Today in History, English
Today in History, English

26401March 9Event1997 – Comet Hale–Bopp: Observers in China, Mongolia and eastern Siberia are treated to a rare double feature as an eclipse permits Hale-Bopp to be seen during the day.
26402March 9Event2011 – Space Shuttle Discovery makes its final landing after 39 flights.
26403March 9Event2015 – Two helicopters collided near Villa Castelli, Argentina killing 10 people.
26404March 9Birth1213 – Hugh IV, Duke of Burgundy (d. 1271)
26405March 9Birth1285 – Emperor Go-Nijō of Japan (d. 1318)
26406March 9Birth1454 – Amerigo Vespucci, Italian cartographer and explorer (d. 1512)
26407March 9Birth1564 – David Fabricius, German astronomer and theologian (d. 1617)
26408March 9Birth1568 – Aloysius Gonzaga, Italian saint (d. 1591)
26409March 9Birth1627 – John Bowne, English-American activist (d. 1695)
26410March 9Birth1695 – Martín Sarmiento, Spanish monk and scholar (d. 1772)
26411March 9Birth1720 – Philip Yorke, 2nd Earl of Hardwicke, English politician, Lord Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire (d. 1790)
26412March 9Birth1727 – Johann Gottlieb Preller, German cantor, composer, and surveyor (d. 1786)
26413March 9Birth1737 – Josef Mysliveček, Czech violinist and composer (d. 1781)
26414March 9Birth1749 – Honoré Gabriel Riqueti, comte de Mirabeau, French journalist and politician (d. 1791)
26415March 9Birth1753 – Jean Baptiste Kléber, French general (d. 1800)
26416March 9Birth1758 – Franz Joseph Gall, German neuroanatomist and physiologist (d. 1828)
26417March 9Birth1763 – William Cobbett, English journalist and author (d. 1835)
26418March 9Birth1806 – Edwin Forrest, American actor and philanthropist (d. 1872)
26419March 9Birth1814 – Taras Shevchenko, Ukrainian poet and playwright (d. 1861)
26420March 9Birth1815 – David Davis, American jurist and politician (d. 1886)
26421March 9Birth1820 – Samuel Blatchford, American lawyer and jurist (d. 1893)
26422March 9Birth1824 – Amasa Leland Stanford, American businessman and politician, founded Stanford University (d. 1893)
26423March 9Birth1833 – Frederick A. Schroeder, German-American businessman and politician (d. 1899)
26424March 9Birth1839 – Phoebe Knapp, American organist and composer (d. 1908)
26425March 9Birth1847 – Martin Pierre Marsick, Belgian violinist, composer, and educator (d. 1924)
26426March 9Birth1856 – Eddie Foy, Sr., American actor and dancer (d. 1928)
26427March 9Birth1856 – Tom Roberts, English-Australian painter (d. 1931)
26428March 9Birth1882 – Arthur Beecher Carles, American painter and academic (d. 1952)
26429March 9Birth1887 – Fritz Lenz, German geneticist and physician (d. 1976)
26430March 9Birth1887 – Phil Mead, English cricketer and footballer (d. 1958)

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