Today in History, English
Today in History, English

26851March 10Birth1947 – Kim Campbell, Canadian lawyer and politician, 19th Prime Minister of Canada
26852March 10Birth1947 – Paul Condon, Baron Condon, English police officer
26853March 10Birth1947 – Bob Greene, American journalist and author
26854March 10Birth1947 – June Keithley, Filipino actress and journalist (d. 2013)
26855March 10Birth1947 – Andrew Parrott, English conductor and director
26856March 10Birth1947 – Tom Scholz, American guitarist and songwriter (Boston)
26857March 10Birth1948 – Austin Carr, American basketball player and sportscaster
26858March 10Birth1948 – Richard Park, Scottish broadcaster
26859March 10Birth1949 – Bill Buxton, Canadian computer scientist and academic
26860March 10Birth1949 – Barbara Corcoran, American businesswoman
26861March 10Birth1950 – Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, Pakistani terrorist
26862March 10Birth1950 – Aloma Wright, American actress and singer
26863March 10Birth1951 – Gloria Diaz, Filipino model and actress, Miss Universe 1969
26864March 10Birth1952 – Johanna Lindsey, German-American author
26865March 10Birth1952 – Mike O'Donnell, English bass player and composer
26866March 10Birth1952 – Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwean politician, 2nd Prime Minister of Zimbabwe
26867March 10Birth1953 – Debbie Brill, Canadian high jumper
26868March 10Birth1953 – Jacqueline Gareau, Canadian runner
26869March 10Birth1953 – Paul Haggis, Canadian director, producer, and screenwriter
26870March 10Birth1954 – Didier Barbelivien, French singer-songwriter
26871March 10Birth1955 – Yousra, Egyptian actress and singer
26872March 10Birth1955 – Gary Louris, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Jayhawks and Golden Smog)
26873March 10Birth1955 – Toshio Suzuki, Japanese race car driver
26874March 10Birth1956 – Mitchell Lichtenstein, American actor, director, and producer
26875March 10Birth1956 – Robert Llewellyn, English actor, producer, and screenwriter
26876March 10Birth1956 – Larry Myricks, American long jumper and sprinter
26877March 10Birth1957 – Osama bin Laden, Saudi Arabian terrorist, founded al-Qaeda (d. 2011)
26878March 10Birth1957 – Hilary Devey, English businesswoman and philanthropist
26879March 10Birth1957 – Terry Holmes, Welsh rugby player and coach
26880March 10Birth1957 – Matt Knudsen, American actor and screenwriter

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