Today in History, English
Today in History, English

44101April 16Death1850 – Marie Tussaud, French-English sculptor, founded the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum (b. 1761)
44102April 16Death1859 – Alexis de Tocqueville, French historian and politician, French Minister of Foreign Affairs (b. 1805)
44103April 16Death1879 – Bernadette Soubirous, French nun and saint (b. 1844)
44104April 16Death1888 – Zygmunt Florenty Wróblewski, Polish physicist and chemist (b. 1845)
44105April 16Death1899 – Emilio Jacinto, Filipino journalist and activist (b. 1875)
44106April 16Death1904 – Maximilian Kronberger, German poet and author (b. 1888)
44107April 16Death1904 – Samuel Smiles, Scottish-English author (b. 1812)
44108April 16Death1914 – George William Hill, American astronomer and mathematician (b. 1838)
44109April 16Death1915 – Nelson W. Aldrich, American businessman and politician (b. 1841)
44110April 16Death1925 – Stefan Nerezov, Bulgarian general (b. 1867)
44111April 16Death1928 – Henry Birks, Canadian businessman, founded Henry Birks and Sons (b. 1840)
44112April 16Death1928 – Roman Steinberg, Estonian wrestler (b. 1900)
44113April 16Death1930 – José Carlos Mariátegui, Peruvian journalist, philosopher, and activist (b. 1894)
44114April 16Death1935 – Panait Istrati, Romanian journalist and author (b. 1884)
44115April 16Death1937 – Jay Johnson Morrow, American military engineer and politician, 3rd Governor of the Panama Canal Zone (b. 1870)
44116April 16Death1938 – Steve Bloomer, English footballer and manager (b. 1874)
44117April 16Death1941 – Josiah Stamp, 1st Baron Stamp, English economist and civil servant (b. 1880)
44118April 16Death1942 – Princess Alexandra of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (b. 1878)
44119April 16Death1942 – Denis St. George Daly, Irish polo player (b. 1862)
44120April 16Death1946 – Arthur Chevrolet, Swiss-American race car driver and engineer (b. 1884)
44121April 16Death1947 – Rudolf Höss, German SS officer (b. 1900)
44122April 16Death1950 – Eduard Oja, Estonian composer, conductor, and critic (b. 1905)
44123April 16Death1950 – Anders Peter Nielsen, Danish target shooter (b. 1867)
44124April 16Death1955 – David Kirkwood, Scottish engineer and politician (b. 1872)
44125April 16Death1957 – Johnny Torrio, Italian-American mobster (b. 1882)
44126April 16Death1958 – Rosalind Franklin, English biophysicist and academic (b. 1920)
44127April 16Death1959 – Charles Halton, American actor (b. 1876)
44128April 16Death1960 – Mihály Fekete, Hungarian actor, screenwriter and film director (b. 1884)
44129April 16Death1961 – Carl Hovland, American psychologist and academic (b. 1912)
44130April 16Death1965 – Francis Cecil Campbell Balfour, English Lieutenant-Colonel in the british Army and colonial administrator (b. 1884)

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