Today in History, English
Today in History, English

35461March 28Birth1944 – Rick Barry, American basketball player and sportscaster
35462March 28Birth1944 – Ken Howard, American actor
35463March 28Birth1945 – Dan Alon, Israeli fencer
35464March 28Birth1945 – Björn Hamilton, Swedish engineer and politician
35465March 28Birth1946 – Wubbo Ockels, Dutch physicist and astronaut (d. 2014)
35466March 28Birth1946 – Henry Paulson, American banker and politician, 74th United States Secretary of the Treasury
35467March 28Birth1946 – Alejandro Toledo, Peruvian economist and politician, 48th President of Peru
35468March 28Birth1947 – Peter Hennessy, English historian and academic
35469March 28Birth1947 – John Records Landecker, American radio host
35470March 28Birth1947 – Greg Thompson, Canadian educator and politician, 25th Minister of Veterans Affairs
35471March 28Birth1948 – Matthew Corbett, English actor, puppeteer, and screenwriter
35472March 28Birth1948 – John Evan, English keyboard player, songwriter, and producer (Jethro Tull)
35473March 28Birth1948 – Dennis Unkovic, American lawyer and author
35474March 28Birth1948 – Dianne Wiest, American actress
35475March 28Birth1948 – Milan Williams, American keyboard player (The Commodores) (d. 2006)
35476March 28Birth1949 – Frank Kopel, Scottish footballer and manager (d. 2014)
35477March 28Birth1949 – Timothy O'Shea, German-English academic
35478March 28Birth1949 – Ronnie Ray Smith, American sprinter (d. 2013)
35479March 28Birth1950 – Claudio Lolli, Italian singer-songwriter
35480March 28Birth1951 – Karen Kain, Canadian ballerina
35481March 28Birth1951 – Matti Pellonpää, Finnish actor and singer (d. 1995)
35482March 28Birth1952 – Keith Ashfield, Canadian politician
35483March 28Birth1952 – Tony Brise, English race car driver (d. 1975)
35484March 28Birth1953 – Rosemary Ashe, English actress and singer
35485March 28Birth1953 – Melchior Ndadaye, Burundian banker and politician, 4th President of Burundi (d. 1993)
35486March 28Birth1954 – Donald Brown, American pianist and educator (The Jazz Messengers)
35487March 28Birth1954 – Morris Mason, American rapist and murderer (d. 1985)
35488March 28Birth1955 – John Alderdice, Baron Alderdice, Irish psychiatrist and politician, 1st Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly
35489March 28Birth1955 – Roger Harrabin, English journalist
35490March 28Birth1955 – Reba McEntire, American singer-songwriter, producer, and actress

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