Today in History, English
Today in History, English

43891April 16Birth1936 – Tom Lodge, English radio host (d. 2012)
43892April 16Birth1937 – Vince Hill, English singer-songwriter, producer, and playwright
43893April 16Birth1937 – Vadim Kuzmin, Russian physicist and academic (d. 2015)
43894April 16Birth1937 – Gert Potgieter, South African hurdler and coach
43895April 16Birth1937 – George Steele, American wrestler and actor
43896April 16Birth1938 – Rich Rollins, American baseball player
43897April 16Birth1938 – Gordon Wilson, Scottish lawyer and politician
43898April 16Birth1939 – John Amabile, American football player and coach (d. 2012)
43899April 16Birth1939 – John Delafose, American accordion player (d. 1994)
43900April 16Birth1939 – Boris Dvornik, Croatian actor (d. 2008)
43901April 16Birth1939 – Dusty Springfield, English singer and record producer (The Lana Sisters and The Springfields) (d. 1999)
43902April 16Birth1940 – Benoît Bouchard, Canadian academic and politician, 18th Canadian Minister of Transport
43903April 16Birth1940 – Margaret Maden, English academic
43904April 16Birth1940 – Margrethe II of Denmark
43905April 16Birth1940 – Joan Snyder, American painter
43906April 16Birth1940 – Thomas Stonor, 7th Baron Camoys, English banker and politician, Lord Chamberlain of the United Kingdom
43907April 16Birth1941 – Allan Segal, American director and producer (d. 2012)
43908April 16Birth1942 – Jim Lonborg, American baseball player
43909April 16Birth1942 – Frank Williams, English businessman, founded the Williams F1 Racing Team
43910April 16Birth1943 – Ruth Madoc, English-Welsh actress and singer
43911April 16Birth1943 – Dave Peverett, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (Foghat and Savoy Brown) (d. 2000)
43912April 16Birth1943 – Morris Stevenson, Scottish footballer (d. 2014)
43913April 16Birth1943 – Petro Tyschtschenko, Austrian-German businessman
43914April 16Birth1944 – Sue Clifford, English environmentalist and academic, co-founded Common Ground
43915April 16Birth1945 – Tom Allen, American lawyer and politician
43916April 16Birth1945 – Sebastian Barker, English poet and journalist (d. 2014)
43917April 16Birth1946 – Margot Adler, American journalist and author (d. 2014)
43918April 16Birth1946 – Ernst Bakker, Dutch politician (d. 2014)
43919April 16Birth1946 – Johnnie Lewis, Liberian lawyer and politician, 18th Chief Justice of Liberia (d. 2015)
43920April 16Birth1946 – R. Carlos Nakai, American flute player

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