Today in History, English
Today in History, English

97494August 27Birth1977 – Mase, American rapper and producer
97495August 27Birth1977 – Justin Miller, American baseball player (d. 2013)
97496August 27Birth1979 – Giovanni Capitello, American actor and director
97497August 27Birth1979 – Tian Liang, Chinese diver and actor
97498August 27Birth1979 – Sarah Neufeld, Canadian violinist (Arcade Fire and Bell Orchestre)
97499August 27Birth1979 – Aaron Paul, American actor and producer
97500August 27Birth1979 – Rusty Smith, American speed skater
97471August 27Birth1972 – Jaap-Derk Buma, Dutch field hockey player
97472August 27Birth1972 – The Great Khali, Indian wrestler and actor
97473August 27Birth1972 – Denise Lewis, English heptathlete
97474August 27Birth1972 – Jimmy Pop, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Bloodhound Gang)
97475August 27Birth1973 – Jazz, American wrestler
97476August 27Birth1973 – Cory Bowles, Canadian actor, singer, and choreographer
97477August 27Birth1973 – Danny Coyne, Welsh footballer
97478August 27Birth1973 – Dietmar Hamann, German footballer and manager
97479August 27Birth1973 – Burak Kut, Turkish singer-songwriter
97480August 27Birth1973 – Johan Norberg, Swedish historian and author
97481August 27Birth1974 – Michael Mason, New Zealand cricketer
97482August 27Birth1974 – José Vidro, Puerto Rican baseball player
97483August 27Birth1974 – Mohammad Yousuf, Pakistani cricketer
97484August 27Birth1975 – Blake Adams, American golfer
97485August 27Birth1975 – Björn Gelotte, Swedish guitarist and songwriter (In Flames and All Ends)
97486August 27Birth1975 – Jonny Moseley, Puerto Rician-American skier and television host
97487August 27Birth1975 – Mark Rudan, Australian footballer and manager
97488August 27Birth1976 – Sarah Chalke, Canadian actress
97489August 27Birth1976 – Audrey C. Delsanti, French astronomer and biologist
97490August 27Birth1976 – Milano Collection A.T., Japanese wrestler
97491August 27Birth1976 – Carlos Moyá, Spanish-Swiss tennis player
97492August 27Birth1976 – Mark Webber, Australian race car driver
97493August 27Birth1977 – Deco, Brazilian-Portuguese footballer

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