend. Oh yeah I did have major stomach cramps and a case of diarrhea afterwards but it was worth it just for those moments of bliss. Thank you Donchels.
297932297932B001KUVTM2A7443GL3L31SL. J. Cote2251280966400Chocolate Snob's OpinionBy far, this is the very best chocolate that has passed my lips. I am the atypical chocoholic for only the very best will I eat. Since I tried Donckles no other chocolate will do, and, since it is exorbitantly expensive, I will do without rather than substitute. Shortly after the end of the year, I was able to purchase this wonderful experience from Marshall's department store. Their supplies have long since vanished.

297933297933B001KUVTM2A2KT1R56X7WFB9Caring/Sharing2251239753600WowReceived these as a gift at Easter. Unexpectedly smooth, delicious, quality candy. I am not a huge chocolate fan or even a big candy fan but these are irrisistable. I am searching online to see where I can find more for myself and to give as gifts.
297934297934B001KUVTM2AIDDN92OWE92NChris Welch "Just a guy"4551262131200No Better Chocolate Than This!These things are the bomb! The Shiz Nizzle! The Whoopity Whoop Whoop!
I have had the pleasure of tasting true Swiss chocolate and yeah, thats
good stuff, but THESE??? You aint had nothin yet! These chocolates
blow them away! Smooth, creamy, true melt-in-your-mouth bliss! They are
dusted in cocoa powder so at first they taste a little bitter, but once that
cocoa dissolves and you get to the real-deal . . . well, you just have to
experience it on your own. I usually have two a time, the first one I let
melt all the way and the second I let melt a little bit and then I cant resist
the urge to chew it. Both ways are awesome. After eating these, I balk at a Kiss,
turn my nose at Dove, and Ghirardelli? Not even close. So what are you
waiting for? Order the 3 pack!
297935297935B001KUVTM2A1PB8TGGQGECF0margyman1151297900800GreatThese truffles are great. Much better than any Lindt or godiva product. I am very satisfied and I will be ordering these again... if they come back in stock. great for hanukkah as well
297936297936B001KUVTM2A1ND2JCBZD66YHA. Mays1151262044800MUST TRYI received these as a gift and they are decadent, smooth and creamy. Must be tried to fully appreciate!
297937297937B001KUVTM2A313L3YRM0SH4SHeather Arcand1151249862400Stole My mother's now I want more!My parents recieved these as a christmas gift, and everytime i went to their house after the holidays I stole a few from the pantry. . . . now they are all gone and I want to buy my own box. WHo am I kidding I went to buy 10 boxes. What a tasty treat! Fabulous chocolaty taste with a velevt texture, all in a pefectly sized little cocoa dusted ball . . . .mmm a real pleasure. If you see this brand anywhere - buy them and stock up!!
297938297938B001KUVTM2A3EEGQSYV0WNTT3Dawgs0021333497600No cocoaThe taste was still the same but the boxes were tattered and there was no dusted cocoa on the outside. I could not give it as a gift because of the appearance. I was disappointed but my hubby and kids were happy.
297939297939B001KUVTM2AKGSZ1J0IFF1Bxin0051333238400Miraculous ChoclateIt is the best choice forever. I brought it to my colleagues and got a bunch of cheers. The only thing confuses me is it came as a whole block instead of seperate pieces shown on the package.
297940297940B001KUVTM2A3ATD0NZY5FADQS. Valenti0051331510400Beautiful and deliciousI got these for my mom for Valentine's day and she loooooved them. I was concerned about previous commenters' experiences with melted chocolate, but they were perfect. Of course, they were delivered in February.
297941297941B001KUVTM2A2IA9NTVUGP6EHEnd of the Dream "end of the dream"0051330819200They Don't Get Any BetterDonchels Cocoa Dusted Belgian Chocolate Truffles is really a superb candy. In my experience they have only been bested by fresh chocolates, ones that have been prepared that very same day, (e.g., in NYC, a store called Li-Lac, cooks their deserts that very same day and when they run out of them, they run out. They don't try to fake it by using yesterday's product.

But barring those unusual offerings. Donchels is at the top of my list (for truffles). The outer candy is firm, but not not crunchy, and the inner chocolate cream was soft, sweet, and simply melted in my mouth.

I did not experience the gastrointestinal "issues" that some of the other reviewers here speak of because I limited myself to 3 of the truffles spread out through the day (the last being at bedtime). That way I was always looking forward to something a bit later (and it took much will to avoid "cheating"), Certainly during the winter months, shipping should not be a problem (not so for late spring through late fall...these puppies tend to melt unless they are taken very good care of until delivery...I can't speak to that since I've always ordered them in cool/cold environments). My advice: give them a try during the winter.
297942297942B001KUVTM2A126W7I071FBTSAlisa0051326153600ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!Received as a gift and couldn't have been more pleased! At only 4 grams of sugar per piece (which is my first consideration
297943297943B001KUVTM2A2WWHOH10OM5OJMichele Hipp0051325030400Deeeee-licious!! But be careful when you order them!Some of the best truffles I've ever eaten. I can't stop eating them! The chocolate is rich and just the right amount of darkness and the cocoa dusting is perfectly balanced. The truffle just melts in my mouth. Yum!

The only problem is that they are a winter-only item. They do not ship well if the weather is warm. Make sure to observe the weather before ordering - follow the standard rules for the time of year to ship chocolate or you will receive a yucky block of half-melted chocolate.
297944297944B001KUVTM2A18767TYDJNVN4Billy Loggins0051324512000awesomeit was so good i ate most all of them and ordered another bag to have around christmas day!
hmmmmmm hmmm hmmm good
297945297945B001KUVTM2A1MPQV7YQVNVJKtimbotina0051324166400delicious trufflesFirst tried these a few years ago. A Dr. friend had bought them for us for Christmas, now I buy these truffles every year for my mom for Christmas...Like no other tuffle you will buy....melt in your mouth, rich flavor....The best I've ever bought. NEVER disappointing
297946297946B001KUVTM2A2UR5CJ5IHQWXEJohn Aguirre0051323475200Best thing I've ever put in my mouth!I ate a couple of these at a company Christmas party, and I nearly collapsed from the flavor orgasm. Sadly, they were not labeled, and I had no idea who brought them in. After some searching, and buying truffles that left me disappointed, I got a box of these as a present from my fiancee. I nearly cried tears of joy. It's impossible to describe how delicious these truffles are. The only downside: they melt very easily, so remember to refrigerate, or at least keep in a cool place. Then again, all good things must be treated with care.
297947297947B001KUVTM2A30LVIO2YDAM4Jbswag "Bill"0051319068800A little piece of heaven!For those who love chocolate, it doesn't get any better than this! Had some at a Christmas party and had to buy more.
297948297948B001KUVTM2A2GE6IKKNR2TJ4E. M. Ross0051306022400Simply the bestThese were a gift from my husband's co-worker, and I ate them all...almost...I shared a few and I mean a small amount. I love chocolate I eat it, I bake with it...I sneak it...I think it's just about my favorite thing. With that said, I know chocolate and these were AMAZING!!! I had a great experience and they were shipped from Amazon...and they were fine. I am sure the other reviews were just a mistake on either amazon receiving practice or the manufacture made a mistake in a particular batch. But you'll love them! I promise! IF you aren't satisfied contact Amazon, they are about making the customer happy!
297949297949B001KUVTM2A2RM2MJK4AEMKRchlojack0011305244800melted messI purchased some of these chocolates for my mother for mothers day and had them shipped directly to her....when they arrived they were a melted mess, and in a package that had no labeling on it so she didnt even know what they were!! Inside the box was a warm "ice pack" that obviously did not do its job. The chocolate is excellent but wouldt buy and ship from amazon. I dont know what stores may carry them so if anyone has any idesas would love to know.
297950297950B001KUVTM2A3WWRW2APESUGbob0031304467200confusedI got this for someone for a xmas gift and she and her friend loved them. I was going to do another round for Mother's Day and now these are more than twice the price and no free shipping?!?!? I give this 3 stars for the lack of value now. Cocoa futures peaked at the end of 2010 which could cause a higher price but there is no possible way it would be over a 100% increase in price and no free shipping is warranted. From what I have seen looking at other products on here, all chocolate products are jacked up on Amazon anyways. I'll pass!
297951297951B001KUVTM2A20WETSI4Y1GORDi, from Ohio0051300147200The best truffles ever!These are the best dark chocolate truffles. I have tried many and these live up to any chocoholics standards.
297952297952B001KUVTM2A2ZGTRLEOJ9KEUFurious!!! Double-charged "Sand"0051296259200Thank God for the Belgians!If not careful, even a Christian like me could begin to think these truffles are the meaning of life! They are fabulous and have become one of my best friends, and I am blessed with lots of friends! Seriously, you cannot do better than these amazing confections!
297953297953B001KUVTM2A1FPLGZ0Y5G0WXStephanie S. Pavlat0051294963200Great product!These truffles are excellent, the best I have ever purchased. I would order them again. The delivery was very fast.
297954297954B001KUVTM2A3RH8FDRSC6JX4Tiffany0051294617600Was not disappointed!I'm really picky about chocolate especially when it comes to truffles. Quality is a must! So needless to say I was nervous buying these as a Christmas present when I hadn't actually tried them myself. Later however, I got a chance to try them and I was not disappointed! Smooth and creamy! They melt in your mouth!
297955297955B001KUVTM2A2LFUUQQYDERSJN. Jiang "N.J."0051294012800Belgian TrufflesI bought them as a Christmas gift for my aunt. I haven't tried them personally, but my aunt really likes them. I take her words since she is usually quite particular about food.
297956297956B001KUVTM2A1AKPKV054ZJ07Eureka M. Collins "It's ME!"0051292976000Exactly what I ordered!I've been craving some really good melt in your mouth truffles, so I purchased these with 2 day shipment on a Monday. Imagine my surprise when they arrived on TUESDAY! I was over the moon lol. Anywho, they arrived just fine. Not melted at all.
297957297957B001KUVTM2A3QOOPQLWV9KV5Pioneer Mamma0051292889600most amazing chocolate everEach year a friend gives me a pound of these.. They are the most amazing chocolates ever!! So very smooth and creamy.
297958297958B001KUVTM2AWJOOK90C48O5G. Grazian0051261872000Amazingly good!These truffles are not to be missed! They are actually worth the calories. If you need a chocolate fix, they really do satisfy that chocolate experience, with no regrets. They melt in your mouth and much too fast! You will want another, but they are very rich and you can't eat too many.
297959297959B001KUVTM2A3R8WYDFATPUM4Debra H. Wruble0051232236800Sinfully deliciousThis chocolate was the most marvelous candy I have ever tasted. The package arrived on time for my holiday celebration and they even threw in a little "Thank you" sample pack. Will definitely order again.
297960297960B001KUVTM2A3MHAYWZDGJH07Wendy Daniels-keene "wendydk"0051232064000HOLY HEAVENLY CHOCOLATEI have never ever ever tasted chocolate like this. The taste is to die for, the texture is so pure and smooth. Totally unreal. Normally I hate getting candy as a Christmas present, but this stuff was phenomonal, and now I scour the internet for more.

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