Today in History, English
Today in History, English

104041September 12Event1910 – Premiere performance of Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 8 in Munich (with a chorus of 852 singers and an orchestra of 171 players. Mahler's rehearsal assistant conductor was Bruno Walter)
104042September 12Event1919 – Adolf Hitler joins the German Workers' Party (later the Nazi Party).
104043September 12Event1923 – Southern Rhodesia, today called Zimbabwe, is annexed by the United Kingdom.
104044September 12Event1930 – In cricket Wilfred Rhodes ends his 1110-game first-class career by taking 5 for 95 for H.D.G. Leveson Gower's XI against the Australians.
104045September 12Event1933 – Leó Szilárd, waiting for a red light on Southampton Row in Bloomsbury, conceives the idea of the nuclear chain reaction.
104046September 12Event1938 – Adolf Hitler demands autonomy and self-determination for the Germans of the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia.
104047September 12Event1940 – Cave paintings are discovered in Lascaux, France.
104048September 12Event1940 – An explosion at the Hercules Powder Company plant in Kenvil, New Jersey kills 51 people and injures over 200.
104049September 12Event1942 – World War II: RMS Laconia, carrying civilians, Allied soldiers and Italian POWs is torpedoed off the coast of West Africa and sinks with a heavy loss of life.
104050September 12Event1942 – World War II: First day of the Battle of Edson's Ridge during the Guadalcanal Campaign. U.S. Marines protecting Henderson Field on Guadalcanal are attacked by Imperial Japanese Army forces.
104051September 12Event1943 – World War II: Benito Mussolini, dictator of Italy, is rescued from house arrest on the Gran Sasso in Abruzzi, by German commando forces led by Otto Skorzeny.
104052September 12Event1944 – World War II: The liberation of Serbia from Nazi Germany continues. Bajina Bašta in western Serbia is among those liberated cities. Near Trier, American troops enter Germany for the first time.
104053September 12Event1948 – Invasion of the State of Hyderabad by the Indian Army on the day after the Pakistani leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah's death.
104054September 12Event1952 – Strange occurrences, including a monster sighting, take place in Flatwoods, West Virginia.
104055September 12Event1953 – U.S. Senator and future President John Fitzgerald Kennedy marries Jacqueline Lee Bouvier at St. Mary's Church in Newport, Rhode Island.
104056September 12Event1958 – Jack Kilby demonstrates the first integrated circuit.
104057September 12Event1959 – Premiere of Bonanza, the first regularly scheduled TV program presented in color.
104058September 12Event1959 – The Soviet Union launches a large rocket, Lunik II, at the moon.
104059September 12Event1961 – The African and Malagasy Union is founded.
104060September 12Event1964 – Canyonlands National Park is designated as a National Park.
104061September 12Event1966 – Gemini 11, the penultimate mission of NASA's Gemini program, and the current human altitude record holder (except for the Apollo lunar missions)
104062September 12Event1970 – Dawson's Field hijackings: Palestinian terrorists blow up three hijacked airliners in Jordan, continuing to hold the passengers hostage in various undisclosed locations in Amman.
104063September 12Event1974 – Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, 'Messiah' of the Rastafari movement, is deposed following a military coup by the Derg, ending a reign of 58 years.
104064September 12Event1974 – Juventude Africana Amílcar Cabral is founded in Guinea-Bissau.
104065September 12Event1977 – South African anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko dies in police custody.
104066September 12Event1979 – Indonesia is hit with an earthquake that measures 8.1 on the Richter scale.
104067September 12Event1980 – Military coup in Turkey.
104068September 12Event1983 – A Wells Fargo depot in West Hartford, Connecticut, United States, is robbed of approximately US$7 million by Los Macheteros.
104069September 12Event1983 – The USSR vetoes a United Nations Security Council Resolution deploring the Soviet shooting down of a Korean civilian jetliner on September 1.
104070September 12Event1984 – Dwight Gooden sets the baseball record for strikeouts in a season by a rookie with 246, previously set by Herb Score in 1954. Gooden's 276 strikeouts that season, pitched in 218 innings, set the current record.

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