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297961297961B001KUVTM2A19MKY6VLYA33VL. Harvey "laurathelatterdayleadfoot"0051231718400very low melting pointThese chocolates have that texture that is unique to the tropical oils that they use--a very low melting point. This means that they melt in your mouth much faster than milk chocolate. They remind me of an old chocolate candy called the Icecube--they were individually wrapped squares that were sold in a plastic tub by the cash register at gas stations and hardware stores for 5 cents, then later 10 cents. The truffles have very few (if any?) artificial ingredients. I Loooovvve them.
297962297962B001KUVTM2A1DXWTPDMMUO61Rusty 260051230768000Dove convertMy family had been in love with Dove Dark Chocolate. When we received a gift of Donckels Belgian Truffles, we were amazed! The taste is so smooth. Absolutely delicious! No bitterness. No edgy aftertaste, just deliciously silky. You have to try it! So now it's Dove for everyday, but Truffles for special treats.
297963297963B001KUVTM2A21J2S10OAYZTOGretchen R. Tinjum0051230163200Awesome!I bought a 3-pack of these 1# boxes, and wanted to try them before giving them as a gift to make sure they tasted ok. WOW!!!!! I will be buying these as often as I can find them! They melt in your mouth after the initial taste of unsweetened cocoa. I need more!!
297964297964B001KUVTM2AVU7WTJAV14OYBenjamin Call0051229904000Perfection!!You will be a smiling chocolately mess after a run in with these awesome truffles!! A++++++
297965297965B001KUVTM2A26YL5SCHEG6JQD. Smith "Global Nomad"0051229644800Chocolate Lovers Must haveThese truffles melt in your mouth! Really!! They are wonderful!! If you love chocolate you will love these!!
297966297966B001KUVTM2A26ZALVN3EO03DDavid0111333843200DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLERDO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER (Sold by: Jana J Marcum)...I ordered 3 boxes of Truffles from 3 different sellers that came in one shipping package, the chocolate i ordered from this seller came in completely melted in one brick and the top of my box was TAPED. The other two boxes of chocolate were PERFECT. This was an anniversity gift for my parents, the good thing was i didnt just give them chocolate.The Bad part is that my parents love chocolate.
297967297967B001KUVTM2A3D73AHGO8T8JHNelco_ut0111333670400WTF!!OK this was rediculous!!! I got this Belgian truffles and some Frensh ones also. The french truffles were ok and Delisiouse. I finaly get to these ones and to my supprise, IT IS A SOLID BRICK!! This sucker has been melted, at the distriputers place. I had these things in my bedroom on the floor and there is no way it could have melted in my posestion. B/c it is in a box I had no way of knowing what was up inside. I contacted the dealer and told him what was going on and That was over 7 months ago. Im a little ticked off that I have waisted so much money and got ripped off. Ill have to see .
297968297968B001KUVTM2ARZVGFMPOAF80amazonshopper0111294099200Arrived in one solid block of chocolateReceived as a gift and at first thought it had happened in shipping. However, three other family members in different parts of the country also received these and all the packages arrived in a melted block of chocolate. Very disappointed and hope the gift giver asked for a refund.
297969297969B001KUVTM2A2A1XYSB692L6JPatricia "A Reader"1341308960000S C R U M P T I O U S......B U T ---- I S.....S O M E T H I N G.....M I S S I N G....? ?A friend of mine surprised me with a gift of these CHOCOLATE BELGIAN TRUFFLES COCOA DUSTED 1 LB. FOIL BAG ONLY - GIFT BOX NOT INCLUDED. Exactly the same as advertised on Amazon.

I had seen this advertised on Amazon, and it did indeed look enticing....but for some reason, never bought it. Hmmmmm..... I have ALWAYS liked chocolate truffles, (sold for many years at "The Garden Bakery Shop", in Little Neck, Queens, NY -- until it recently closed, and was turned into a MacDonalds :_( and, a bit more recently, having tasted Belgian chocolate for the first time, have become a true fan of Belgian chocolates, as well. The very words, "Belgian Chocolate Truffles", seem to combine
the best WITH the best, (like winning the Powerball Lottery top prize AND the Publisher's Clearing House top prize, in the same year!), and, though perhaps later buying what promised to be scrumptious little morsels would probably not do my pocketbook very much good, my taste-buds were already cheering in anticipation, like fans at the Kentucky Derby!

Well, they sure ARE delicious! A VERY close second-best chocolate I've ever tasted! (No. 1 place STILL has to go to GUYLIAN Belgian Chocolate Sea-Shells....which I recommend, (heartily!), to anyone who, like me, enjoys the Belgian Chocolate Truffles, herein being reviewed.) Absolutely yummy, is how these wonderful little truffles taste. Sweet -- but with an underlying taste of '100% chocolate without sugar"....the deeper, richer flavour of all dark chocolate....only here, it is darker, and richer, than in any other dark chocolate I have ever tasted! In sum -- total yum! But -- are they truly "truffles"? EVERY other chcolate truffle I have ever tasted, has GROUND HAZELNUTS as an ingredient. Here, the word "hazelnut" is not to be found amongst the ingredients at all! Can it be that makers of NON-Belgian cocolate truffles, (such as I have always had before), add the ground hazelnuts to THEIR non-Belgian chocolates taste a bit like the Belgian chocolates? Or is it that somehow, DONCKELS, (manufacturers of these Beligan truffles), have just decided to leave the ground hazelnuts out???? To me, "chocolate truffles" has ALWAYS meant "they include ground hazelnuts"....but, although THESE chocolate truffles STILL taste VERY good without the hazelnuts, I can't help wondering if they might taste even better WITH the inclusion of the ground hazelnuts(??????)

In any event, these ARE truly scrumptious chocolates, which I will now happily recommend to all my friends who like ANY type of chocolate! They make a great gift...and the beautifully-designed box that they DO come in, really needs no extra gift-wrapping....unless you wish to put in over this box.


As I mentioned, I got my box of these delicious chocolate truffles as a gift....from a friend who probably bought them at a brick-and-mortar store, offline. WILL I ever by them myself, through Amazon? Well, although I truly do enjoy the convenience of buying through Amazon, reading some of the other reviews, of people who have bought THEIR boxes of thse Chocolate Belgian Truffles here...and who have received only "big white glops of.....SOMETHING", makes me wary of buying THIS PARTICULAR item through Amazon. (Although I do give many thanks and kudos to Amazon for publishing these critical reviews.) Maybe I'll buy only one bag....when it is again first available, (and fresh?) Or maybe not -- maybe I'll just buy it at a land-based store? It seems to anthropomorpizing-loving me, (that is, I enjoy making -- in my imagination -- inanimate objects into living beings), that the three truffles pictured on the front of the lovely box of these Donckel's chocolate confectins, are positioned so that they appear to be speaking with each other, discussing this, (and perhpas other, how to keep their price low, but their quality high)? I surely hope that any of these truffles purchased in the future, contain boxes with CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES, and NOT "white glop". Like many people, I am one of those who enjoys horror movies on the MOVIE SCREEN -- and NOT in reality, either in my mailbox, my table, or my plate, or wherever!
297970297970B001FA1L3YAZZMDW27MUJR6P. Preston "Paolo Presta"7751256860800Better Than ButtermilkIt doesn't happen often that I say this but this product SACO Cultured Buttermilk is better than the real thing. I first used this over 10 years ago. I love buttermilk waffles and despite my love for buttermilk on it's own to drink I seemed to consistently end up throwing away some before I used it all. Not with SACO Cultured Buttermilk. It mixes well in the dry ingredients and all you do is add the recommended about of water to hydrate it; that is in addition to whatever liquid the recipe calls for. I've found that even the flavor is better, richer. Just as with the real deal you must refrigerate it but the shelf life is HUGELY different.
I am now using this to make scones but I have made biscuits, dressing, pancakes and cakes with it and all have come out perfectly.
Give it a shot you wont be disappointed that it's better than buttermilk.
297971297971B001FA1L3YA2OO1M80YRVY9MR. Lopez3351321488000Convenient and effectiveThis is an excellent product for us because we just don't have or keep any milk based products in our home so whenever we want o make some buttermilk soaked fried chicken (delicious!) we would have to run to the store just to buy a cartoon, half of which goes to waste. With Saco, we now always have buttermilk powder on hand, there is no waste and it makes the best tasting fried chicken we have made to date.
297972297972B001FA1L3YA1WRTTY0K4JOYHJoyce M. Dodd1151297468800Could not live without this buttermilk powder!!I have used this for YEARS, and when my local stores weren't carrying it, I found it through Amazon. Such a great product when making anything requiring buttermilk - especially our morning buttermilk pancakes. This takes a load off having to buy and store liquid buttermilk - which does not have a long shelf life. I keep this in the refrigerator after opening, and always have buttermilk when I need it.
297973297973B001FA1L3YAZ7XC1X07STCGTrudie Case "fabric lover"1151282521600Great ProductI have used this product years ago and could not find it anywhere at any of the stores for two years. I did a search on line and found it! This product is the "real" buttermilk you will ever find!
297974297974B001FA1L3YA302TULFRIRA4DLhasa lady3451277596800buttermilk powderI have lhasa apsos and show them at dog shows. someone told me this product would help eliminate tear stains that are common in all long coated breeds. I sprinkle 1/2 tsp over the food of those with light colored coats. It will take a while for it to work but have found that the dogs love it. The taste of the powder seems to encourage the dogs to eat all their food which is great. The packaging of this product is perfect and the price is totally competitive. Will certainly buy again. Always looking for natural remedies that are safe for the dogs.
297975297975B001FA1L3YAJU5WLLEHPZ3XNoTexasCowboy "NoTexasCowboy"00313500864002 stars off for bad packaging!The 'cans' this product are shipped in are flimsy cardboard tubes with a seal on it. The 'can' can easily be dented and ruptured through normal handling, which is indeed what happened to two of 6 cans. When the package arrived, I was surprised it was delivered as it was leaking a 'mysterious yellow powder'. At least the SWAT team wasn't called!!

The product itself is good, and works for what I wanted to use it for, buttermilk biscuits. However, in this day and age of pretty good packaging, this is just silly. A vacuum sealed plastic bag would be better! (and probably cheaper!)
297976297976B001FA1L3YA3THDD4GHXL76SShutterbug Granny0051349654400This has become a must-have in my kitchen!Perfect to have on hand. It makes breadmaker bread taste so good, and I can make so many more recipes now that I don't have to run to the store for buttermilk. Much better results than the taste of using vinegar to substitute for buttermilk.
297977297977B001FA1L3YA2FDV9F2NI0C6DCorinne Allen "cori"0051347494400Can't find buttermilk in MexicoI bought 6 cans to take with me to share with all my friends who like to cook in Mexico. Buttermilk is hard to find and being in powdered form makes it easy to store.
297978297978B001FA1L3YA2AV6EYCQ5OA30grandMOM0051325116800Good product, Price raised.Works great for gluten gree baking. I have used it for a long time.
Price really went up recently. Will look for it elsewhere.
297979297979B001FA1L3YA8CK1FN6JLX16Jocelyn Patterson3511315440000Total Disaster: Not as described, NO CANS!!!!!!!What I got was 6 flimsy cardboard containers of buttermilk shrink-wrapped and no bubblewrap in between box and item, resulting in a total mess of powdered buttermilk everywhere inside the shrink-wrap. 3 of the 6 buttermilk containers were dented and two of them had the lids off when I got it. Buttermilk powder was everywhere. How do I get a refund or the items sent in cans as the description read? This item is not shippable in flimsy cardboard containers. It must be mailed in cans. That is what I was expecting!!!!!
297980297980B000BUVXX2A49RBJ2GT51XHWells Fargo "Lawrence"0151266710400Fasachi Sun Drenched SplurgeGot a box of these for my son's family and they said they really really enjoyed them very much.
297981297981B0032YD15CA15UXFXH7CSU9YNina Escover1141332115200Realized its Smallwell it's a fave thing for my bf.. but i guess its a lil too small for a big KID like him..
297982297982B0032YD15CAFT76U9IPWJMAmanda3421314403200Cute jar, DONT EATSo the packaging was not correct for "food" items, the gummy bears were all stuck together onto one side, all gross. And they were cooked almost hott and gross. Im going to have to go buy new gummy bears to put into the jar. Not worth the money. Get a normal jar for gummy bears.
297983297983B007IVEZFUA23GI206WF22V8patricia bucy1131338768000ajika garlic powderI received the garlic powder with 2 others items that I had ordered. The problem that I had with this order is that there is no paper seal in the top of the jar. The lid had come loose and garlic powder was all over the other two items. The other items were wrapped in plastic so I just had to wash the garlic powder from the plastic. I haven't tasted the garlic powder yet but it has a strong garlic smell so I'm sure it's probably very good. The company does need to something about not having any paper seal between the lid and the powder so this doesn't happen to anyone else.
297984297984B0045IO2VQA2ZKNGL20FBK2IShatzi Crabtree0051344643200Just Like Starb***s!I LOVE this! It's a wonderful drink for after dinner if you want a coffee with some sweetness. The sweet is not overpowering, it is very similar to Starbucks' Cafe Mocha. Add some Reddi-Whip and you have your own Mocha made at home!
297985297985B0045IO2VQA1WPAZEH2AELTWDawn Sobraski0031322265600GoodAgain, I purchased this primarily for use by my young-adult son. He likes it. I, however, prefer real brewed coffee and then mix in my own chocolate and cream. But, good for something quick while running out the door - and it doesn't cost $4!
297986297986B0045IO2VQA1ZOSA5H982BZGJudy0051322179200YUMMY COFFEEIf you love you Keurig, you will love this coffee. It is a perfect mix of coffee and chocolate!! Received the order fast and have been enjoying on these cool fall mornings and evenings. A MUST TRY!!
297987297987B0045IO2VQA1LJ1L00Z8DBF3JNH1251326067200Good Coffee (Chocolate flavor)This isn't hot chocolate, it is Mocha Flavored Coffee. It was exactly what we were looking for and we have enjoyed it very much.
297988297988B0045IO2VQA3B6CFZ8GA2BC0The Sims1211323388800Caveat Emptor...I was hoping for a creamy, mocha-type drink that tasted more like mocha than coffee or hot chocolate. What I didn't expect was a cup of chemical soup! This has the worst aftertaste you can imagine. It's like drinking a cup of watery saccharin. I would definitely not order this again, and in fact will have to just write the expenditure off to experience when I dump the remaining 15 k-cups in the bin. Hate to be so harsh, but this stuff is nasty!
297989297989B0045IO2VQA2F0ZGQVP6OBH9RPM etc.1231298073600More on the hot chocolate sideThe cafe mocha taste good but is a little week on the actual coffee part. It pretty much tastes like hot chocolate with a splash of coffee flavoring. Prefer to have an espresso taste with chocolate flavoring. Ended up brewing an espresso blend
k-cup and then mixing it with a brewed cafe mocha. Made a big cup of coffee that was great for sharing. Tasted more like a mocha you'd get from a coffee shop.
297990297990B0045IO2VQA3F6BBR23CNWAZmallgirl2411296604800disappointed and overpricesI have been so anxious to try other flavors for my Keurig coffee maker. I want to find something like a cappucino. I bought the Cafe Mocha Cafe Escapes and it tastes just like the hot chocolate and with shipping it was almost $20.00. I was very disappointed.

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