Today in History, English
Today in History, English

37051March 31Death1931 – Knute Rockne, American football player and coach (b. 1888)
37052March 31Death1935 – Georges V. Matchabelli, Georgian-American businessman and diplomat, founded Prince Matchabelli perfume (b. 1885)
37053March 31Death1935 – Concordia Selander, Swedish actress and manager (b. 1861)
37054March 31Death1939 – Ioannis Tsangaridis, Greek general (b. 1887)
37055March 31Death1944 – Mineichi Koga, Japanese admiral (b. 1885)
37056March 31Death1945 – Frank Findlay, New Zealand banker and politician (b. 1884)
37057March 31Death1945 – Hans Fischer, German chemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1881)
37058March 31Death1950 – Robert Natus, Estonian architect (b. 1890)
37059March 31Death1952 – Wallace H. White, Jr., American lawyer and politician (b. 1877)
37060March 31Death1956 – Ralph DePalma, Italian-American race car driver and actor (b. 1884)
37061March 31Death1968 – Grover Lowdermilk, American baseball player (b. 1885)
37062March 31Death1972 – Meena Kumari, Indian actress (b. 1932)
37063March 31Death1975 – Percy Alliss, English golfer (b. 1897)
37064March 31Death1976 – Paul Strand, American photographer and director (b. 1890)
37065March 31Death1978 – Charles Herbert Best, American-Canadian physiologist and biochemist, co-discovered Insulin (b. 1899)
37066March 31Death1980 – Vladimír Holan, Czech poet and author (b. 1905)
37067March 31Death1980 – Jesse Owens, American sprinter and long jumper (b. 1913)
37068March 31Death1981 – Enid Bagnold, English author and playwright (b. 1889)
37069March 31Death1983 – Christina Stead, Australian author and academic (b. 1902)
37070March 31Death1984 – Ronald Clark O'Bryan, American murderer (b. 1944)
37071March 31Death1986 – O'Kelly Isley, Jr., American singer-songwriter (The Isley Brothers) (b. 1937)
37072March 31Death1986 – Jerry Paris, American actor and director (b. 1925)
37073March 31Death1988 – William McMahon, Australian lawyer and politician, 20th Prime Minister of Australia (b. 1908)
37074March 31Death1993 – Chichay, Filipino actress (b. 1918)
37075March 31Death1993 – Brandon Lee, American actor and martial artist (b. 1965)
37076March 31Death1993 – Mitchell Parish, Lithuanian-American songwriter (b. 1900)
37077March 31Death1995 – Selena, American singer-songwriter (Selena y Los Dinos) (b. 1971)
37078March 31Death1996 – Jeffrey Lee Pierce, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Gun Club) (b. 1958)
37079March 31Death1998 – Bella Abzug, American lawyer and politician (b. 1920)
37080March 31Death1998 – Tim Flock, American race car driver (b. 1924)

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