Today in History, English
Today in History, English

94951August 21Birth1943 – Lucius Shepard, American author and critic (d. 2014)
94952August 21Birth1943 – Hugh Wilson, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter
94953August 21Birth1944 – Perry Christie, Bahamian politician, 3rd Prime Minister of the Bahamas
94954August 21Birth1944 – Jackie DeShannon, American singer-songwriter
94955August 21Birth1944 – Peter Weir, Australian director, producer, and screenwriter
94956August 21Birth1945 – Celia Brayfield, English journalist and author
94957August 21Birth1945 – Jerry DaVanon, American baseball player
94958August 21Birth1945 – Patty McCormack, American actress and singer
94959August 21Birth1945 – Basil Poledouris, American composer and conductor (d. 2006)
94960August 21Birth1947 – Carl Giammarese, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (The Buckinghams)
94961August 21Birth1949 – Loretta Devine, American actress and singer
94962August 21Birth1949 – Daniel Sivan, Israeli scholar and academic
94963August 21Birth1950 – Arthur Bremer, American attempted murderer
94964August 21Birth1950 – Patrick Juvet, Swiss singer-songwriter and model
94965August 21Birth1951 – Eric Goles, Chilean mathematician and computer scientist
94966August 21Birth1951 – Margo Kane, Canadian actress and playwright
94967August 21Birth1951 – Char Margolis, American psychic medium
94968August 21Birth1951 – Chesley V. Morton, American businessman and politician
94969August 21Birth1951 – Harry Smith, American journalist and radio host
94970August 21Birth1952 – Keith Hart, Canadian firefighter, wrestler, and trainer
94971August 21Birth1952 – Glenn Hughes, English singer-songwriter, bass player, and producer (Finders Keepers, Trapeze, Deep Purple, and Black Country Communion)
94972August 21Birth1952 – Jiří Paroubek, Czech soldier and politician, 6th Prime Minister of the Czech Republic
94973August 21Birth1952 – Bernadette Porter, English nun and academic
94974August 21Birth1952 – Joe Strummer, English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor (The Clash, The Mescaleros, and The Pogues) (d. 2002)
94975August 21Birth1953 – Ivan Stang, American author, publisher, and director
94976August 21Birth1954 – Chip Coffey, American psychic medium
94977August 21Birth1954 – Archie Griffin, American football player
94978August 21Birth1954 – Bodil Niska, Norwegian saxophonist and composer
94979August 21Birth1954 – Steve Smith, American drummer (Journey, Montrose, Steps Ahead, The RD Crusaders, and Vital Information)
94980August 21Birth1956 – Kim Cattrall, English-American actress and producer

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