Today in History, English
Today in History, English

27661March 12Birth1923 – Wally Schirra, American captain, pilot, and astronaut (d. 2007)
27662March 12Birth1923 – Joseph F. Weis, Jr., American lawyer and judge (d. 2014)
27663March 12Birth1923 – Mae Young, American wrestler (d. 2014)
27664March 12Birth1924 – Henri Rochon, Canadian tennis player (d. 2005)
27665March 12Birth1924 – Mary Lee Woods, English mathematician and computer programmer
27666March 12Birth1925 – Louison Bobet, French cyclist (d. 1983)
27667March 12Birth1925 – Georges Delerue, French composer (d. 1992)
27668March 12Birth1925 – Leo Esaki, Japanese physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate
27669March 12Birth1925 – Harry Harrison, American author and illustrator (d. 2012)
27670March 12Birth1926 – George Ariyoshi, American lawyer and politician, 3rd Governor of Hawaii
27671March 12Birth1926 – Freddie Williams, Welsh motorcycle racer (d. 2013)
27672March 12Birth1927 – Raúl Alfonsín, Argentinian lawyer and politician, 46th President of Argentina (d. 2009)
27673March 12Birth1928 – Edward Albee, American director and playwright
27674March 12Birth1928 – Aldemaro Romero, Venezuelan pianist, composer, and conductor (d. 2007)
27675March 12Birth1930 – Bronco Horvath, Canadian ice hockey player and coach
27676March 12Birth1930 – Vern Law, American baseball player, coach, and manager
27677March 12Birth1930 – Win Tin, Burmese journalist and politician, co-founded the National League for Democracy (d. 2014)
27678March 12Birth1931 – Herb Kelleher, American businessman, co-founded Southwest Airlines
27679March 12Birth1931 – Robert B. Oakley, American soldier and diplomat, 19th United States Ambassador to Pakistan (d. 2014)
27680March 12Birth1931 – Billie Thomas, American actor (d. 1980)
27681March 12Birth1932 – Andrew Young, American pastor and politician, 14th United States Ambassador to the United Nations
27682March 12Birth1933 – Barbara Feldon, American actress
27683March 12Birth1934 – Virginia Hamilton, American author (d. 2002)
27684March 12Birth1934 – David Spenser, Sri Lankan-English actor and director (d. 2013)
27685March 12Birth1935 – John Doherty, English footballer (d. 2007)
27686March 12Birth1935 – Valentyna Shevchenko, Ukrainian politician
27687March 12Birth1936 – Lloyd Dobyns, American journalist and author
27688March 12Birth1936 – Patrick Procktor, Irish-English painter and academic (d. 2003)
27689March 12Birth1936 – Eddie Sutton, American basketball player and coach
27690March 12Birth1937 – Valentīna Eiduka, Latvian javelin thrower and coach

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