Today in History, English
Today in History, English

51361May.04Birth1944 – Peggy Santiglia, American singer-songwriter (The Angels and The Delicates)
51362May.04Birth1944 – Robin Sibson, English mathematician and academic
51363May.04Birth1944 – Russi Taylor, American voice actress and singer
51364May.04Birth1945 – Jan Mulder, Dutch footballer and journalist
51365May.04Birth1945 – N. Ram, Indian journalist
51366May.04Birth1946 – John Barnard, English car designer
51367May.04Birth1946 – Gary Bauer, American politician
51368May.04Birth1946 – John Watson, British race car driver
51369May.04Birth1947 – John Bosley, Canadian businessman and politician, 31st Canadian Speaker of the House of Commons
51370May.04Birth1947 – Richard Jenkins, American actor
51371May.04Birth1947 – Ronald Sørensen, Dutch historian and politician
51372May.04Birth1947 – Willem van Beusekom, Dutch radio and television host (d. 2006)
51373May.04Birth1947 – Trivimi Velliste, Estonian politician, 17th Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs
51374May.04Birth1948 – Alison Britton, English sculptor and educator
51375May.04Birth1948 – Hurley Haywood, American race car driver
51376May.04Birth1948 – George Tupou V of Tonga (d. 2012)
51377May.04Birth1949 – John Force, American race car driver
51378May.04Birth1949 – Stella Parton, American singer-songwriter and actress
51379May.04Birth1949 – Pekka Päivärinta, Finnish runner
51380May.04Birth1949 – Graham Swift, English author
51381May.04Birth1950 – Darryl Hunt, English bass player (The Pogues and Plummet Airlines)
51382May.04Birth1951 – Colin Bass, English bass player, songwriter, and producer (Camel and 3 Mustaphas 3)
51383May.04Birth1951 – Colleen Hanabusa, American lawyer and politician
51384May.04Birth1951 – Jackie Jackson, American singer-songwriter and dancer (The Jackson 5)
51385May.04Birth1951 – Gérard Jugnot, French actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
51386May.04Birth1951 – Mick Mars, American guitarist and songwriter (Mötley Crüe)
51387May.04Birth1952 – Michael Barrymore, English actor and television personality
51388May.04Birth1952 – David Della Rocco, American actor
51389May.04Birth1953 – Oleta Adams, American singer, pianist, and actress
51390May.04Birth1953 – Salman Hashimikov, Kazakh-Russian wrestler and martial artist

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