Today in History, English
Today in History, English

42541April 13Birth1931 – Dan Gurney, American race car driver and engineer
42542April 13Birth1931 – Jon Stone, American composer, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1997)
42543April 13Birth1932 – Orlando Letelier, Chilean-American economist and politician, Chilean Minister of National Defense (d. 1976)
42544April 13Birth1933 – Ben Nighthorse Campbell, American soldier and politician
42545April 13Birth1934 – John Muckler, Canadian ice hockey player, coach, and manager
42546April 13Birth1935 – Lyle Waggoner, American actor
42547April 13Birth1936 – Pierre Rosenberg, French historian and academic
42548April 13Birth1937 – Edward Fox, English actor
42549April 13Birth1937 – Lanford Wilson, American playwright, co-founded the Circle Repertory Company (d. 2011)
42550April 13Birth1938 – Klaus Lehnertz, German pole vaulter
42551April 13Birth1938 – John Weston, English poet and diplomat
42552April 13Birth1939 – Seamus Heaney, Irish poet and playwright, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2013)
42553April 13Birth1939 – Paul Sorvino, American actor, singer, and director
42554April 13Birth1940 – Mike Beuttler, Egyptian-English race car driver (d. 1988)
42555April 13Birth1940 – Lester Chambers, American singer-songwriter (The Chambers Brothers)
42556April 13Birth1940 – Vladimir Cosma, Romanian composer and conductor
42557April 13Birth1940 – J. M. G. Le Clézio, French author and academic, Nobel Prize laureate
42558April 13Birth1940 – Jim McNab, Scottish footballer (d. 2006)
42559April 13Birth1940 – Max Mosley, English race car driver and engineer, co-founded March Engineering
42560April 13Birth1941 – Michael Stuart Brown, American geneticist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate
42561April 13Birth1941 – Jean-Marc Reiser, French author and illustrator (d. 1983)
42562April 13Birth1941 – Marjorie Yates, English actress
42563April 13Birth1942 – Ataol Behramoğlu Turkish poet and author
42564April 13Birth1942 – Bill Conti, American composer and conductor
42565April 13Birth1943 – Billy Kidd, American skier
42566April 13Birth1943 – Tim Krabbé, Dutch journalist and author
42567April 13Birth1943 – Philip Norman, English journalist, author, and playwright
42568April 13Birth1944 – Franco Arese, Italian runner
42569April 13Birth1944 – Charles Burnett, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
42570April 13Birth1944 – Jack Casady, American bass player (Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna, and Jefferson Starship)

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