Today in History, English
Today in History, English

100891September 5Birth1897 – Arthur Nielsen, American market analyst, founded ACNielsen (d. 1980)
100892September 5Birth1897 – Ella Schuler, American super-centenarian (d. 2011)
100893September 5Birth1899 – Humphrey Cobb, American author and screenwriter (d. 1944)
100894September 5Birth1899 – Helen Creighton, Canadian author and educator (d. 1989)
100895September 5Birth1901 – Florence Eldridge, American actress (d. 1988)
100896September 5Birth1901 – Mario Scelba, Italian politician, 33rd Prime Minister of Italy (d. 1991)
100897September 5Birth1902 – Jean Dalrymple, American playwright, producer, manager, and publicist (d. 1998)
100898September 5Birth1902 – Darryl F. Zanuck, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1979)
100899September 5Birth1903 – Gloria Holden, English-American actress (d. 1991)
100900September 5Birth1904 – Vera Bradford, Australian pianist and educator (d. 2004)
100901September 5Birth1905 – Maurice Challe, French general (d. 1979)
100902September 5Birth1905 – Arthur Koestler, Hungarian-English journalist and author (d. 1983)
100903September 5Birth1905 – Justiniano Montano, Filipino lawyer and politician (d. 2005)
100904September 5Birth1906 – Ralston Crawford, American painter, lithographer, and photographer (d. 1978)
100905September 5Birth1907 – Sunnyland Slim, American singer-songwriter and pianist (d. 1995)
100906September 5Birth1907 – Layne Britton, American makeup artist and actor (d. 1993)
100907September 5Birth1908 – Josué de Castro, Brazilian physician, geographer, and activist (d. 1973)
100908September 5Birth1908 – Joaquín Nin-Culmell, German-American pianist and composer (d. 2004)
100909September 5Birth1909 – Hans Carste, German pianist and conductor (d. 1971)
100910September 5Birth1909 – Bernard Delfont, Russian-English talent manager (d. 1994)
100911September 5Birth1909 – Archie Jackson, Scottish-Australian cricketer (d. 1933)
100912September 5Birth1910 – Leila Mackinlay, English author (d. 1996)
100913September 5Birth1910 – Phiroze Palia, Indian cricketer (d. 1981)
100914September 5Birth1912 – John Cage, American composer and theorist (d. 1992)
100915September 5Birth1912 – Kristina Söderbaum, Swedish-German actress and photographer (d. 2001)
100916September 5Birth1912 – Frank Thomas, American voice actor, animator, and screenwriter (d. 2004)
100917September 5Birth1913 – Conny Stuart, Dutch actress and singer (d. 2010)
100918September 5Birth1914 – Stuart Freeborn, English make up artist (d. 2013)
100919September 5Birth1914 – Gail Kubik, American violinist, composer, and educator (d. 1984)
100920September 5Birth1914 – Nicanor Parra, Chilean physicist, mathematician, and poet

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