Today in History, English
Today in History, English

90451August 10Birth1933 – Rocky Colavito, American baseball player and sportscaster
90452August 10Birth1933 – Keith Duckworth, English engineer, founded Cosworth (d. 2005)
90453August 10Birth1934 – Tevfik Kış, Turkish wrestler and trainer
90454August 10Birth1935 – Ian Stewart, Baron Stewartby, English politician, Minister of State for the Armed Forces
90455August 10Birth1935 – Ad van Luyn, Dutch bishop
90456August 10Birth1937 – Anatoly Sobchak, Russian scholar and politician, Mayor of Saint Petersburg (d. 2000)
90457August 10Birth1938 – Tony Ross, English author and illustrator
90458August 10Birth1939 – Kate O'Mara, English actress (d. 2014)
90459August 10Birth1939 – Charlie Rose, American lawyer and politician (d. 2012)
90460August 10Birth1940 – Bobby Hatfield, American singer-songwriter (The Righteous Brothers) (d. 2003)
90461August 10Birth1940 – Sid Waddell, English sportscaster (d. 2012)
90462August 10Birth1941 – Anita Lonsbrough, English swimmer and journalist
90463August 10Birth1941 – Kees van Kooten, Dutch comedian, actor, and author
90464August 10Birth1941 – Susan Dorothea White, Australian painter and sculptor
90465August 10Birth1942 – Betsey Johnson, American fashion designer
90466August 10Birth1942 – Michael Pepper, English physicist and engineer
90467August 10Birth1943 – Louise Forestier, Canadian singer-songwriter and actress
90468August 10Birth1943 – Jimmy Griffin, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Bread, Black Tie, and The Remingtons) (d. 2005)
90469August 10Birth1943 – Michael Mantler, American trumpet player and composer (Jazz Composer's Orchestra)
90470August 10Birth1943 – Shafqat Rana, Indian-Pakistani cricketer
90471August 10Birth1943 – Ronnie Spector, American singer-songwriter (The Ronettes)
90472August 10Birth1945 – Harriet Miers, American lawyer and politician, 31st White House Counsel
90473August 10Birth1945 – Laura Spurr, American nurse and tribal leader (d. 2010)
90474August 10Birth1947 – Ian Anderson, Scottish-English singer-songwriter and guitarist (Jethro Tull)
90475August 10Birth1947 – Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysian academic and politician, 7th Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia
90476August 10Birth1947 – John Spencer, English rugby player and manager
90477August 10Birth1947 – Alan Ward, English cricketer
90478August 10Birth1948 – Nick Stringer, English actor
90479August 10Birth1950 – Patti Austin, American singer-songwriter
90480August 10Birth1950 – Rémy Girard, Canadian actor, singer, and game show host

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