Today in History, English
Today in History, English

100081September 3Event1954 – The German U-boat U-505 begins its move from a specially constructed dock to its site at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry.
100082September 3Event1967 – Dagen H in Sweden: Traffic changes from driving on the left to driving on the right overnight.
100083September 3Event1971 – Qatar becomes an independent state.
100084September 3Event1976 – Viking program: The American Viking 2 spacecraft lands at Utopia Planitia on Mars.
100085September 3Event1981 – Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women enters into force.
100086September 3Event1987 – In a coup d'état in Burundi, President Jean-Baptiste Bagaza is deposed by Major Pierre Buyoya.
100087September 3Event1994 – Sino-Soviet split: Russia and the People's Republic of China agree to de-target their nuclear weapons against each other.
100088September 3Event1997 – Vietnam Airlines Flight 815 (Tupolev Tu-134) crashes on approach into Phnom Penh airport, killing 64.
100089September 3Event2001 – In Belfast, Protestant loyalists begin a picket of Holy Cross, a Catholic primary school for girls. For the next 11 weeks, riot police escort the schoolchildren and their parents through hundreds of protesters, some of whom hurl missiles and abuse.
100090September 3Event2004 – The Beslan school hostage crisis ends on its third day with the deaths of over 300 people, more than half of whom are children.
100091September 3Event2014 – Heavy monsoon rains and flash floods leave over 200 people dead across India and Pakistan.
100092September 3Event2015 – China's Victory Day Parade is held in Beijing to celebrate the 70th Victory over Japan Day of the Second World War.
100093September 3Birth1034 – Emperor Go-Sanjō of Japan (d. 1073)
100094September 3Birth1499 – Diane de Poitiers, French mistress of Henry II of France (d. 1566)
100095September 3Birth1568 – Adriano Banchieri, Italian organist and composer (d. 1634)
100096September 3Birth1675 – Paul Dudley, American lawyer and jurist (d. 1751)
100097September 3Birth1693 – Charles Radclyffe, English captain and politician (d. 1746)
100098September 3Birth1695 – Pietro Locatelli, Italian viola player and composer (d. 1764)
100099September 3Birth1710 – Abraham Trembley, Swiss biologist and zoologist (d. 1784)
100100September 3Birth1724 – Guy Carleton, 1st Baron Dorchester, Irish-English general and politician, 21st Governor General of Canada (d. 1808)
100101September 3Birth1781 – Eugène de Beauharnais, French general and politician (d. 1824)
100102September 3Birth1803 – Prudence Crandall, American educator (d. 1890)
100103September 3Birth1810 – Paul Kane, Irish-Canadian painter (d. 1871)
100104September 3Birth1811 – John Humphrey Noyes, American activist, founded the Oneida Community (d. 1886)
100105September 3Birth1814 – James Joseph Sylvester, English mathematician and academic (d. 1897)
100106September 3Birth1820 – George Hearst, American businessman and politician (d. 1891)
100107September 3Birth1840 – Jacob Christian Fabricius, Danish composer (d. 1919)
100108September 3Birth1841 – Tom Emmett, English cricketer (d. 1904)
100109September 3Birth1849 – Sarah Orne Jewett, American author and poet (d. 1909)
100110September 3Birth1851 – Olga Constantinovna of Russia (d. 1926)

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