Today in History, English
Today in History, English

41341April 10Birth1962 – Steve Tasker, American football player and sportscaster
41342April 10Birth1962 – Viktor Zuikov, Estonian fencer
41343April 10Birth1963 – Warren DeMartini, American guitarist and songwriter (Ratt)
41344April 10Birth1963 – Jeff Gray, American baseball player and coach
41345April 10Birth1963 – Doris Leuthard, Swiss lawyer and politician, 162nd President of the Swiss Confederation
41346April 10Birth1964 – Manon Bollegraf, Dutch tennis player
41347April 10Birth1964 – Felicia Collins, American singer and guitarist (CBS Orchestra)
41348April 10Birth1964 – Gopinath Muthukad, Indian magician and stuntman
41349April 10Birth1965 – Tim Alexander, American drummer and songwriter (Primus and Major Lingo)
41350April 10Birth1966 – Steve Claridge, English footballer, manager, and sportscaster
41351April 10Birth1967 – Donald Dufresne, Canadian ice hockey player and coach
41352April 10Birth1967 – David Rovics, American singer-songwriter
41353April 10Birth1968 – Metin Göktepe, Turkish photographer and journalist (d. 1996)
41354April 10Birth1968 – Orlando Jones, American actor, producer, and screenwriter
41355April 10Birth1969 – Billy Jayne, American actor, musician, and director
41356April 10Birth1969 – Ekaterini Koffa, Greek sprinter
41357April 10Birth1970 – Q-Tip, American rapper, producer, and actor (A Tribe Called Quest)
41358April 10Birth1970 – Enrico Ciccone, Canadian ice hockey player
41359April 10Birth1970 – Leonard Doroftei, Romanian-Canadian boxer
41360April 10Birth1970 – Kenny Lattimore, American singer-songwriter
41361April 10Birth1971 – Brad William Henke, American football player and actor
41362April 10Birth1971 – Indro Olumets, Estonian footballer and coach
41363April 10Birth1971 – Al Reyes, Dominican-American baseball player
41364April 10Birth1971 – Nana Smith, American-Japanese tennis player
41365April 10Birth1972 – Ed Byrne, Irish actor, producer, and screenwriter
41366April 10Birth1972 – Priit Kasesalu, Estonian computer programmer, co-created Skype
41367April 10Birth1973 – Guillaume Canet, French actor and director
41368April 10Birth1973 – Roberto Carlos, Brazilian footballer and manager
41369April 10Birth1973 – Aidan Moffat, Scottish singer-songwriter (Arab Strap and The Reindeer Section)
41370April 10Birth1973 – Christopher Simmons, Canadian-American graphic designer, author, and academic

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