Today in History, English
Today in History, English

102211September 8Event1944 – World War II: London is hit by a V-2 rocket for the first time.
102212September 8Event1944 – World War II: Menton is liberated from Germany.
102213September 8Event1945 – Cold War: United States troops arrive to partition the southern part of Korea in response to Soviet troops occupying the northern part of the peninsula a month earlier.
102214September 8Event1946 – A 95.6% vote in favor of abolishing the monarchy in Bulgaria.
102215September 8Event1951 – Treaty of San Francisco: In San Francisco, California, 48 nations sign a peace treaty with Japan in formal recognition of the end of the Pacific War.
102216September 8Event1952 – The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation makes its first televised broadcast on the second escape of the Boyd Gang.
102217September 8Event1954 – The Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) is established.
102218September 8Event1955 – United Nations Security Council Resolution 108 is adopted.
102219September 8Event1959 – The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) is established.
102220September 8Event1960 – In Huntsville, Alabama, US President Dwight D. Eisenhower formally dedicates the Marshall Space Flight Center (NASA had already activated the facility on July 1).
102221September 8Event1962 – Newly independent Algeria, by referendum, adopts a constitution.
102222September 8Event1962 – Last run of the famous Pines Express over the Somerset and Dorset Railway line (UK) fittingly using the last steam locomotive built by British Railways, 9F locomotive 92220 Evening Star.
102223September 8Event1965 – Pakistan Navy raids Indian coasts without any resistance in Operation Dwarka, Pakistan celebrates Victory Day annually.
102224September 8Event1966 – The Severn Bridge is officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II.
102225September 8Event1966 – The first Star Trek series premieres on NBC.
102226September 8Event1967 – The formal end of steam traction in the North East of England by British Railways.
102227September 8Event1971 – In Washington, D.C., the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts is inaugurated, with the opening feature being the premiere of Leonard Bernstein's Mass.
102228September 8Event1974 – Watergate Scandal: US President Gerald Ford pardons former President Richard Nixon for any crimes Nixon may have committed while in office.
102229September 8Event1975 – Gays in the military: US Air Force Tech Sergeant Leonard Matlovich, a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, appears in his Air Force uniform on the cover of Time magazine with the headline "I Am A Homosexual". He is given a general discharge, which
102230September 8Event1978 – Black Friday, a massacre by soldiers against protesters in Tehran, provoked 88 deaths, it marks the beginning of the end of the monarchy in Iran
102231September 8Event1988 – Yellowstone National Park is closed for the first time in U.S. history due to ongoing fires.
102232September 8Event1989 – Partnair Flight 394 drove into the North Sea, killing 55 people. The investigation showed that the tail of the plane vibrated loose in flight due to sub-standard connecting bolts that had been fraudulently sold as aircraft-grade.
102233September 8Event1991 – The Republic of Macedonia becomes independent.
102234September 8Event1994 – USAir Flight 427, on approach to Pittsburgh International Airport, suddenly crashes in clear weather killing all 132 aboard resulting in the most extensive aviation investigation in world history and altering manufacturing practices in the industry
102235September 8Event2004 – NASA's unmanned spacecraft Genesis crash-lands when its parachute fails to open.
102236September 8Event2005 – Two EMERCOM Il-76 aircraft land at a disaster aid staging area at Little Rock Air Force Base the first time Russia has flown such a mission to North America.
102237September 8Event2012 – Jimmy Carter passes Herbert Hoover for longest retirement after leaving office. Hoover was retired for 11,553 days, and had held the record for over 54 years.
102238September 8Event2013 – Eleven people are killed in a train collision in Iași County, Romania.
102239September 8Birth685 – Emperor Xuanzong of Tang (d. 762)
102240September 8Birth801 – Ansgar, German archbishop and saint (d. 865)

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