Today in History, English
Today in History, English

26731March 10Event1915 – The Battle of Neuve Chapelle begins. This is the first large-scale operation by the British Army.
26732March 10Event1917 – Some provinces and cities in the Philippines are incorporated due to the ratification of Act No. 2711 or the Administrative Code of the Philippines.
26733March 10Event1922 – Mahatma Gandhi is arrested in India, tried for sedition, and sentenced to six years in prison, only to be released after nearly two years for an appendicitis operation.
26734March 10Event1933 – An earthquake in Long Beach, California kills 115 people and causes an estimated $40 million in damage.
26735March 10Event1944 – Greek Civil War: The Political Committee of National Liberation is established in Greece by the National Liberation Front.
26736March 10Event1945 – The U.S. Army Air Force firebombs Tokyo, and the resulting conflagration kills more than 100,000 people, mostly civilians.
26737March 10Event1952 – Fulgencio Batista leads a successful coup in Cuba and appoints himself as the "provisional president".
26738March 10Event1959 – Tibetan uprising: Fearing an abduction attempt by China, 300,000 Tibetans surround the Dalai Lama's palace to prevent his removal.
26739March 10Event1966 – Military Prime Minister of South Vietnam Nguyễn Cao Kỳ sacked rival General Nguyễn Chánh Thi, precipitating large-scale civil and military dissension in parts of the nation.
26740March 10Event1968 – Vietnam War: Battle of Lima Site 85, concluding the 11th with largest single ground combat loss of United States Air Force members (12) during that war.
26741March 10Event1969 – In Memphis, Tennessee, James Earl Ray pleads guilty to assassinating Martin Luther King, Jr. He later unsuccessfully attempts to retract his plea.
26742March 10Event1970 – Vietnam War: Captain Ernest Medina is charged by the U.S. military with My Lai war crimes.
26743March 10Event1975 – Vietnam War: Ho Chi Minh Campaign: North Vietnamese troops attack Ban Mê Thuột in the South on their way to capturing Saigon in the final push for victory over South Vietnam.
26744March 10Event1977 – Rings of Uranus: Astronomers discover rings around Uranus.
26745March 10Event1980 – Madeira School headmistress Jean Harris shoots and kills Scarsdale diet doctor Herman Tarnower
26746March 10Event1980 – Formation of the Irish Army Ranger Wing.
26747March 10Event1990 – In Haiti, Prosper Avril is ousted 18 months after seizing power in a coup.
26748March 10Event2000 – The Nasdaq Composite stock market index peaks at 5132.52, signaling the beginning of the end of the dot-com boom.
26749March 10Event2005 – Tung Chee-hwa resigns from his post as the first Chief Executive of Hong Kong after widespread public dissatisfaction of his tenure.
26750March 10Event2006 – The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter arrives at Mars.
26751March 10Birth1415 – Vasily II of Moscow (d. 1462)
26752March 10Birth1452 – Ferdinand II of Aragon (d. 1516)
26753March 10Birth1503 – Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor (d. 1564)
26754March 10Birth1536 – Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk, English politician, Earl Marshal of the United Kingdom (d. 1572)
26755March 10Birth1628 – Marcello Malpighi, Italian physician and biologist (d. 1694)
26756March 10Birth1709 – Georg Wilhelm Steller, German botanist, zoologist, physician, and explorer (d. 1746)
26757March 10Birth1745 – John Gunby, American general (d. 1807)
26758March 10Birth1749 – Lorenzo Da Ponte, Italian-American priest and poet (d. 1838)
26759March 10Birth1769 – Joseph Williamson, English businessman and philanthropist (d. 1840)
26760March 10Birth1772 – Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel, German poet and critic (d. 1829)

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