Today in History, English
Today in History, English

40741April 9Event1918 – The National Council of Bessarabia proclaims union with the Kingdom of Romania.
40742April 9Event1937 – The Kamikaze arrives at Croydon Airport in London. It is the first Japanese-built aircraft to fly to Europe.
40743April 9Event1939 – Marian Anderson sings at the Lincoln Memorial, after being denied the right to sing at the Daughters of the American Revolution's Constitution Hall.
40744April 9Event1940 – World War II: Operation Weserübung: Germany invades Denmark and Norway.
40745April 9Event1940 – Vidkun Quisling seizes power in Norway.
40746April 9Event1942 – World War II: The Battle of Bataan/Bataan Death March: United States forces surrender on the Bataan Peninsula. The Japanese Navy launches an air raid on Trincomalee in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Hermes and Royal Australian N
40747April 9Event1945 – World War II: The German pocket battleship Admiral Scheer is sunk by the Royal Air Force
40748April 9Event1945 – World War II: The Battle of Königsberg, in East Prussia, ends.
40749April 9Event1945 – The United States Atomic Energy Commission is formed.
40750April 9Event1947 – The Glazier–Higgins–Woodward tornadoes kill 181 and injure 970 in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.
40751April 9Event1947 – The Journey of Reconciliation, the first interracial Freedom Ride begins through the upper South in violation of Jim Crow laws. The riders wanted enforcement of the United States Supreme Court's 1946 Irene Morgan decision that banned racial segrega
40752April 9Event1948 – Jorge Eliécer Gaitán's assassination provokes a violent riot in Bogotá (the Bogotazo), and a further ten years of violence in Colombia known as La violencia.
40753April 9Event1948 – Fighters from the Irgun and Lehi Zionist paramilitary groups attacked Deir Yassin near Jerusalem, killing over 100.
40754April 9Event1952 – Hugo Ballivián's government is overthrown by the Bolivian National Revolution, starting a period of agrarian reform, universal suffrage and the nationalisation of tin mines
40755April 9Event1957 – The Suez Canal in Egypt is cleared and opens to shipping.
40756April 9Event1959 – Project Mercury: NASA announces the selection of the United States' first seven astronauts, whom the news media quickly dub the "Mercury Seven".
40757April 9Event1960 – Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd, Prime Minister of South Africa and architect of apartheid, narrowly survives an assassination attempt by a white farmer called David Pratt in Johannesburg.
40758April 9Event1961 – The Pacific Electric Railway in Los Angeles, once the largest electric railway in the world, ends operations.
40759April 9Event1965 – Astrodome opens. First indoor baseball game is played.
40760April 9Event1967 – The first Boeing 737 (a 100 series) makes its maiden flight.
40761April 9Event1969 – The "Chicago Eight" plead not guilty to federal charges of conspiracy to incite a riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.
40762April 9Event1969 – The first British-built Concorde 002 makes its maiden flight from Filton to RAF Fairford.
40763April 9Event1975 – The first game of the Philippine Basketball Association, the second oldest professional basketball league in the world.
40764April 9Event1975 – Eight people in South Korea, who are involved in People's Revolutionary Party Incident, are hanged.
40765April 9Event1980 – The Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein kills philosopher Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr and his sister Bint al-Huda after three days of torture.
40766April 9Event1981 – The U.S. Navy nuclear submarine USS George Washington accidentally collides with the Nissho Maru, a Japanese cargo ship, sinking it.
40767April 9Event1989 – The April 9 tragedy in Tbilisi, Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic, an anti-Soviet peaceful demonstration and hunger strikes, demanding restoration of Georgian independence is dispersed by the Soviet army, resulting in 20 deaths and hundreds of inj
40768April 9Event1991 – Georgia declares independence from the Soviet Union
40769April 9Event1992 – A U.S. Federal Court finds former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega guilty of drug and racketeering charges. He is sentenced to 30 years in prison.
40770April 9Event1999 – Kosovo War: The Battle of Košare begins.

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