Today in History, English
Today in History, English

88891August 6Birth1946 – Judy Craig, American singer (The Chiffons)
88892August 6Birth1946 – Allan Holdsworth, English guitarist, songwriter, and producer (UK, The Tony Williams Lifetime, HoBoLeMa, and Tempest)
88893August 6Birth1946 – Masaaki Sakai, Japanese actor and singer (The Spiders)
88894August 6Birth1947 – Radhia Cousot, French computer scientist and academic
88895August 6Birth1947 – Tony Dell, English-Australian cricketer and soldier
88896August 6Birth1948 – William McCrea, Irish soldier and politician
88897August 6Birth1949 – Dino Bravo, Italian-Canadian wrestler (d. 1993)
88898August 6Birth1949 – Richard Prince, American painter and photographer
88899August 6Birth1949 – Clarence Richard Silva, American bishop
88900August 6Birth1950 – Dorian Harewood, American actor and singer
88901August 6Birth1951 – Christophe de Margerie, French businessman (d. 2014)
88902August 6Birth1951 – Catherine Hicks, American actress
88903August 6Birth1951 – Daryl Somers, Australian singer, television host, and producer
88904August 6Birth1952 – Pat MacDonald, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Timbuk3)
88905August 6Birth1952 – David McLetchie, Scottish lawyer and politician (d. 2013)
88906August 6Birth1952 – Ton Scherpenzeel, Dutch keyboard player, songwriter, and producer (Kayak Camel, and Earth and Fire)
88907August 6Birth1952 – Vinnie Vincent, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Kiss and Vinnie Vincent Invasion)
88908August 6Birth1953 – Iqbal Qasim, Pakistani cricketer
88909August 6Birth1954 – Paul Steigerwald, American sportscaster
88910August 6Birth1955 – Gregory Bryant-Bey, American murderer (d. 2008)
88911August 6Birth1955 – Rusty Magee, American actor and composer (d. 2003)
88912August 6Birth1955 – John Reid, Irish jockey
88913August 6Birth1956 – Bill Emmott, English journalist and author
88914August 6Birth1956 – Stepfanie Kramer, American actress and singer
88915August 6Birth1957 – Bob Horner, American baseball player
88916August 6Birth1957 – Jim McGreevey, American lawyer and politician, 52nd Governor of New Jersey
88917August 6Birth1958 – Randy DeBarge, American singer-songwriter and bass player (DeBarge)
88918August 6Birth1959 – Rajendra Singh, Indian environmentalist
88919August 6Birth1960 – Dale Ellis, American basketball player
88920August 6Birth1961 – Cara Lott, American porn actress and model

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