Today in History, English
Today in History, English

35131March 27Death1994 – Otto Bonsema, Dutch footballer and manager (b. 1909)
35132March 27Death1994 – Lawrence Wetherby, American lawyer and politician, 48th Governor of Kentucky (b. 1908)
35133March 27Death1995 – René Allio, French director and screenwriter (b. 1924)
35134March 27Death1995 – Paul Brinegar, American actor (b. 1917)
35135March 27Death1995 – Albert Drach, Austrian lawyer and author (b. 1902)
35136March 27Death1995 – Maurizio Gucci, Italian businessman (b. 1948)
35137March 27Death1995 – Margita Figuli, Slovakian author and translator (b. 1909)
35138March 27Death1995 – Asher Hassin, Moroccan-Israeli educator and politician (b. 1918)
35139March 27Death1995 – Tony Lovink, Dutch politician, Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies (b. 1902)
35140March 27Death1995 – Imre Nyéki, Hungarian swimmer (b. 1928)
35141March 27Death1996 – Seán Browne, Irish politician (b. 1916)
35142March 27Death1996 – Ignace Kowalczyk, German-French footballer (b. 1913)
35143March 27Death1996 – Alfred Hirschmeier, German art director and production designer (b. 1931)
35144March 27Death1996 – André Lefevere, Belgian-American linguist and theorist (b. 1945)
35145March 27Death1996 – Samuel Schoenbaum, American scholar and author (b. 1927)
35146March 27Death1996 – Joan Sterndale-Bennett, English actress (b. 1914)
35147March 27Death1996 – Alfred Waterman, English cricketer (b. 1911)
35148March 27Death1996 – Howard Wyeth, American drummer and pianist (b. 1944)
35149March 27Death1997 – George Malcolm Brown, English geologist and academic (b. 1925)
35150March 27Death1997 – Lane Dwinell, American businessman and politician, 69th Governor of New Hampshire (b. 1906)
35151March 27Death1997 – Birger Hatlebakk, Norwegian businessman and politician (b. 1912)
35152March 27Death1997 – Charles Lillard, American-Canadian historian, author, and poet (b. 1944)
35153March 27Death1997 – Ella Maillart, Swiss skier, sailor, field hockey player, and photographer (b. 1903)
35154March 27Death1997 – Émile Stijnen, Belgian footballer and manager (b. 1907)
35155March 27Death1998 – Julio César Britos, Uruguayan footballer (b. 1926)
35156March 27Death1998 – David McClelland, American psychologist and academic (b. 1917)
35157March 27Death1998 – Aghajani Kashmeri, Indian-Canadian screenwriter and poet (b. 1908)
35158March 27Death1998 – Ferdinand Anton Ernst Porsche, Austrian businessman (b. 1909)
35159March 27Death1998 – Karl-Adolf Zenker, German admiral (b. 1907)
35160March 27Death1999 – Michael Aris, Cuban-English author and academic (b. 1946)

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