Today in History, English
Today in History, English

26701March 9Death2013 – Merton Simpson, American painter and art collector (b. 1928)
26702March 9Death2014 – Mohammed Fahim, Afghan field marshal and politician, Vice President of Afghanistan (b. 1924)
26703March 9Death2014 – William Clay Ford, Sr., American businessman (b. 1925)
26704March 9Death2014 – Glenn McDuffie, American sailor (b. 1927)
26705March 9Death2014 – Carlos Moreno, Argentinian actor and director (b. 1938)
26706March 9Death2014 – Nazario Moreno González, Mexican drug lord (b. 1970)
26707March 9Death2015 – David B. Frohnmayer, American lawyer and politician, 12th Oregon Attorney General (b. 1940)
26708March 9Death2015 – Wayne Kemp, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1941)
26709March 9Death2015 – James Molyneaux, Baron Molyneaux of Killead, British soldier and peer Northern Irish politician (b. 1920)
26710March 9Death2015 – Camille Muffat, French swimmer (b. 1989)
26711March 9Death2015 – Alexis Vastine, French boxer (b. 1986)
26712March 9Holiday and observanceChristian feast day:Catherine of BolognaForty Martyrs of SebasteFrances of RomeGregory of NyssaPacianPope Cyril VI of Alexandria
26713March 9Holiday and observanceTeachers' Day or Eid Al Moalim (Lebanon)
26714March 10Event241 BC – First Punic War: Battle of the Aegates Islands: The Romans sink the Carthaginian fleet bringing the First Punic War to an end.
26715March 10Event298 – Roman Emperor Maximian concludes his campaign in North Africa against the Berbers, and makes a triumphal entry into Carthage.
26716March 10Event1607 – Susenyos I defeats the combined armies of Yaqob and Abuna Petros II at the Battle of Gol in Gojjam, making him Emperor of Ethiopia.
26717March 10Event1629 – Charles I of England dissolves Parliament, beginning the eleven-year period known as the Personal Rule.
26718March 10Event1735 – An agreement between Nader Shah and Russia is signed near Ganja, Azerbaijan and Russian troops are withdrawn from Baku.
26719March 10Event1762 – French Huguenot Jean Calas, who had been wrongly convicted of killing his son, dies after being tortured by authorities the event inspired Voltaire to begin a campaign for religious tolerance and legal reform.
26720March 10Event1804 – Louisiana Purchase: In St. Louis, Missouri, a formal ceremony is conducted to transfer ownership of the Louisiana Territory from France to the United States.
26721March 10Event1814 – Napoleon I of France is defeated at the Battle of Laon in France.
26722March 10Event1816 – Crossing of the Andes: A group of royalist scouts is captured during the Action of Juncalito.
26723March 10Event1830 – The Royal Netherlands East Indies Army is created.
26724March 10Event1831 – The French Foreign Legion is established by King Louis Philippe to support his war in Algeria.
26725March 10Event1848 – The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is ratified by the United States Senate, ending the Mexican–American War.
26726March 10Event1861 – El Hadj Umar Tall seizes the city of Ségou, destroying the Bamana Empire of Mali.
26727March 10Event1876 – Alexander Graham Bell makes the first successful telephone call by saying "Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you."
26728March 10Event1891 – Almon Strowger, an undertaker in Topeka, Kansas, patents the Strowger switch, a device which led to the automation of telephone circuit switching.
26729March 10Event1906 – The Courrières mine disaster, Europe's worst ever, kills 1099 miners in Northern France.
26730March 10Event1909 – By signing the Anglo-Siamese Treaty of 1909, Thailand relinquishes its sovereignty over the Malay states of Kedah, Kelantan, Perlis and Terengganu, which become British protectorates.

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