Today in History, English
Today in History, English

38731April 4Birth1958 – Mary-Margaret Humes, American model and actress
38732April 4Birth1958 – Peter Baltes, German bass player (Accept)
38733April 4Birth1959 – Phil Morris, American actor and screenwriter
38734April 4Birth1960 – Jane Eaglen, English soprano
38735April 4Birth1960 – Scott Miller, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Game Theory and The Loud Family) (d. 2013)
38736April 4Birth1960 – Hugo Weaving, Nigerian-Australian actor and producer
38737April 4Birth1961 – Tom Byron, American porn actor and director
38738April 4Birth1961 – Hildi Santo-Tomas, American interior decorator
38739April 4Birth1962 – Craig Adams, English bass player and songwriter (The Sisters of Mercy, The Mission, The Alarm, Spear of Destiny, and Theatre of Hate)
38740April 4Birth1962 – Kailasho Devi, Indian social worker and politician
38741April 4Birth1962 – Ava Fabian, American model and actress
38742April 4Birth1962 – Marco Giovannetti, Italian cyclist
38743April 4Birth1962 – Anita Renfroe, American comedian
38744April 4Birth1963 – A. Michael Baldwin, American actor, producer, and screenwriter
38745April 4Birth1963 – Jack Del Rio, American football player and coach
38746April 4Birth1963 – Dale Hawerchuk, Canadian ice hockey player and coach
38747April 4Birth1963 – Jane McDonald, English singer and actress
38748April 4Birth1963 – Graham Norton, Irish actor and talk show host
38749April 4Birth1964 – Branco, Brazilian footballer and coach
38750April 4Birth1964 – Dr. Chud, American drummer and singer (Misfits, Graves, Kryst the Conqueror, and Dr. Chud's X-Ward)
38751April 4Birth1964 – Anthony Clark, American actor
38752April 4Birth1964 – David Cross, American actor, producer, and screenwriter
38753April 4Birth1964 – Laurie Hibberd, Canadian journalist
38754April 4Birth1964 – Riduan Isamuddin, Indonesian terrorist
38755April 4Birth1964 – Robbie Rist, American actor and singer
38756April 4Birth1965 – Vinny Burns, English guitarist and producer (Dare, Ten, and Ultravox)
38757April 4Birth1965 – Robert Downey Jr., American actor, singer, producer, and screenwriter
38758April 4Birth1965 – Sean Wilson, English actor
38759April 4Birth1966 – Nancy McKeon, American actress, director, and producer
38760April 4Birth1966 – Mike Starr, American bass player (Alice in Chains, Sun Red Sun, and Days of the New) (d. 2011)

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