Today in History, English
Today in History, English

98431August 29Death2014 – David Bala, Singaporean comedian and actor (b. 1947)
98432August 29Death2014 – Brasse Brännström, Swedish actor and screenwriter (b. 1945)
98433August 29Death2014 – Octavio Brunetti, Argentinian pianist and composer (b. 1975)
98434August 29Death2014 – Ryūko Seihō, Japanese sumo wrestler and actor (b. 1941)
98435August 29Death2014 – Björn Waldegård, Swedish race car driver (b. 1943)
98436August 29Death2015 – Wayne Dyer, American author and educator (b. 1940)
98437August 29Death2015 – Kyle Jean-Baptiste, American actor and singer (b. 1993)
98438August 29Death2015 – Graham Leggat, Scottish-Canadian footballer and manager (b. 1934)
98439August 29Death2015 – Ron Searle, English-Canadian soldier, publisher, and politician, 4th Mayor of Mississauga (b. 1919)
98440August 29Holiday and observanceChristian feast day:Beheading of St. John the BaptistEuphrasia Eluvathingal (Syro-Malabar Catholic Church)John Bunyan (Episcopal Church)SabinaAugust 29 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
98441August 29Holiday and observanceInternational Day against Nuclear Tests (international)
98442August 29Holiday and observanceMiners' Day (Ukraine)
98443August 29Holiday and observanceNational Sports Day (India)
98444August 29Holiday and observanceSlovak National Uprising Anniversary (Slovakia)
98445August 29Holiday and observanceTelugu Language Day (India)
98446August 30Event526 – King Theoderic the Great dies of dysentery at Ravenna his daughter Amalasuntha takes power as regent for her 10-year-old son Athalaric.
98447August 30Event1282 – Peter III of Aragon, originally traveling with his fleet on a military expedition against the Hafsid Kingdom, ends up in the Sicilian town of Trapani, after he was asked by the inhabitants of Palermo to help in the fight against Charles of Anjou.
98448August 30Event1363 – Beginning date of the Battle of Lake Poyang the forces of two Chinese rebel leaders — Chen Youliang and Zhu Yuanzhang — are pitted against each other in what is one of the largest naval battles in history, during the last decade of the ailing, Mong
98449August 30Event1464 – Pope Paul II succeeds Pope Pius II as the 211th pope.
98450August 30Event1574 – Guru Ram Das becomes the Fourth Sikh Guru/Master.
98451August 30Event1590 – Tokugawa Ieyasu enters Edo Castle. (Traditional Japanese date: August 1, 1590)
98452August 30Event1727 – Anne, eldest daughter of King George II of Great Britain, is given the title Princess Royal.
98453August 30Event1791 – HMS Pandora sinks after having run aground on the outer Great Barrier Reef the previous day.
98454August 30Event1799 – The entire Dutch fleet is captured by British forces under the command of Sir Ralph Abercromby and Admiral Sir Charles Mitchell during the War of the Second Coalition.
98455August 30Event1800 – Gabriel Prosser postpones a planned slave rebellion in Richmond, Virginia, but is arrested before he can make it happen.
98456August 30Event1813 – First Battle of Kulm: French forces are defeated by an Austrian-Prussian-Russian alliance.
98457August 30Event1813 – Creek War: Fort Mims massacre: Creek "Red Sticks" kill over 500 settlers (including over 250 armed militia) in Fort Mims, north of Mobile, Alabama.
98458August 30Event1835 – Melbourne is founded.
98459August 30Event1836 – The city of Houston is founded by Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen
98460August 30Event1862 – American Civil War: Battle of Richmond: Confederates under Edmund Kirby Smith rout Union forces under General Horatio Wright.

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