Today in History, English
Today in History, English

35731March 28Death2012 – Earl Scruggs, American banjo player (Foggy Mountain Boys) (b. 1924)
35732March 28Death2012 – Addie L. Wyatt, American pastor and activist (b. 1924)
35733March 28Death2013 – George E. P. Box, English-American statistician and educator (b. 1919)
35734March 28Death2013 – Manuel García Ferré, Spanish-Argentinian director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1929)
35735March 28Death2013 – Richard Griffiths, English actor (b. 1947)
35736March 28Death2013 – Soraya Jiménez, Mexican weightlifter (b. 1977)
35737March 28Death2013 – Art Malone, American race car driver (b. 1936)
35738March 28Death2013 – Hugh McCracken, American guitarist, harmonica player, and producer (b. 1942)
35739March 28Death2013 – Heinz Patzig, German footballer and manager (b. 1929)
35740March 28Death2013 – Bob Teague, American college football star and television news-reporter (b. 1929)
35741March 28Death2013 – Gus Triandos, American baseball player and scout (b. 1930)
35742March 28Death2013 – Robert Zildjian, American businessman, founded Sabian (b. 1923)
35743March 28Death2014 – Jeremiah Denton, American admiral and politician (b. 1924)
35744March 28Death2014 – Edwin Kagin, American soldier and lawyer (b. 1940)
35745March 28Death2014 – Lorenzo Semple, Jr., American screenwriter and producer (b. 1923)
35746March 28Death2014 – Avraham Yaski, Israeli architect and academic (b. 1927)
35747March 28Death2015 – Chuck Brayton, American baseball player and coach (b. 1925)
35748March 28Death2015 – Joseph Cassidy, Canadian-English priest and academic (b. 1954)
35749March 28Death2015 – Miroslav Ondříček, Czech cinematographer (b. 1934)
35750March 28Death2015 – Gene Saks, American actor and director (b. 1921)
35751March 28Death2015 – Walter Schuck, German lieutenant and pilot (b. 1920)
35752March 28Holiday and observanceChristian feast day:Stephen HardingGuntramPriscusPope Sixtus IIIMarch 28 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
35753March 28Holiday and observanceCommemoration of Sen no Rikyū (Schools of Japanese tea ceremony)
35754March 28Holiday and observanceSerfs Emancipation Day (Tibet)
35755March 28Holiday and observanceTeachers' Day (Czech Republic and Slovakia)
35756March 29Event502 – King Gundobad issues a new legal code (Lex Burgundionum) at Lyon that makes Gallo-Romans and Burgundians subject to the same laws.
35757March 29Event1430 – The Ottoman Empire under Murad II captures the Byzantine city of Thessalonica.
35758March 29Event1461 – Wars of the Roses: Battle of Towton – Edward of York defeats Queen Margaret to become King Edward IV of England.
35759March 29Event1500 – Cesare Borgia is given the title of Captain General and Gonfalonier by his father Rodrigo Borgia after returning from his conquests in the Romagna.
35760March 29Event1549 – The city of Salvador da Bahia, the first capital of Brazil, is founded.

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