Today in History, English
Today in History, English

52471May.07Birth1643 – Stephanus Van Cortlandt, American politician, 10th Mayor of New York City (d. 1700)
52472May.07Birth1700 – Gerard van Swieten, Dutch-American physician (d. 1772)
52473May.07Birth1704 – Carl Heinrich Graun, German tenor and composer (d. 1759)
52474May.07Birth1711 – David Hume, Scottish economist, historian, and philosopher (d. 1776)
52475May.07Birth1724 – Dagobert Sigmund von Wurmser, French-Austrian field marshal (d. 1797)
52476May.07Birth1740 – Nikolai Arkharov, Russian police officer and general (d. 1814)
52477May.07Birth1748 – Olympe de Gouges, French playwright and philosopher (d. 1793)
52478May.07Birth1763 – Józef Poniatowski, Polish general (d. 1813)
52479May.07Birth1767 – Princess Frederica Charlotte of Prussia (d. 1820)
52480May.07Birth1774 – William Bainbridge, American commodore (d. 1833)
52481May.07Birth1787 – Jacques Viger, Canadian archaeologist and politician, 1st mayor of Montreal (d. 1858)
52482May.07Birth1812 – Robert Browning, English poet and playwright (d. 1889)
52483May.07Birth1826 – Varina Davis, American wife of Jefferson Davis (d. 1906)
52484May.07Birth1833 – Johannes Brahms, German pianist and composer (d. 1897)
52485May.07Birth1836 – Joseph Gurney Cannon, American lawyer and politician, 40th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (d. 1926)
52486May.07Birth1837 – Karl Mauch, German geographer and explorer (d. 1875)
52487May.07Birth1840 – Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Russian composer and educator (d. 1893)
52488May.07Birth1847 – Archibald Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery, English politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (d. 1929)
52489May.07Birth1857 – William A. MacCorkle, American lawyer and politician, 9th Governor of West Virginia (d. 1930)
52490May.07Birth1860 – Tom Norman, English businessman (d. 1930)
52491May.07Birth1861 – Rabindranath Tagore, Indian author and poet, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1941)
52492May.07Birth1867 – Władysław Reymont, Polish author, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1925)
52493May.07Birth1875 – Bill Hoyt, American pole vaulter (d. 1951)
52494May.07Birth1880 – Pandurang Vaman Kane, Indologist and Sanskrit scholar, Bharat Ratna awardee (d. 1972)
52495May.07Birth1881 – George E. Wiley, American cyclist (d. 1954)
52496May.07Birth1882 – Willem Elsschot, Belgian author and poet (d. 1960)
52497May.07Birth1885 – George "Gabby" Hayes, American actor and singer (d. 1969)
52498May.07Birth1889 – Viktor Puskar, Estonian colonel (d. 1943)
52499May.07Birth1891 – Harry McShane, Scottish engineer and activist (d. 1988)
52500May.07Birth1892 – Archibald MacLeish, American poet, playwright, and lawyer (d. 1982)

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