Today in History, English
Today in History, English

40531April 8Birth1955 – Kane Hodder, American actor and stuntman
40532April 8Birth1955 – Ron Johnson, American businessman and politician
40533April 8Birth1955 – Barbara Kingsolver, American author and poet
40534April 8Birth1955 – David Wu, Taiwanese-American lawyer and politician
40535April 8Birth1956 – Christine Boisson, French actress
40536April 8Birth1956 – Roman Dragoun, Czech singer-songwriter and keyboard player (Progres 2)
40537April 8Birth1956 – Jim Piddock, English actor, producer, and screenwriter
40538April 8Birth1956 – Justin Sullivan, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (New Model Army)
40539April 8Birth1957 – Anthony Michaels-Moore, English opera singer
40540April 8Birth1957 – Fred Smerlas, American football player and radio host
40541April 8Birth1958 – Detlef Bruckhoff, German footballer
40542April 8Birth1958 – Maarten Ducrot, Dutch cyclist and journalist
40543April 8Birth1958 – Tom Petranoff, American javelin thrower and coach
40544April 8Birth1959 – Alain Bondue, French cyclist
40545April 8Birth1960 – Daniël Dekker, Dutch radio host
40546April 8Birth1960 – John Schneider, American actor, singer, director, and producer
40547April 8Birth1961 – Élise Guilbault, Canadian actress
40548April 8Birth1961 – Brian McDermott, English footballer and manager
40549April 8Birth1962 – Paddy Lowe, English engineer
40550April 8Birth1962 – Izzy Stradlin, American guitarist and songwriter (Guns N' Roses and Hollywood Rose)
40551April 8Birth1963 – Julian Lennon, English singer-songwriter, actor, and photographer
40552April 8Birth1963 – Terry Porter, American basketball player and coach
40553April 8Birth1963 – Donita Sparks, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (L7 and Donita Sparks and the Stellar Moments)
40554April 8Birth1963 – Tine Asmundsen, Norwegian bassist
40555April 8Birth1963 – Seth Tobias, American businessman (d. 2007)
40556April 8Birth1964 – Biz Markie, American rapper, producer, and actor (Juice Crew)
40557April 8Birth1964 – John McGinlay, Scottish footballer and manager
40558April 8Birth1965 – Steven Blaney, Canadian businessman and politician, 5th Canadian Minister of Public Safety
40559April 8Birth1965 – Michael Jones, New Zealand rugby player and coach
40560April 8Birth1966 – Mazinho, Brazilian footballer, coach, and manager

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